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    In Game Name: The0shadows

    Staff Position: Co-Owner, Or Dev ( i want Dev, But A High Rank Will Be Cool)

    Skype/Email/Steam: My Skype Is The0shadows

    Age: 17

    Experience: I Had My own Professional Server For A While, I Am Dev On 2 Other Servers, and Admin On 1, I can code plugins and fix messed up ones, i can do ranks and permissions, anything you want really .

    Favorite Block:My Favorite Block Is RedStone Block, Because You Can Do Soo Much With It, Like Building auto Farms, and such

    Other: I Know About All The Essentials, Pex, Group Manager Commands, I can Build, i Can help With About Anything You Will Need, I Can be On a lot and if i get accepted I will get on a lot, What to know anything else just ask me on skype :D

    Thanks Hope You Like
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