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    Red vs Blue by ProdigiousGawd

    This map is based off of Achievement Hunters show 'Red vs Blue'
    It is a 1v1 map, but can also be played as 2v2, 4v4 and so on...

    -Trailer- (V3.0) Much Thanks to PixelDrum for the well made trailer

    The map may have wall of cobblestone and ore for a joining player. This is because it is Lethal_Zak's Superflat World. If this happens just wait it out. Everything should be perfect in 30 sec-1 min.

    Don't break blocks
    Don't cheats
    Play on Peaceful
    Follow the Instructions for each game
    After you're done with a game break the wool of the loser so you remember who won
    Have Fun! :)

    Equipment: A Bow and 64 arrows
    Objective: Hit all of the targets first
    (For 2v2 and up)
    The first teammate will go first and attempt to hit all the targets first. Once he's done that he will tag out to his partner and they will then try to hit all the targets.

    -Water Obstacle Course-
    Equipment: N/A
    Objective: Finish the course first. Start out on the half slab close to the middle
    (For 2v2 and up)
    The first teammate will run the course til the end and then back to tag the other teammate. The last teammate to finish the course doesn't have to go back.

    -Jungle Obstacle Course-
    Equipment: N/A
    Objective: Finish the course first
    (For 2v2 and up)
    The first teammate will run the course til the end and then take the side route back to the start to tag the next teammate. The last teammate will finish the course and has to take the side route until he gets to the finish in order for the team to win.

    -Sumo Wrestling-
    Equipment: Sticks
    Objective: Knock the opponent of the walk-way *Optional* 3 Rounds
    (For 2v2 and up)
    The first teamates will face-off. Let's say if a Blue Team Member falls off, the the Red Team Member stays on the walk-way and the next Blue Team Member attempts to knock them off.

    -The Maze-
    Equipment: N/A
    Objective: Finish the maze first
    (For 2v2 and up)
    All team members must finish The Maze in order for the team to win.

    Equipment: N/A
    Objectives: Finish both Droppers first
    (For 2v2 and up)
    Sleep before each Dropper. Each player has a turn. Each player must finish both Droppers in order for a team to win.

    -Rally Race-
    Equipment: N/A
    Objectives: Finish before other player
    (For 2v2 and up)
    Let the first teammates line up at the starting line and when they go get the next set of teammates at the starting line. When the first set goes around hit the next teammate to let them know to run. (Like a baton race)

    -The Arena-
    Equipment: Gold Sword, Bow, and Arrows
    Objectives: Fully destroy the enemies flag
    (For 2v2 and up)
    Take only one row of equipment from the bed you slept in. Don't kill your teammates.

    -Dodge Ball-
    Equipment: Snowballs
    Objectives: Take out the opposing team
    (For 2v2 and up)
    Everyone is allowed in. Start of at the edge of the court. Count down then rush to the middle to the snowballs. Once someone is hit they're out. (Scenario) If Red has 3 teammates out and Red hits a Blue member one teammate is allowed back in the game.

    [NEW] -3 Floor Spleef Arena-
    Equipment: Diamond Shovel
    Objectives: Break the snow under the opposing teams fee to make them fall into lava
    (For 2v2 and up)
    You may have trouble knowing who is on your team because of no usernames and custom skins. Treat it sorta like a Free-For-all and just try to stay alive.


    Archery Game

    Water Obstacle Course

    Obstacle Course

    Sumo Wrestling

    The Maze is a secret....


    V1.0 (outdated)

    V1.5 (outdated)
    V2.0 (outdated)
    V3.5 (outdated)
    V4.0 (current)

    Thanks to Serius and ZzPigeonPlumzzZ for being my Beta Tester :D

    PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ON THE MAP. Thank You for Downloading.

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    This Is Not a Request, Just a Thought...

    I was thinking this through... Since we should be getting everything MC PC has what about The End. I was wondering if it would have the same problems The Nether had. The only thing The End differs from The Nether is the caves. The End has no caves. Would Johan make another Reactor for The End? or Will he implement it just fine? Any thoughts on this subject?

