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    Dude! WOAH! THIS IS AMAZING SOUNDING AAGH! I WANNA JOIN :biggrin.gif: I hope i can build an EPIC spaceship eithor it on singleplayer or multiplayer, but i cant find a link for a dl or anything? My IGN For the server whitelist is
    Idk if i need reasons or anything but i feel like have the know how to make an amazing thing with this, and i could build an epic fleet of ships and stuff! * I plan on making fully functioning tnt cannons and AA Stuff!*
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    posted a message on AwkwardIsle Factions Server
    Love server looks SUPER FUN!
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    posted a message on ░▒▓VelociCrafter ★ 1.1 ★ Towny ★ 24/7 ★ Survival▓▒░
    IGN: profaith
    Age: 15
    Prior bans: One, stuck up for a friend who was banned by abusive admin though D:
    Short biography about why you're awesome: Im awesome ..nuff said..:biggrin.gif: Jk tho
    im 15, in high school play football, love minecraft and everything about it! I hope to enjoy this server by playing with my friends *Danzarlo, shaphown and others* and to do whatever :biggrin.gif:!
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    posted a message on Babylon Rising
    In game name: Profaith
    Time on minecraft: A ton
    Previous minecraft experience: ^ Server wars, mods, being an admin, the usual!
    Time zone: Pacific
    Why you want to join this server: I have friends here :smile.gif:
    Way to contact you: (skype, msn, ventrillo, yahoo, aim, pm, steam, mumble, etc) ALL OF DUH ABOVE!
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    posted a message on Red Horizon: War for Efnhag
    Added @disco!
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    posted a message on Red Horizon: War for Efnhag
    Red Horizon

    A Long time ago, in a land called Efnhag, there were two glorious kingdoms! They stretched for miles in all directions, through the forests, mountains, oceans and those forsaken deserts. But, one day one of the kings decides not to pay the tribute made to the other faction from a previous war, knowing he would win this time. He sends a letter to the other king and demands land now, turning the tables on the kingdoms, they stay in peace, with small clan wars. Now though, several years later, this land is deserted, everyone has fled and left in search of new lands! They forgot the glory that was once Efnhag and have left the cities to crumble! Turn now adventurer and heed the call! What will you do, to change history?

    Red Horizon is a bold new way to play minecraft! Our server is run the way it should, we don't beg for donations out of people, and we have a friendly and welcoming admin staff that is willing to take time to actually play with you! *Gasps* Admins actually partaking in the game? And not ...being an admin!? Yes that is correct! While we will do our, admin stuff! We feel it is the need to actually sit down with our fellow server members and feel the need to ask what they want, if you want something like a carnival or games area, it might added!*Wink wink* But it is also the right thing, personally i dislike those servers where they say friendly admin staff but yet there so consumed in the "Oh look at me im an admin" they dont do anything! We though do take being an admin seriously it is nice to play to have fun.

    Currently are a new server who is looking for more members to partake in the annual killing of the other towns >: D And to also try and build up the best town, either by wealth, size, or population of your city, it is by you, the people, who take charge into this new land who will be the ones who choose the destiny for all!

    We have many cool features on our server such as *MCMMO, which adds whole new dynamic to fighting, we also have ^Towny so when our nations become overfilled with people we can make new towns! We use the economy plugin primarily to buy towns, we wish the server to be a stable trading economy, selling goods for goods, not goods for money, this puts a twist into the game where items like diamonds have a higher value, and trading can be different every time you trade! Adding a whole experiance that almost no other server has done!

    *Mcmmo: Mcmmo is a AMAZING plugin that increases the skill of your items, like mining, if you a high enough level in mining, you have a higher chance to get a double drop. Or if your a skilled archer can set fire to another player or daze them! Sword skills can create a critical hit or a bleed type damage.
    ^Towny: Towny is also another amazing plugin that lets us set up towns, create nations, and go to war with each other and just have some good ol' fashioned PvP!

