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    posted a message on h0W d0 i Bui1D? pL0x
    Quote from G@ngst@ »
    1 ke@p try1ng to bU1ld cr@p iN m1necraft, but the rOF KEEPS FA1ING D0WN? H0W D0 1 Do th1s.

    1 dnt n0 bu7 1 h3@rd 1f u m@3k a h00s3 00t 0f w00d @nd c@7ch 17 0n f13r u w1ll g3d D13M@nZ!!!!!!! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

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    posted a message on Disappointed.
    Quote from RD4life »
    can I make a long reply?
    yes I can :Pig:

    I totally agree with you, the achievements are a big let down (I still need to buy the game, but I have friends, so I know the stuff) you should see them for now as a guide for beginners. so you shouldn't cry about difficulty because the first roots = low difficulty.

    as someone above me already stated the achievements are hard to write in code. this is totally true, and be happy that he had the courage to make this!

    another thing i want to point out is that you think about achies only. I am dissapointed about more things too. are you not dissapointed with farming or the amount of monsters? or those stupid bugs that eats your saves? :SSSS: <---- him

    I hope that we will get better achies too bro, I really do. but I just wanted to let you know that Notch is human, and that the game is not finished yet!

    :Diamond: RD4life :Diamond:

    shorter version: Notch still has 180 days till official release, nuf said :Pig:


    HE IS A GOD! [heavenly choir] :Diamond: :iapprove: :Diamond: :iapprove: :Diamond: [/heavenly choir]
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    posted a message on Disappointed.
    How about something challenging for once? this thread seems to be lacking it

    Irony: make a charged creeper blow up a redstone circuit with at least one weapon (tnt, dispenser) on it
    It's alive!: Make lightning hit a pig you placed a saddle on
    Family Fued: Make at least 4 hostile mobs fight eachother at once
    I have the power!: Make a diamond sword
    Pyro is a spy!: Burn someone in SMP

    just a few off the top of my head
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    Quote from arlekina5 »
    It would be awesome if there is a achievement for every possible thing Ex tame a wolf see Rain,Snow,Thunder, go to skybox touch Bedrock Everything

    things like that i aggree with, but i dont want achievements for EVERYTHING, Notch said that's what stats are fro
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    posted a message on Nekked Skn [SFW]
    i always thought the Leather leggings looked like pants, so i decided to do a bare Steve skin to make it feel like armor is actually clothing, just so you know, it isnt actually nude, it has underwear, which in reality is the pants of the original skin but torn to be underwear-size

    hope you enjoy it! i do, i am very proud with how it came out
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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Terraforming Mars
    sweet idea, but unless you hack grass into a hidden dungeon or something, tis impossible to create grass in a grassless environment, maybe the so ca;;ed "alien room" could have grass in a chest for you to plant?
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    posted a message on [req] rebeca black skin
    Quote from xxLEGOLASxx »
    can some1 plz make a rebbeca black skin?
    its not 4 me tho my friends wants it

    not to be an asshole, but the rules state to type legibly, i am seriously having trouble underdtanding you, i need a, english to 1337 dictionary to talk to you, unfortunantly, Caboose threw ti out, as he didnt like the fact it had no pictures :sleep.gif:

    ON TOPIC: i can attempt this, no promises on how itll turn out
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Minecraft watermark remover v1.10
    OMG tihs mod si AWESOME
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    posted a message on My World is created.....(story)
    Bumpety bump, i want to propose a plot twist, this isnt an update, i jaut wanted to know if anyone wanted this to be canon, it was antoher story i did fro school, im considering making it canon