    Thanks to Hopper we have an idea of what The End Reactor might look like!!

    This is the same concept as The Nether Reactor. The End Reactor Core is a box with an Eye of Ender on it. When you hit the Core it will spawn an obelisk made of End Stone and Endermen will spawn. I;m not sure what items should spawn. Ender Pearls??

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    posted a message on Community Ideas (29 Ideas and 1 Mod) [Newest Idea(s):THE END REACTOR!?!]
    Hello, This page is for you, the Community, to come and share some of your ideas you would like Johan to implement in MC:PE

    Some Ideas the MC:PE Community has come up with:

    [NEW] The End Reactor Hopper200456 and I
    This is the same concept as The Nether Reactor. The End Reactor Core is a box with an Eye of Ender on it. When you hit the Core it will spawn an obelisk made of End Stone and Endermen will spawn. I;m not sure what items should spawn. Ender Pearls??

    Crafting Table Categories PocketGod

    Nether Concept Shadowiki
    Idea by Shadowiki, yours truly :)


    As we know, Minecraft Pocket Edition got the 0.5.0 minor update on 15th November, 2012. The update included something very important- The Nether Reactor. The reactor provides us with materials such as mushrooms, sugarcane, cacti, and the key material- Glowstone dust! But, what everyone needs is the whole nether. Most people speak of the cave generation of Nether.

    Except of the cave generation of the nether, we could have the basic world generation, replacing the dirt, grass, stone, all the naturally generation block with netherack, and water with lava.

    "Let there be eternal night in the nether!" Yes, as we have eternal day in creative mode, there should be eternal night in the nether. The mobs able to spawn in the nether should Angry pigmen, as we get by the reactor, because 1. There are no ghasts and 2. Natural mobs, such as creepers, should not spawn in the nether!

    Next up- Glowstone and Obsidian. If you have ever played the flat land extensions mod, there are "Nether Trees", made from obsidian as logs and Glowstone as leaves. And of course, you won't punch down obsidian logs, will you?

    Wait, what about the portal? Heard of "Ore Distribution"? Why not distribute... 16 obsidian all around the small 256x256 world? And, it takes 10 obsidian to make a "Poor man's portal", and 14 for a full guy.

    And at the last, what about the items we sometimes can't get overland? Like sugarcane, cacti, mushrooms? ... How to get a saddle in the PC version? Dungeons? Another Ore Distribution :) Lets distribute 8 chests around the world with sugarcane, mushrooms, blah blah blah...

    That's the end of my idea, thank you for reading :)

    iOS Mod Sugar Cane to Glowstone Dust Chimeratech
    This mod allows you to craft 1 Sugar Cane into 1 Glowstone Dust

    Clouds Emmanuel17
    As you may, or may not, know clouds used to be in MCPE as well as Pumpkins!

    If you can't tell this is a photo of MCPE Pre Release. This is showing MCPE running with clouds. Could Johan re-implement them or is there hardware issues? If you look to the left of the picture you can see Red Flowers as well. They were later changed to Cyan Flowers because of hardware issues.
    Here are the features for MCPE Pre Release:
    • The game looked exactly like the old Classic build on PC (bright green grass/leaves, no birch/pine trees).
    • There were clouds/sky in the game.
    • Inventory hotbar had smaller look and could handle 9 items.
    • Placeable Pumpkin and TNTblocks (TNT was able to explode).
    • Some Wool blocks had color from the Classic build.
    • The Rose was going to be a block, but it was replaced with theCyan Flower due to hardware issues."
    Sources: http://www.minecraft...version_history (Thanks to Emmanuel17 for showing me the link)

    Run and Crouch Buttons Emmanuel17
    (you know that johan is trying to make everithing small so we have space to play, thats why the jump button is there, so i think he could make a run button and a crouch button like in the image)
    if johan does this, the run button will start running foward when pressed, and you will have to use the screen to change the direction, like looking arroun, that way isnt imposible to use.

