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    posted a message on Anyone Need A Guy To Manage Or Help With Plugin Stuff, And More.
    Hello I'm Alex, I'm Looking For Some One Who Needs a Guy To Help Manager Or Help With Plugins. So If Anyone Needs a guy, i'm Him :P, My Experience: I'm good with managing a server, I have owned a server for a while, and i'm good ;], i'm staff on a few servers, i help out with configurations and Plugin things, About me: I'm 18, i'v played minecraft for like 4 years, i can code, i'm good with people, yeah. If you want me to help out, leave your skype name or Server IP Below ;], Thanks
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    posted a message on Looking for a Server Technician (or Developer)


    *****How Often Do You Play:
    About 3 To 4 Hours A Day.

    Time Zone:
    United States, Michigan. EST.

    Are you experienced with Factions?
    Yes, My server was factions, And I'm staff on some servers That Have Factions.

    Have you been a Tech before?
    Yeah, I Know a a lot about plugins and how to work/configure them and how to run a server and help out.

    ***Do you have a mic?

    Are you a reliable person?-
    Yeah, I Can be trusted to do things and get them done fast.

    How often you are on?-
    Like i said Before 3 to 4 hours a day.

    Contact Info (Skype, Teamspeak Etc)-
    Skype: The0shadows

    Extra: Nothing else i would want to include, but if you need to know anything more just message me on skype.
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    posted a message on |Exergy Gaming| Dedicated Servers (E3-32Gb ram) Recruitment thread!
    1) What position are you applying for? I'm shooting for Network President, but i will accept Network Administrator, or Manager.

    2) How is this important to you? Well I Want To Be Apart OF Something Big And That is Going To Last, I'm Looking For A Great Server To Stay With And Play A Lot, so this is very important to be apart of something big, or will become big, i want to help out on this project.

    3) Age: 18

    4) Skype/Contact methods: My Skype Is The0shadows, Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

    5) IGN: The0shadows

    6) Timezone: United States. Michigan, EST.

    7) Past experience (references and links are preferred!) I'v owner a few servers/been owner of them, i am developer on two servers t the moment, i'm good at what i do and i can get things done, i know what i'm doing.

    8) Please explain how you manage stress: I Don't Get Hostile, I Try To Solve the problem before it becomes an issue, I Find The Source And try to fix the problem, with out ruining people's experience.

    9) Why would you be a good fit for this position, as opposed to someone else? Well I Have a lot to bring the the table, such as i can code, i know how to fix plugins, install do technical work, configurations, i'm good with servers, i can do more then the required field needs me to.

    10) How much time can you dedicate to this network per week? Around 30 hours a week.

    11) Please list a skill set you have relative to the position you're applying for:I'm good with people i have a lot of ideas, i know how to fix and configure servers, i can fix problems from the source, i know what i am doing, give good directions. I'm dedicated trustworthy, nice, and strict when i need to be.

    12) In what ways will you remain dedicated to this network? I Will Be On All the time, work until i cannot work anymore, then keep working, i will be devoted to this server, Bring new ideas to the table when needed, can help other area's of staff, such as developer and other ranks.

    13) To create custom content, we would need various sources of funds, would you be willing to donate? (Does not affect the application) Yes, I Am willing to donate to keep the server running and to help out more all around.

    14) Any extra information: My Site App, Has More Info: http://projectpolaris.webs.com/aboutMy Text Is Weird ;[, Hope You Enjoy it still.
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    posted a message on Huge server looking for.. |**Builders**|**Dev's**|**All Kinds Of Staff**| Apply now!
    My Application Is Here ----> http://projectpolaris.webs.com/about
    I Would Like Manager Or A Owner-ish Rank ;D
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    posted a message on Need people for my Server project!
    My Application Is Here --> http://projectpolaris.webs.com/about
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    posted a message on ---> NEED A PRISON DEVELOPER <----
    Ign: The0shadows

    age: 17

    experience with prison: Yes, I Owned Prison Server For A While. And I Know All The Plugins That You Will Need For A Prision Server.

    any extra comments: Need Any Other Info Yon Need About Me, Feel Free To Message Me On Skype: The0shadows
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    posted a message on ♠FusionPrison♠ *Looking For Staff, Devs, Builders*

    Application For Dev

    Minecraft In Game Name: The0shadows

    Skype: The0shadows

    Age : 17

    Do you have any coding experience?: Yes, Extensive Experience With Java And C++.

    Have you coded using Java?: Yes, I Use It To Fix A Messed Up plugin, And I Was Creating One.

    How can you help/provide for the server? Well I Can Help With Ranks, Permissions, Just About Anything You Will need me to help out With. I can mke sure players follow the rules and i can enforce them, Need Anyother Info Just Msg me on Skype.

