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    "Probably the best small SMP server"

    I have been searching for SMP servers for a while and I haven't been successful in finding a nice SMP server untill I found AMI SMP. The other servers I found didn't have the features that I like, are dead or the community is just immature.

    What I really like about AMI SMP is the extra mods are mostly useful and kept to a minumum. They also have multiple maps to play on with different reset periods like 6 month, 36 month and also a hardcore map which is really cool. With this reset they are able to keep up to date with the latest minecraft version releases and have a better chance for new players to enjoy a new world. For me one player sleep for me is essential as im a bad player and not many servers have them. There are also features like dynamap which is probably the benchmark of reliable and simple external live minecraft maps.

    In this server your suggestions are always heard and the staff and admin are really friendly. The community is friendly too. I had a really good time chatting with them and they are also very helpful ingame too.

    Overall I am really happy that I found this server and Im very satisfied. I am definetly sticking to this SMP for a long time.

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