    Glowstone Ore rainbowunicornsniper and Hopper200456
    ok, i know this may sound stupid, but really, as johan said in his livestream, he might add other ways besides the use of the reactor for glowstone. well, if he implemented a new ore, or just added a chance for gold ore to drop glowstone dust, it would be cool.

    0.5.0 Armor Bar MinE8011

    Armor Menu Layout MinE8011

    Texture Pack Concept InfectedSkies
    I was thinking something along the lines of this:
    There's a server that holds texture packs that are compatible with PE. In the Settings, there's a texture pack option. Once you open that, it'll have a list of all the texture packs you have installed. If you don't have any, there's a button in the top right (could be anywhere really) that when you press on it, shows a list of available texture packs. You tap on one, and it shows you the information about it such as who made it, who ported it, latest compatible version, etc. Then you just press "Download" or "Install" and the texture pack downloads to a folder in PE file system called "textures" or something like that.

    This is just an idea though. With Apple's regulations, idk how they could implement this unless PE starts shipping with texture packs pre installed.

    Here's what I envision the Options screen to look like:

    For Texture Pack Menu Layout Click Here: http://best-trolls.comeze.com/

    Leave Bed Button Hopper and I

    Alternative Jump Button Hopper and I

    Enchantment Table RSSCraft

    Brewing Table RSSCraft

    Armor Interface Layout RSSCraft

    Reactor RSSCraft

    Brightness and Render Distance Options Hopper200456

    Advanced Generation Option Anji916
    As many of you know we all want caves. Who doesn't? It's the whole point of Minecraft. But it takes too much performance. Well.... Why don't we try this?

    1. When making a new world There will be two options, one called"MCPE Generation" and the other called "Advanced Generation"

    2. Selecting the "MCPE Generation" would generate a world that the game usually do. (no caves, no big trees, etc)
    2. Selecting the "Advanced Generation" Would ask you to enter a seed or leave blank for random. Then the game will download a the map from the Internet with the same generation on the pc 1.2.4 or something. Then we would have caves. It's just like downloading a map and putting it in the Minecraftworlds file but the game does it for you. And of course the game would require Internet to do this because if we store the files inside it it would take a crap ton of time to even start the app since the seeds are endless.

    So I hope you guys like the idea...... If not..... Then I wouldn't be surprised because for some reason you all hate my ideas. :-(

    Sing-In Button In Main Menu Kacperski1

    So I heard somewhere that Johan or Jeb said that there won't be minecraft.net account connection because
    we are on smartphones and we don't always have internet connection. My idea is to make an optionalconnection (for users without premium, but with legally bought MCPE too) with minecraft.net. It would look like this

    As you see, you can click the new "button", and then this menu shows up:

    It should look like this:
    1. Login for the first time with internet connection
    2. Play!
    And at the second, third etc. time:
    If you have an internet connection:
    1. Autologin (you can still change account in menu)
    2. Play!
    If you don't have an internet conection:
    1. Play with the username and skin from your last login!
    The game would also have visible skins and nicknames in-game;)

    THE SUN! Hopper200456

    And finally the one that took all day to finish... The Sunset!

    Minecraft Account Log-In Function DanielEGVi

    Login is initially intented for downloading skins for use in Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but may be extended to anything like stats (if they ever add them to Pocket Edition) for example.

    -PC LIKE- Menu DanielEGVi

    This menu looks more similar to the PC ver.: it has splash text, a panoramic view of a world and wide buttons.

    Quick Change Button (Peaceful/Hard) Hopper and I

    When you are in Peaceful Mode the button will be lit or change into the letter 'H' (whatever Johan decides)

    *Sorry for picture being so outdated*

    Sign-In Option for Custom Skins Hopper200456

    Implementing Sun, Redstone, and Buckets TheRebDef
    --- How to fully implement the Sun into Minecraft-- Pocket Edition:
    Problem: Johan stated that the only problem with the sun is players seeing it underground upon mining downwards at the edge of the world block limits.

    Solution: Have the sun spawn at the normal overground block level. To save performance issues, an option to include the sun should be in settings, and the only way to turn that option on is to have High Quality Graphics turned on. For each level the brightness increases, have the sun rise up one level (or by how many blocks the sun texture is worth), therefor still sustaining normal morning and evening lag, but having the sun rise and fall instead.

