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    At the moment, I'm making an open-world map for an mmorpg server, and I'm still trying to figure out what to use to make the terrain. My first option would be world painter, but I think its a bit annoying to use, because you cant do much detail, and also it feels like I don't have as much control. My second option would be voxelsniper and worldedit, because I do see a lot of other mmorpg servers that use voxel like (from what I can tell) Wynncraft, and also I feel like I have more control over the terrain creation. A downside to using in game plugins would be the lack of realism, and also the annoyance of tree placement.

    I hope you guys can help me out by giving me your thoughts on what's best to use.


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    Project Myth

    Application Forum

    Our server

    Hello all, and welcome to our server! Project Myth is an MMORPG server that we have been working on. It has been our dream to set up an MMORPG server for a while now, and that dream is still alive. But, we have had some major downfalls, and we have had to restart several times. We hope that this time, we will succeed in our goal.

    What we plan on doing

    Our team plans on making our server one of the greatest MMORPG servers in the community. We plan on making a massive, detailed world for everyone to explore, complete with cosy towns and deadly dungeons. We have an idea of what the different systems are going to be, such as a custom leveling system, an in depth skill system, and custom mobs to populate the world. The server will also have a resource pack to go with it, featuring custom models and textures.

    Why we need YOU

    At the moment, our team of staff is quite small. We need as much help as we can get if we want to make this server a reality. We are mainly focusing on getting builders and terraformers, but we will kindly accept any other applications (moderators, developers, artists etc.). The reason why we mainly need builders and terraformers is because our server is at its very early stages, and we think that builders would have more use at this stage. We will need developers and such in the future though!



    In order to become a part of our team, you must meet certain requirements:

    • You have to be at least 13 years old
    • You need to act civil and mature during meetings, for example.
    • It’s recommended to be active on the server, and to be dedicated towards creating the server.
    • You must listen to the owner, admins etc. at all times
    • Try to be polite to everyone else on any occasion.

    If you would like to apply to become a part of this project, or if you want more information on the server, join our discord server and we can discuss it there.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/HVmdSMk

    Thank you for reading this post! We hope to see you in the future!

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    Hey all,

    So, my Minecraft has been pretty annoying recently. For some strange reason when ever i set my render distance to 16 or over, i get block lag. The block lag isnt too bad; whenever i break a block, it reappears, and then it pops out of existence after about a second.

    I really do hope that you guys can help :)

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    As someone else mentioned before, try upgrading your cpu, that should help alot. Another solution, try out optifine and betterfps. Those mods seem to work out for me. Set your frame cap to unlimited too, if its capped.

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    I've realised why this is happening, its because of forge >:I

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    for some reason the textures of the grass are missing (pink and black) with the December update. Does anyone know how to fix?

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    posted a message on H2O Build Team! NOW HIRING!!!!!!!!!

    Discord name - l o n g e s t#5775

    IGN(In game namertag) - MyLongestBoi

    Age - 14 (i do understand that that is below the minimum age requirement, but i have been told that i'm very mature)

    Reason you want to join - The reason why i would like to be a part of you build team is because i have a strong passion for creativity, thus me absolutely loving to build.

    What is your skill - My building skill from what i can tell, and from what others tell me, is pretty good. I have been building for about 2 years now, and its clear that i seem to be improving, and I have worked on a few servers before with the role of head-builder (in my opinion, i don't really like the idea of "head" roles)

    Why will you be a good use for the team - I will be a great addition to the team through my great knowledge of world edit and voxel sniper, and my astounding medieval builds. I am great at making things atmospheric, such as forests and towns, and I am a pretty good at using world painter, if you need to use it.



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    thank you so much! :D

    I feel like i barely know anything about command blocks... lol

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    Hey all,

    So, ive been thinking about making an adventure map recently, and i was wondering if it would be possible to make a hand held gun that shoots via right click. The item that i wanted to use was a carrot on a stick (the resource pack im using has custom models for that item).

    How it will work:

    - shoots where ever you are looking

    - durability is ammo/energy

    - shoots an arrow at very high velocity

    Just a quick side note, im not the best at commands, which is why im here. I hope you can help!

    (if you need any additional info or something along those lines just let me know)

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    posted a message on conquest reforged problems with world edit

    Hello all,

    I've been having problems with conquest reforged and world edit recently. So, the item ids on some of the blocks that i want to use are too high for world edit, and this has been bugging me for ages. An example of a block id that i was trying to use is 4114:6.

    Hope you can help!