    Can you make custom plug-ins?: Yes, I Can.
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    posted a message on Braycraft - Looking for Staff / Builders / GFX |
    Skype: The0shadows

    Age: 17

    Do you have any coding experience?: Yes, A Lot With Java And C++

    Do you have any technical wise experience?: Yes, I Owned Many Servers In The Past And I Know How To Run Them and fix them when they have problems

    Have you coded using Java?: Yea, A Good Amount

    What strengths could you bring to the server? I Can Help With About Anything You Will Need, Or Anything You ask Me To Do.

    Can you make custom plug-ins?: Yes, I can Code Them, And I Can Fix Plugins That don't work, Or configurations That re Messed Up
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR A DEV TEAM
    Yeah, i Can Help, I Have A Lot Of Experience Being A Dev For Many Servers.
    My Skype: The0shadows
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    posted a message on Vanucraft | Staff Needed
    In Game Name: The0shadows

    Staff Position: Co-Owner, Or Dev ( i want Dev, But A High Rank Will Be Cool)

    Skype/Email/Steam: My Skype Is The0shadows

    Age: 17

    Experience: I Had My own Professional Server For A While, I Am Dev On 2 Other Servers, and Admin On 1, I can code plugins and fix messed up ones, i can do ranks and permissions, anything you want really .

    Favorite Block:My Favorite Block Is RedStone Block, Because You Can Do Soo Much With It, Like Building auto Farms, and such

    Other: I Know About All The Essentials, Pex, Group Manager Commands, I can Build, i Can help With About Anything You Will Need, I Can be On a lot and if i get accepted I will get on a lot, What to know anything else just ask me on skype :D

    Thanks Hope You Like
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    posted a message on Please Remove
    Quote from MiniMoose12

    Highly doubt you will get anyone serious. Firstly you can "plan" for anything, but that doesn't mean it will happen. I can buy 3x 5$ servers and link them together with bungee and say "HyperSuperExtreme network looking for little kiddie owners. Planned to release skynet and matrix server 2.0!".

    Secondly, no "random" person is going to pay for half of your server.
    "What Nnet3 Is Looking For In A Co-Owner:
    - I am not looking for someone to just administrat, I am looking for a very serious Co-Owner to be fully dedicated to Gearbox Networks and help create, advertise, and pay for Gearbox.
    - Must be 16+, no exceptions
    - Must have technical experience of running a server
    - Must have a lot of time in running a server
    - Must have Skype and a microphone
    - Must have money to help pay for advertising, servers, and more (If you get picked as Co-Owner, the cost for everything will be shared 50/50. Co-Owners will make 50% of donations, and we will share the server 50/50.)"

    They would more than likely pay for a server their self and not have to deal with this 50/50 crap, a minecraft server is a server, not a shopping mall.
    Sir, MiniMoose12, Is The 12 For Your Age?, Well What Ever. Don't Go Spouting Around Random Crap that You Don't Know Is True, And You don't know people's intentions and what they have planed, You don't know what you are talking about. Just Go to some other post and spit your "knowledge" Of what you think you know, On them. Have A Nice Day
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    posted a message on Please Remove
    I Know I Don't Have Just he Slightest Chance Of Getting This Position, But I Guess I Tried, i Am Surprised That You Don't Have More Replies To This,( Well Probably Because Most People Who Play Minecraft Are Kids, But Yeah), And I Feel Like Some Of My Answers Are Way Off the Point OF The Question, But Again, Thanks For Reading My (Bad) Application :)
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    posted a message on Please Remove
    Name: Alex

    Skype: The0shadows

    Ign: the0shadows

    Age: 17

    What experience do you have running servers?: I Owned A server For A while, I Have Various Positions On Other Servers (None Professional, Like this One), i Was A dev For Two servers, Not To Long Ago.

    What technical experience do you have for running servers?: The Tech Experience, For Me Would Be, I Know Most all Commands For Pex And Group Manager, As well ans essentials and Bukkit Commands, I would Say I am a Good. And If Something Comes Up I Do Not Know, I Will Find Out As Soon As I Can.

    Why do you want to Co-Own the server?: Well I Am Really lookign For A project To Help Out On And This One Is Going to Get Very popular Very Fast And I Would Like to Be apart of that when it happens, I Am basically Looking For A Great Server To Help Out With.

    Are you mature? Rate yourself out of 10 (Be Honest): i would Probably Have To Say A Solid 7 Or 8, Because i Like to have Fun Every So Often. :)

    Do you have similar goals as I do for Gearbox?: Yes, I Feel Like This Server Can(And Will) Get To Be A Very Big And Successful Server, I Am Willing To Help You Get There.

    My Additional Info: I Have A Mic, I Live In The US (EST), I Am On A Lot, And If I Get This Possition, I Will Be On A lot More, I do Have School, And I Assume You Do Also, So I Might Have School Work. And I Am On About 4 To 5 Hours Most Days, I Am Not Always At Home On Weekends, Any Other Info You Need On Any Of These Topics, Just Message Me on Skype Or Call Me, Thanks

    Hope You Like, Thanks For Reading
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