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    posted a message on Xenocraft Season 2 | 1.14.2 | HermitCraft-inspired Vanilla SMP | 16+ | Discord

    In-game username: PumpedUpKick

    What should we call you?: Tucker

    Age: 15

    Country/Timezone: USA, EST

    Discord (Including #): Tucker#7167

    Skills: I can build but It's not amazing and can do redstone given a tutorial.

    About you: Just got out of school for summer break and looking for something to past the time with. I understand that your post says 16+ but as most of them that look on the more organized do as well, I felt like it was worth a shot. I can get on most days, but I primarily play in the mornings and at night. Additionally, I can sometimes be toxic when chatting, but I've been trying recently to not get annoyed at things and bring it into the chat.

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    posted a message on Pretty New Minecraft Server Looking for Applications [Vanilla | Whitelist | 1.14.1]

    MC username:PumpedUpKick


    Location: KY, USA

    How active you'll be: Can get on most days

    Why you would like to join: Am tired of previous SMP server and want to find a new community that isn't as toxic (hopefully).

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    posted a message on New Thread Created

    IGN: PumpedUpKick

    Age: 14

    What draws you to the server?: I saw the thread, server looks interesting and players seem active.

    What can you contribute?: Help with spawn builds, can help create a thriving community with the likes of fun games, interesting builds and public machinery for anyone to use :))

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    posted a message on fmCraft - 18w22b - New World [30th May] - Looking for mature active players to join

    IGN: LargeCheesePizza
    Age: 14
    Where in the world are you from: USA
    Why do you want to join:I was hoping to join and possibly tell friends to apply too. I play on an SMP server at the moment, but however there are several questionable acts that have happened that makes me no longer find the server enjoyable, like the copying of my shop right next to it (And yes, its an actual shop that they sell the same items out of it.), many people just being rude to me, and a possible griefer.

    Edit: if I wanted my friends to join, would they need to make an application?

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