    Steve, Markus, and the Pigman looked around for a way to escape, The Ghast looming ever closer. Steve’s head pivoted as if it were on a pottery wheel, the portal they used to get there was dark and inactive, and there were nothing but burning flames and craters the Ghast’s bombardment of fireballs left. Steve had no idea what to do, they knew that Netherrack,* once ignited, never stops burning. “We need to jump over the flames!” Steve yelled at the top of his lungs
    “They’re too tall Steve! We’d get toasted!” Markus yelled back
    “You have a better plan Markus?”
    “GrrurrOinkUrrGur” The Zombie Pigman pointed up at the Ghast, it was closer now, only now could they see the enormity of it. The worst had yet to come, it opened its eyes, its mouth opened as well, it violently expelled a burning ball of fire, it hurtled towards them.
    “There’s no time Steve, we need to think of something!” Markus had a panicked look on his face
    “I’ve got one right here.” Steve said and raised his fist, he began running towards the fireball.
    “Steve, what are you doing?!”
    “What has to be done, Markus” he was running faster, the fireball was about to hit him.
    “Steve, no!”
    Steve swung his fist in an enraged punch, and to everyone’s surprise, it worked! The punch connected and the fireball began careening back towards the Ghast, it hit the Ghast in the face, the explosion caused it to shriek in pain.
    “Marked return to sender!” Steve smirked at his seemingly suicidal act.
    “Oh, thank goodness you’re alright my son, but it’s too early to celebrate, look!” Markus pointed back at the Ghast, it was still alive and well, if not angrier than before.
    The Pigman turned around and started shuffling towards the portal
    “What are you doing?” Steve remarked “The portal doesn’t work!”

    The Pigman caught the Ghast’s eye, and it launched another fireball from its mouth, the Pigman dove to the ground, and the fireball exploded, the purple flames sparked back to life, and the portal turned back on. The Pigman looked back up at the Ghast with what appeared to be a spiteful smirk, but Steve couldn’t tell because of the Pigman’s mangled, decayed face
    “You’re a genius!” Steve looked at the Zombie Pigman, who was still laying on the Netherrack.
    “Go, Steve!” Markus yelled “You need to go before that Ghast takes the portal down again!”
    “Right, come on!” They ran towards the portal, the Ghast launched another fireball, destroying the circle of fire that they were just in.
    “Looks like we left just in time!” Steve said with a chuckle.
    They stepped up to the Netherrack stairs they had carved out with their picks upon entry. The Ghast drew closer, knowing Steve had a way of dealing with its fireballs, it targeted Markus instead. It expelled another, powerful fireball; the explosion dropped Markus off his feet, and just barely missed the other two. “Go Steve, go now!” Markus screamed at the top of his lungs. The fireball had severely injured his legs, rendering him unable to walk.
    “But what about you?!” Steve said, exasperated over Markus’ injury
    “Steve, I promise you I’ll be OK!” Markus took another glance at the Ghast, it was prepping another flame ball “Now go!” The Ghast launched the fireball, it hit Notch dead center in the face, his head dropped hard onto the Netherrack ground below him, Markus Notch Persson was dead.
    “Markus… Markus?!” a tear dropped out of his eye, the Pigman looked up at the Ghast, and pushed Steve into the portal before he could suffer a similar fate. Steve’s body disintegrated into the bluish-purple flames and disappeared from the Realm of the Nether.

    The portal glowed brighter and brighter, catching Charlotte’s attention as she walked by. The portal discharged and Steve tumbled out into his home on the over world, he reached back at the portal but it fell dark once more.
    “Markus…..oh Markus no…”
    Charlotte opened Steve’s door and walked to where Steve stood, still on his knees.
    “What happened?” She asked
    “He’s gone Charlotte, that monster killed him”
    “What is the meaning of this?!” Ez walked through Steve’s front door to see Charlotte comforting Steve, who was still on his knees.
    “Markus is gone,” he held up the Golden helmet that he made for Markus “gone for good”
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    posted a message on [REQ] [IDEA] Boss Mobs (Giant Sea Serpent and more!)
    first thing i thoguht when i saw large spiked turtle:

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    posted a message on Mod to make the wolf a bit more common/wolf spawner mod?
    Quote from dinodude7411 »

    i just wanna find some, you dont gotta be a **** about it
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    posted a message on Mod to make the wolf a bit more common/wolf spawner mod?
    i would like a mod to either spawn wolves on command, or make them a bit more common, i hear about the SSP commands, will that do the trick?
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    posted a message on Minecraft on Consoles

    See: FortressCraft
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    posted a message on Minecraft port for the DS
    this thread:


    MOD EDIT: No imageposting
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    posted a message on [V1.5_01] Slime-Away!
    i would like a monster repellant block, you place it somewhere and activate it and it blocks out all monsters, similar to thumpers on HL2. this would allow us to make invisible walls to keep monsters behind, no doors to open, yet it keeps monsters at bay, you can adjust the radius and shape of the beam(?). but if it is on too long, it catches on fire or [other unforseen consequence] and can posentially destroy everything
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