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My top 3 most popular threads:

1. Infinity Tower with 334 posts as of May 25, 2014.
2. Roll to Destory/Defend the Wall with 175 posts as of March 24, 2014
3. Neverending Fake Cheat to Get Super Admin on Every Server with 127 posts as of March 24, 2014.

However, all of them are pretty much inactive.


A proud member of the Forum Games community, and also a proud Blocklander (please don't nn013$t me for this, Blockland is good).

If you are reading this, and you play Blockland, then here is my basic Blockland info:

Name: Oh [S WORD], he
Blockland ID: 42057
Activity on BL: Active


Forum Games and Roleplaying, Blockland, Classic Rock (70's-90's), Starcraft

Location The Koprulu Sector

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