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    posted a message on Am I the only one stoked for the tu 31?!
    Quote from ThankOurTroops»

    This update will add everything I've been waiting for. I can't wait!

    Almost everything.
    1. Still need to increase the mob cap and mob spawn rate... and I'm not talking about the passive mobs either.
    2. Still need to address the redstone issues from the last major update.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Xbox One Edition: Official Bugs List [CU8]
    Quote from Roasted_Ink»
    Cannot place minecarts. Am now greeted with the message, "The limit of minecarts in this world has been reached."

    The cap is 40 minecarts... well at least in creative mode. Not sure about survival. (Doesn't matter what type of minecart either. Cart with furnace, hopper, chest, tnt, or by itself)

    Speaking of minecarts... you still sit way down in one and can barely see over the top if you get in on an angled track, (slant, full block stair step up or down).

    Not so much a deal breaker, but this is quite annoying... still.
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    posted a message on Breeding Animals
    We all know there is a cap limit on all mobs, whether passive, neutral, or hostile. We all want the cap limit to be raised for each.

    I would like to have the breeding of animals tweaked a little to have this in the game: (the only way I can explain it thoroughly is to give an example)

    Example: You have two grown chickens caged up. Feed them wheat seeds to breed a baby chick. Repeat. (how breeding is now) However, when the cap limit is so called reached, but you only have three chickens in the pen, other chickens around in the world should despawn when you wish to breed the chickens within your pen/cage until the cap limit is reached. (should be the same for cows, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, and mules)

    Currently, the only way to mass breed chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, and now horses/mule/donkey is to run around and kill the ones outside of your pen while someone else is trying to breed your caged up animals. This is absolutely ridiculous! Not to mention when they despawn from the pen/cage anyway or turn into another animal... like a pig.
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    posted a message on Pets should only bark or meow when there are hostile mobs, (aggressive mobs), near.
    Quote from Producer_K»
    Pets should only bark or meow when there are hostile mobs, (aggressive mobs), near. All the constant noise from them is ridiculous. And no, I am not turning off my sound.

    Quote from pw38»
    so just like in real life huh? lol

    Seriously though I don't mind the animal chatter. It's pretty funny to be honest especially the pigs. It's part of the games charm.

    First off, Pets, not other animals.
    Secondly, how about: The Option to have this in the menu screen so you can Choose whether or not they perform this way.
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    posted a message on expanded world generation options
    Custom MC biome generation would be a great option!

    I like the desert myself. So with this tool, for example: say 55% desert, 13% mountains, 10% snow, 5% jungle, 5% regular forest, 5% grassy plains, 5% water, and 2% swamp.

    Possibly a slider to move back and forth to choose the amount of terrain with a percentage. ?? Something like that.
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    posted a message on Combine texture packs already released create your own
    I have read many topics and posts to find if there was any information regarding this topic/idea. I haven't found any that describe this, so here is my suggestion. Note: (if there is any posts on this and I have missed them... I'm sorry)

    What if we could combine texture packs that have been already released for the Xbox to create your very own combo pack? Any friend or friend of a friend that joins only needs to have the trial version of all the texture packs used.

    I'm not going to go through all the possible combinations, (that would be insane), but here is some.

    For example: Take Stone Bricks, Netherrack, End Stone, Pumpkin, Lava, Iron Bars, and the Redstone Lamp from the Natural Pack ... combine with the Paintings from the Skyrim Pack... the Iron Door from the Halloween Pack ... all the Wood and Wood Planks, Cobblestone, Fence, the Bed, Enchantment Table, and Glowstone from the Fantasy Pack... and whatever else all in one personalized custom texture pack!

    My thoughts... EPIC!
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