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    I would just like to let you guys know to watch out on Aftermath, HMQB's group is backed by grisk, he gives them things and spawns them goods, Wolves and what not, HMQB and his group would kill us continually and not care if were armed, we go and touch them in there base, and grisk logs in on Little_talisa and kills us, or atleast somehow was able to use the account, It explains why she always has a full set of Prot V enchants and full inv of potions, He took on eight of us as little talisa, when we first started, Talisa, not sure who on it though, teleported to us as we were 3500 blocks away from spawn and we saw here there, she then was at our base in less then five minutes, just warning you guys, there is some problems, ALL of us in the GhastHoles clabn were banned and we are not sure why , *all of us being people on the new server you are on, Conquest* Also i would like a way to talk to grisk but if we do we just get pushed down the comments by HMQB's group continual conversation of one word bumps to each other on the forum >.> We heard things about you guys on Aftermath and were stoked the moment we saw you App on the Conquest servers, This is not anything against it, but to be honestly, everything he did on that server was horrible, he would come on drunk and kill us continually and teleport us, and then not give us the stuff back, it was fun for a while but it got old fast,
    Sincerely -The Friendly GhastHoles
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