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    And I'm back from my original post in this topic. I have played through a good portion of the intro, and I must say that this map is excellent, particularly with regards to the story line. I am also quite impressed with the architecture present throughout thusfar.

    The play through is done in French, and so, I invite any French speaking persons, or persons interested in learning French, interested in this map or Minecraft to check out my video series of The Bane of Izarus.

    Le Fléau d'Izarus

    First videos:

    Have fun watching!

    -Prof Aurore
    Email — [email protected]
    Web — aurore.ca/prof
    Youtube — ProfAurore
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    Play through is very nice so far. I am starting a French YouTube series of this map (I will post again when I have more episodes up).

    There is something I wanted to request: can you include mention of the prologue in the Terms and Conditions.

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