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    1.) Real Name Fred
    2.) Age 13
    3.) Skype Psorious
    4.) IGN Psorious
    5.) How important is this to you? Minecraft for me is a hobby, not a way of life but it's fairly important ;)
    6.) Any past experience in this field or something similar? Yes, I have been staff on multiple servers in the past all of those servers I was in the Administration department. Also see question #7.
    7.) Have you ever managed a server / network before? Yep, I know many commands for essential plugins.
    8.) Would you still want this job even if it had high stress? Yes, I can handle stress.
    9.) How many hours are you willing to dedicate a day/week? I can be on 1-4 hours per day on weekdays, 1-6+ on weekends.
    10.) How can I trust that you are going to be a dedicated staff member? Take my word for it, and I don't really see the point of applying for this if I don't plan on being active (and I plan on being very active)
    11.) Describe your personality to us? Fun, outgoing, helpful, flexible :)
    12.) Anything else that we should know that may earn this application some consideration points? I can design *basic* graphics, but I'm learning more and more. I can speak some Chinese :lol:

    Thanks for your consideration
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    I've been playing minecraft for a while now, and from my experiences, their are a lot of people with the desire to have their very own server. And if you are one of them, I come bearing gifts! I have set up tons of servers and am ready to help out any server owners that need it. Since I haven't offered my services (publicly) before, I will be doing this for free for now. What I offer:

    -Permissions set up

    -Bukkit plugin set up

    -Complete server setup

    -One on One direct skype chat help

    -Hosting set up (provided by Enderdragon Enterprises, as low as $3.76/GB!)

    Post below if you're interested!
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    I have the Usage Statistics thing come up and it won't go away. I'm on OS X Lion. I've searched the forums for a while now and can't find anything. Please Help!
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    I'm 12 and I'm part of a hosting company. It's not like people are going to be asking for your age during livechat or tickets. Maturity is really what matters. The only thing is, quiacko, posting threads that are asking to be part of hosting companies or servers isn't always the best way to go. I'd poke around the forums and see if any hosting companies are looking for people.

    Good luck ;)
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    Hello fellow server staff and owners!

    I bring to you today a new service I will be providing for any server owner: Firework shows! I will make a firework show for your any occasion have it be a holiday, server birthday, opening, event, et cetera. Just contact me on this thread and I will PM you in the MinecraftForums message system. I am not here to trick you. I have owned a server and know what it is like to have people grief while in development.

    •I don't need worldedit perms (just creative and /give or /i)

    •Free, Easy, Fun, and I will be quick!

    •A great way to open your server with a bang!

    •Your server doesn't have to be 1.6! I can do 1.5.2 too.

    •Control your own fireworks from a central control room!

    •Choose the type, quantity, and location of all of the fireworks if you'd like to!

    •Choose the deadline!

    •I'm on Skype and MCF all of the time so I'm easy to communicate with!

    Server Requirements:

    •Minecraft 1.5.2 or 1.6.1


    •World guard (requires world edit)

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    Name: Fred
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Info: I love to help people out and am available on the weekends. I am very mature for my age. I'm pretty experienced in running servers and working with Multicraft and other control panels. I know my age may be a downside but I really think that it is just a number, and not a measure of how mature you are. I have good people skills and am pretty active on the computer. I am also very experienced with plugins if anybody would need any of that kind of help.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Age: 12

    Name: Fred

    Time Zone: Eastern, United States

    Are you employed on any servers?: I'm currently employed as a gamemaster for an in development RP server but won't be working on it until it's open (not for a pretty long while!)

    Do you work good with others?: Yes! I like working together to get things done! But I'm also perfectly satisfied with working alone if needed.

    What can you bring to Hyperion Legends?: I'm not the most amazing builder, but I have a good eye for detail. I can notice things that most people can't. I have tons of ideas and love to have my mind in another world. I also have great people skills.

    What makes you're abilities unique in comparison to others?: I have a knack for reasons. There is no "Just because". And I believe that one thing can help make an server feel realistic and amazing.

    What is you're greatest weakness perssonaly?: Math

    Position wanted: Lore writer, terraformer, or Staff positions

    Previous experience: Legends of Kalagdor (In development), And another RP server I'm not sure of the name, Celsta I think I also used to run a small Bukkit server. So I have knowledge on Permissions, and many plugins (if needed).

    What do you work best with in you're field?: For lore writing, all I need is a keyboard and a document (or a pencil and paper) Terraforming I can just use worldedit and voxel sniper.

    What are you best at in you're field?: I like writing, overall. I like to be able to have my mind wander off to a different world. And In all my writing, I try to have the reader feel the same way. Terraforming is another way to have the player feel like they are truly in a new world. You can't use randomly generated mountains and trees to do this.

    What is you're greatest weakness in you're field?: My biggest weakness is making everything perfect, all the time. This may seem like an advantage, but, it may take me a lot longer to do things.

    Have you ever griefed: (Not a huge issue) No

    Level of awesomeness 1-10: 11
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