    Staff and contacts (skype users in parentheses):
    Myundietalk: that jerk kid that will answer any questions and kind of coordinates this show. (cole.underdahl)
    Profaith: "The talent". He can answer questions and help with some technical issues. He is your typical every day Jack of All Trades. (ian_mh)
    Rockery382: The tech dude, he can help you with anything client side or server side. (rockery382)
    Nath: The boss man; questions typically should avoid him, though this show wouldn't exist without him. =)

    Whitelist app! Don't worry, we don't use these to creep on you, just to see how to connect more with our server!We Also will check up on the whitelist every few minutes! Just contact us on skype if you cant wait :tongue.gif:
    Age:*No Age limit but be mature, or we have the use of a special hammer..*
    Little bit about yourself!:
    What you like to do in minecraft *Its okay if you like to build, we got it to!*

    IP: <--Whitelist to use it!
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    posted a message on HuckCraft [HardcorePVP] [Factions] [MCMMO] [ICONOMY][24/7]
    IGN: Profaith
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    posted a message on The Devil Dog Chapter (The DDC) [Serious Roleplay] |RECRUITNG|
    Forums Name: Profin
    IGN: Profaith
    Knowledge of the 40k Universe: None ;(
    Roleplaying skill: Pretty good, i have been on a lot of roleplay server's, i tend to get around on them but im not a huge fan of ye old english talk.
    Minecraft Interest Level: WAAAY HUGE!
    Capable of being Mature (Y/N): No ;( Sorry i act like 1 y/o, kidding xD I am actually very mature for being 15
    Do you abide by our rules and Clan Organisation? (Y/N): Yes!
    Do you play Warhammer 40,000 (oradgame or otherwise): Nope ;(
    Additional Info: Im an amazing PvPer!
    Why we should accept you: I have been playing minecraft for a while now, and i love playing with other people!
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    posted a message on NEW [email protected]!
    Need you guys to tell me what to play!!XDDDD
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    posted a message on NEW [email protected]!
    Hey all im making a brand new livestream on JustinTV!
    Link ---> <----
    Im going to covering just about EVERYTHING from minecraft, lots of survival, tons of freebuild! Will even let you guys come and join me in some of these on servers! Will also do some Mod Spotlights, Yaaay more mod spotlights *sarcasm* >.> Well these will be different xD Trust me...:wink.gif:
    I will also be covering other guys like World Of Warcraft, Leage of Legends, Starcraft1, stronghold2/Legends, Left For Dead 2, Garrys Mod, and hopefully some new games if people like my stuff enough! xD!
    Getting a youtube account so you guys can get your recap if you missed something of mine!
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Adraukor [PvP] [Heroes] [Relaxed Roleplay] [Relaunching] [New Map]
    In-game Name:profaith
    Why do you want to join this server?:it looks amazing!

    Which Faction do you wish to join? Why?:Empire!

    What do you consider your specialities?:Attacking cities, military prowess/strategists, and building defences/ semi-decent cities/walls!

    Anything you'd like to add?:I am a boss!
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    posted a message on [GAME START: TBA] *The Minecraft Hunger Games* Last Man Standing Survival PvP (WHITELIST) [TO RESUME WHEN BUKKIT 1.9 IS AVAILABL
    So my team is tken, blank, Imma, me and im guessing blanks friend so far?

    wow...^Guessing that is gunna be winteam since theres so many..if they stay apart..
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    posted a message on [GAME START: TBA] *The Minecraft Hunger Games* Last Man Standing Survival PvP (WHITELIST) [TO RESUME WHEN BUKKIT 1.9 IS AVAILABL
    In-Game Username: profaith
    Applying for Match #: 16? THe one day at 9:30 xD
    Reason to Choose You:IM STILL DUH BAWSS
    # of Matches Previously Participated In: i lost count ;(
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    What makes you a good addition to this server?: I am a helpful person who likes to mess around if theres the time/space for it!
    -Did you read all of the rules section, understand it, and can you comply with them?:Yes
    *We are seeking active and resourceful problem solvers and leaders on this server. The rules can assist in answering the next two questions if you are unsure of what type of behavior this requires.*
    -What would you do if you did not like an aspect of the game-play?:I would try to gather up a small part of the community and maby try and find our own place in the server to do it if we felt like it would be a good idea!
    -How would you handle a conflict with another player?:Try to eithor talk it out, or let them believe whatever they want, there should be log's if they do something stupid...
    -Have you ever been banned from a server and why? (If you lie, I deny this application.): yeah ;( Only for messing with friend and owner was p/o'd that day and went all rageface on me ;( *I destroyed my friends house which i built for him...*
    -What brought you to this server? (Friend, Forum, Etc...): Found it on the forumS!
    -Location:US WEST!
    -Favorite movie:I have a lot ;( I guess LoTR!
    -In game name: (Permissions are case sensitive. Enter as it appears in game, or your permissions will not work.) profaith
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