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    Prospercraft has been hosting servers since Vanilla 1.2, We have a long track history of hosting large FTB Packs.

    We are currently hosting FTB Infinity Lite 1.10.2.

    #General information about our servers.
    ProsperCraft servers have a hardcore economy, it provides a game inside the game.
    We have a rank system. The ranks are greylist then 1-7 each higher rank has more perks as seen on the page - http://www.prospercraft.com/apprankoverview
    Greylist means you can connect but are unable to play until you go to the website, log in to Enjin then click join website in the top right and submit an application to join the community.
    The ranks are found here-
    You rank up with ingame currency which means all perks are available to donors and non donors. This is important to us because wanted all perks to be available to both the part time players that come home from work and just want to donate to support the server because they can, and kids that are unable to donate but have a lot of time to play.
    Creds are earned ingame in several ways- you get paid for online time, you get creds for voting, and you get creds by running a shop. There is an official mall where you can rent plots and build your own shop and sell your items to other players. We believe strongly in a player driven economy so we do not offer items to buy from the server unless they are needed and they are unobtainable in any other way. The player driven shop is nice because nobody can donate for items to get a quantum leap forward ahead of other players on the server.
    Land claiming is done through the economy, you start as a poor pauper who has to rent land from a landowner(mayor of a town) who is someone that has ranked up to rank 2 and has founded a town.

    We always have two main worlds, a build world and a gather world, this way we can reset the gather world on a regular basis and keep the build world looking really nice, and never worry about quarrying out someones base.

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    If you buy another one it just adds to the town, they don't tear down your current house.

    I recommend not buying the lower tiers of houses because by the time you get to the top tier house there won't be room :)

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    Unable to find any github, I am posting here.

    My server is crashing repeatedly any time someone goes to the overworld with this crash-

    java.lang.ClassCastException: net.minecraft.world.storage.DerivedWorldInfo cannot be cast to lotr.common.world.LOTRWorldInfo

    See below for full crash-


    Also if you add the weather mod installed as of the update past 24.4 you get in a battle on who gets to render and you see this-

    **WARNING if you have photosensative epilepsy do no click on this link**

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    Yup! the mod is broken, now the website is broken....please come back to us Kinn we need you!

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    I mapped all of the biomes and dims, there are no conflicts.

    EDIT: ok, after working on it all day I found it, The Dalek mod doesn't list their biome ids in their config file, I narrowed it down to that mod, and once I changed betweenlands I was able to get the two to work together.

    I requested Dalek mod list their biomes in their config.

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    Posted in detail here--


    Not sure how but it looks like I missed reporting the server crashes we had when trying to do things in the village like to talk to a villager, or open a locked chest.

    I adore this mod as well, I wish the source was opened.

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    You might want to wait for 1.8, I have run a sever with the 1.7.10 version several times and none of them ended well. Detailed the problems on the wiki so they can hopefully be fixed.

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