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    posted a message on | Birthright Roleplay | UPDATE: Teaser Trailer! | LOOKING FOR BUILDERS

    Name: Thomas Lebel

    Ign: Protoyon

    Age: 16

    Working Mic: Yes

    Can you use Skype/Teamspeak? Yes

    About Yourself: I'm currently learning Java to create mods and plugins, I am certified in Photoshop, I am also learning Illustrator. I like to think I am a good builder, although sometimes I build a little fast and there'll be some errors. I spend most of my time either on Minecraft or programming, and I hope to one day own my own independent game dev company! My inspirations are Markus Perrsons, Tim Cook, and Elon Musk.

    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server? I have many ideas for the server, lore and plugin wise, a few of which I have already posted on the forums. I can also terraform and build a few buildings, although I think I am best with ships and boats and such.

    What can you provide to the team? I would be a bit younger member of the staff, but I am very innovated! I feel as though I am very creative, and I can also assist with textures, and I hope to be able to help create plugins soon!

    Why do you want to join our team? I am really liking what I am seeing so far! I have only played one other RP server, and it quickly became my favorite type of server! I am also looking forward to seeing the server grow, and it would be very amazing being there for the start of the server. I have attempted to create a few servers in the past, which've gone down pretty fast due to poor planning on my part, but I would really love to be a part of a server that is certainly looking good so far!

    How do you go about planning your builds? (Provide steps)

    My building pattern is a bit strange, but okay

    Step 1.) I don't really plan it out first, instead I see what I want in my head, and I begin building it, much like a rough draft.

    Step 2.) I fix parts of the 'draft', then proceed to look inside/outside, from different angles.

    Step 3.) Repeat Step 2. until it is something I want

    Step 4.) Add extra details, lighting, furniture, etc.

    Have you ever led a build team? No

    What type of build styles are you proffecient with? I personally prefer fantasy/medieval, especially boats. I also really like building terrain, paths and such. Nature, if you will.

    Are you a relatively fast builder? Yes, as I've said before, I tend to make mistakes with my building, causing me to pick up my build plans. I tend to build quickly, and then reconstruct.

    How long have you been building? Nearly 7 years as of June 30th!

    What are some builds or landforms you've created in the past? (Post pictures and/or links! If you have no proof, ask for a test build trial)

    (Left : Boat I created in survival, Right : Server Spawn from last year, during Christmas)

    My apologies, these are the only screenshots I have of my builds

    Have you accomplished anything huge in Minecraft? (Featured builds or build contests) I do not typically post my builds publically, nor do I like entering build contests, so no, I have not :(

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    10 In game years?! You said you had some more elaborate buildings made, could we see those?
    I'm truly impressed.

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    posted a message on All Member Got Crashed If They got so many Particle on Server

    What plugin has guns?

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    posted a message on All Member Got Crashed If They got so many Particle on Server

    It would have been nice to put that in a spoiler. Could we get a list of plugins? A server crash log? Anyways, from what it sounds, you're probably just overfilling your server with, well, pixels. From what it sounds, you've probably only got 1-2 GB ram, now I'm not a server specialist, considering yall were firing guns, I'm guessing it heavily relied on particles. Could we get a bit more info? Did everyone crash, or just you?

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    posted a message on Revive Minecraft

    Now trust me, I'm NOT one of those "Minecraft used to be so much fun" "Minecraft sucks now", NO, trust me, I'm anything but, Minecraft still is, and will always be my favorite game, however, I can indeed say that the game itself wasn't better, BUT, the community was. I remember servers where you could build with each other (Servers where you build? No way!), Servers where you could build a house, just a few blocks away from others houses, watch the sunset from your balcony, I remember servers which basically granted you another life, upon this one.

    These servers were based upon it's members, the members were mature, they played the server the way it was supposed to be played, and, by Notch, it was fun. I want to bring these servers back, I want to boycott these big servers, Hypixel is a big name, (seriously, $100+ for a bloody rank?). I want a server that is fun for it's members, not a server that wants money from it's members.

    However, I've been server hopping, and I have yet to find a server like so. So, you know, why not create my own? Create my own world, where others can join and have fun, where they can live another life. Get a job as a guard, and keep all thieves and such jailed (Who were caught, of course ;) ). Moderators to keep chat appropriate and ban any griefers or spammers. I want to keep Minecraft fun. I love Minecraft, and I'm sure you do too.

    If you would like to help me on this new server, fill out an application in the comments!

    • Age:
    • MC Username:
    • Days/Hours available:
    • Skype:
    • Why would you like to help?:
    • Extra Info:

    Note : I won't be able to reply to any replies for a good 3-4 hours, I've ought to go off to work.
    That makes me sound old, I'm only 16. :) Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []
    BioBit please <3
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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []
    Me To My Username is madspydude
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    posted a message on Minecraft Series ;o
    Protoyon Here with a new minecraft series, otherwise known as an attempt at humor! It's not funny, I'll tell you that, but it's certainly something! I will be uploading on a weekly basis, with many subscriber specials, and hopefully many colabs with other small youtubers :)

    My channels name is Protoyon, and here is my channel link

    I did a Slenderman video as a 15 subscriber special :D

    Thanks for watching! Subscribe, Like, Share, and Stuff!

    And a poll, if you don't mind
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    posted a message on Looking for another (very) small Youtuber!
    So, I have recently started a minecraft series, and I have accumulated a total of... wait for it... 16 subscribers! I know I just started, and it shouldn't be massive, but I'd really love to grow :D So is there any other small youtuber out there with about the same amount of subs? I would like to get known. Here is my channel link -

    If you would like to join me, post some sort of application that looks as so :






    Now, I am looking for only 1 other, but I'd be more than happy to do a series with up to 3 others :)
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