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    Creepers were The Lord Markus' failed attempts to create man, and when he finally DId create men, creepers were happy, they were happy to have mankind and pigmen as company, they built huge houses together, huge towns, cities, and empires, life was good

    but there was one problem with men and pigmen, they had something the creepers didnt, greed, if a creeper was mining and struck iron, gold, or diamonds, the others would dash towards the payload, and snatch it all up,

    one day, the first nether portal was discovered, and everyone rushed in to find lush riches in the new world, the nether was a beautiful place, there was a golden castle full of riches beyond their wildest dreams. the owner of the fortress, Lord Markus himself, came to see what had been done, his home in shreds, he saw happy men and pigmen strolling down the bridge he made carrying more treasure then they could carry, this angered Markus and he cursed the entire population of the world, the sky turned a crimson red as all men were separated from eachother, so far that the may never be able to come in contact with another human being again, the pigmen were not so lucky, being the honor guards of the fortress, sent to earth to accompany man, Notch stripped them of life, barred them from reentering the surface world ever again, and put huge, horrific firebreathing beasts in their place as guardians.

    the creepers went about their business, waiting for their companions to return, but they never did

    the creepers donned depressed faces, until one of them saw something, a light in the distance, he was elated to reunite with a possible friend, but instead of greeting him with open arms, he struck him with a makeshift wooden sword, the creeper was devistated, and the bottled up sum of all felt emmotions of all currently living creepers at the time, gained a burning, explosive feeling of vengance, and he burst, destroying the small outpost that the miner called a base, marking the age of a new era of creepers, an era of vengance, an era of freedom, and most importantly, an era of very pissed off players

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    i have an idea for a new monster, i have two tentitive names, the Runner, (after its style of hand to hand combat) or the Stalker, (after how it, well, stalks) so anyway, one night monsters may appear minimal to none at all, and you might see a strange sillouette if your looking in the right place. consider this a sign that your days are numbered, the next few night the same strange figure may appear, you might even see it peer into your base, or at least sneak past it, this means it will attack in the next night or two, when it does, it comes in hard and fast, wasting you in a matter or seconds, not permanently however. you will be revived, well intact the next morning, but your base wont be so lucky. if you are observant however, you might have a chance, a few hits and it will flee, as it is a coward, and always having a well-lighted area as darkness is its ally, a sketch is coming soon
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