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    IGN: The0shadows
    Age: 17
    Why you want to be staff: I Want to be staff because i would like to help out on a server, just playing minecraft is boring i would like to help out, if you would let me.
    What qualities do you have: Well I used to own a server i know just about all essentials essentials commands and bukkit commands, i know how to set up groups and permissions with Group manager and permissionsEX, i can do anything m asked, really.
    What experience do you have: Like i said before i used to own a server of my own, i just didn't fell it anymore, so i shut down and i'm looking for a server to help, i have been staff on various servers before, op and admin on most and dev for 2 of them.
    Any other info: ‚ÄčThe Rank i would like to get(if i get a staff position) Would be admin or a rank with op, it would be cool if you guys needed a dev to do ranks and perms , time i am on is usually i am on for 3 to 4 hours a day, i live in the US (EST), and i am not always here on weekends but i get on a lot, other then that , if you guys need to know anything just ask and i will most likely tell you what you need to know.
    Skype: My Skype is The0shadows.

    Thank You For Reading Hope I Make Staff :D
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