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    posted a message on ★★ ۞ ⓊⓃⒾⓋⒺⓇⓈⒺⓃⒺⓉⓌⓄⓇⓀ ۞ ★★ {Hiring Builders, Developers, and Community Staff} Factions PvP

    Aether Realms Architectural & Design Department Application[/i][/b]
    Position of Interest: [/b]Builder
    Minecraft Username: [/b]MyLongestBoi
    Real Name: [/b]Lachlan Anderson
    Age [Required]:[/b] 14
    Are you multilingual: [/b]No
    Personal Build Portfolio: [/b]Its attached to the bottom ( I may not have many good photos of my work, due to me swtiching to a new pc recently, and most of my worlds being lost or deleted)
    Building Experience (1-10):[/b] About a 7 or 8
    Amount of time you can dedicate: [/b]It depends on if the server is Australian, but i can contribute about 2-4 hours. Since its the autumn holidays, I should be able to sneak in a couple more hours
    Timezone [UTC Format]: [/b]UTC+10:00
    Do you have Discord & a WORKING Microphone?: [/b]Yes, MyLongestBoi#5775, and yes i do
    How would you rate your maturity (1-10):[/b] 8 or 9
    Short Answer Questions (4-12 Sentences):
    [/b]Previous Experience: [/b]I have been a builder on many servers before, and some of them head builder. I have been building for at least 2 years now and i think that time has paid off. Pretty much all the servers that i have been on, the owner has mentioned that i am pretty good at building and that i have done well for the server. I haven't had any big projects in the past, besides another server that i am currently working on, but I'm sure that your server could be a possible project.
    About Yourself: [/b]My main building style is situated around fantasy, medieval and rustic. I am very experienced in worldedit, but not so much voxelsniper, as im still learning. As mentioned earlier, I mostly enjoy medieval builds, but i can also build in a futuristic setting, as well as urban. I'm both good at exterior and interior, but i mainly do exterior. I am experienced with world painter, so if you need any terraforming done, i can provide.
    Why should you be Appointed: [/b]The reason why you should appoint me to your server is because i can and will provide wonderful builds, as well as beautiful terrain. I will build what ever you choose, and i will make your server look delightful. In my opinion, i am a very democratic player, so i will always let others have their say when it comes to decisions. I am a friendly player and I wont ever let you down :)
    Any Questions (Optional):[/b]

    [b]1.[/b] How many people are part of your team so far?

    2. [/b]Is the server Australian?

    3. [/b]How much have you completed so far?

    4. [/b]This post is very organised! I've never seen any recruitment pages like it :D

    [b]AGREEMENT:[/b][/i][b] I understand that if I have been deceitful in my application that it is subject to instant denial?: [/b]I fully understand

    I completely got sidetracked and forgot to put the photos on! sorry!

    Btw, just another question, can i take a quick test on the server to prove my building skill?

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    posted a message on Jolly Network Need Builder NOW

    What is your age?: 14

    Are you a male or a female?: Male

    Where do you live?: NSW, Australia. UTC+10:00

    Maturation level?: 8

    Any past experiences?: I have been builder on many servers, and head builder on a few of them. I have been building for over 2 years now, so im pretty experienced when it comes to building.

    Why should we pick you?: You should pick me because i provide quality builds; mainly medieval, but i do enjoy futuristic and urban builds. I am pretty good when i comes to terraforming; for the most part, i will use worldedit, but i can use voxel if you wish.

    How long could you be online each day?: depends on whether the server is Australian or not, but i can contribute 2 - 4 hours. It is the April holidays currently, so i may be able to fit in more hours.

    Discord?: MyLongestBoi#5775

    IGN Name?: MyLongestBoi

    Anything else?: Not really, but if you want proof that i can build, just let me on the server so i can show you. (Dont worry, i wont grief what ever is on your server. I despise griefers...). Heres a few photos of proof, too. I may not have many good ones, because i recently switched to a different pc, and most of my worlds get lost or deleted.

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    posted a message on | SERVER IN WORKS - SEARCHING FOR - DEVS/BUILDERS - |

    hello there,

    I am 14 years old, and I'm quite experienced with building; mainly medieval builds, and I have been building for at least 2 years now. I have been a builder on a few servers before, some of them head builder. As mentioned before, i mainly specialise in medieval builds, but i do enjoy doing futuristic or even urban. I'm pretty good at worldedit, and im alright at voxelsniper, but im still learning. I have access to a world generation tool called world machine, which is a complex program which can generate realistic terrain, which you can export into a height map. I mainly work in exterior, but i can do interior, and when it comes to large scale builds, i mainly prefer to work with other people.

    My IGN is MyLongestBoi, and my discord is MyLongestBoi#5775

    Glad to make your acquaintance, and i hope you reply


    (P.S here are a couple pictures of builds that i have done, just for some proof. I might not have many good ones because i recently switched to a new pc, and some of my worlds get lost or deleted.)

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] Project Norrath ( Everquest in Minecraft ) needing Staff!!!!

    IGN (In game name): MyLongestBoi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Boi
    Time Zone: UTC+10:00
    Job (Builder/Loremaster/Mod): Builder
    Building Skill (1-10): 7-8
    Social Skills (1-10): 7
    Sense of Humor (1-5): 3
    Do you have Skype/Discord: Skype, MyLongestBoi

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    posted a message on Builder looking for work (not paid)

    just looking to see if anyone is interested in hiring me (not paid) to build on their server.

    I am an experienced builder and terraformer (world edit only) who has been building for at least 2 years now and has worked in a couple other servers before. I mainly specialise in medieval and rustic builds, but i enjoy doing futuristic builds as well.

    At the moment im mainly looking for an open world rpg server to work on, but any server will do.

    My IGN is MyLongestBoi, DM me for my skype name


    (btw, heres a photo of previous work, i would have more but i got a new pc quite recently)

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