    --- Implementing redstone, and how it could work without pistons ---
    Problem: Needs more testing on mobile devices, and wont be added for a while due to performance issues.

    Solution: Instead of having the animation for Redstone lighting up, keep it one color in the Terrain.PNG file. Therefor it will not cause lag, and will be ideal since Johan once replied to me saying Pocket Edition will obtain "exclusive features". If Redstone is still not somehow possible to code in, instead add pressure plates! They could only work in front of, or behind a wooden (possibly Iron) door.

    -- Implementing Buckets, and how they won't be performance heavy --
    Problem: Buckets will not be added any time soon due to the produced problems by taking away a source block of water or lava.

    Solution: Instead of Buckets taking away a source block or block itself, keep the block. When having a Bucket in-hand, and tapping on water or lava, it will change the item to a water/lava bucket without taking away any type of block. I don't see how placing could be too much of a problem when mods that include water and lava blocks don't cause lag once placed.

    Easy access to Texture Packs in Main Menu Hopper and I

    This is another idea I thought of to make changing Texture Packs easier. You will still need to install T.P. and apply them to your Minecraft files, but this take the hassle out of having to uninstall MC:PE then reinstall just to change a T.P. With this button you will see all your T.P. in a menu (Pictures will be added soon showing menu interface) and you just have to click the one you want to have! Just like the PC version.

    Texture Pack Menu. It is just like selecting a world. (Now with 100% Sphax - Hopper200456)

    Quick Change Button (Survival to Creative) Me

    Here's a photo on an easy way to go from Survival to Creative with a touch of a button. If you are in Survival the button with show the letter 'C'. Click it and you will then be in Creative mode. As simple as that. :)

    Armor Concept Hopper200456

    Photoshoped picture showing how the armor would look in the game:

    Cave Generation Smint

    I really want caves in mine craft, but the developers have told us that using the normal minecraft world generation is too slow on mobile devices. So I was just thinking of a way caves could be generated quicker..

    From some background reading caves in mine craft are generated using Perlin Worms method (with some other random generation features (ravines, dungeons etc)) see here : http://www.tinyguru....v/qid33590.html

    I could be wrong but its my assumption that its that the process of generating these structures is what takes the time..? Heres my suggestion for making this process quicker and it uses that fact that the worlds are not infinite.

    Why not pre-generate a cave "template" (or series of templates) and download this with the game. This template would be a pre-rendered cave structure in a 256x256x256 cube.

    It might look something like this if you viewed it, but this won't be a full world map, just a data structure holding a pre-rendered cave structure..

    Accessing Chat System Hopper and I

    So I've been thinking on how Johan can implement a chat system in MC:PE even though it's not that necessary since all we have so far is LAN Multiplayer. I saw that Johan tried to work on the chat but had problems with the keyboard. My ideas aren't on how to fix it or how to implement a chat system, it's on how to access it.

    For Android and iOS users they will both have an icon of a Paper and Pen above their nav keys which will bring up a chat bar for talking to other players.

    Those are my ideas please feel free to share your opinion on them and to share some of your ideas. Thanks!

    Photo 1: (Text appearing)

    Photo 2: (viewing the conversation)

    Photo 3: (Viewing the conversation with keyboard)

    Please feel free to post Pictures, Ideas, and Thoughts in this topic. Thank You!


    P.S. I have gotten permission to use these ideas
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    You wake up in a serene field of grass. You suddenly notice you are surrounded by a wall of cobble. You climbe up the cobble to find out that it is a volcano...

    Brought to you by PixelDrum

    1. Don't leave the Volcano Island
    2. Don't kill yourself to regenerate health
    3. Play on Hard difficulty


    1. Build a cobblestone generator
    2. Build a house
    3. Make a Wheat Farm
    4. Make a Sugar Cane Farm
    5. Make a Cactus Farm
    6. Build a Bed
    7. Make a Mob Grinder
    8. Make at least 40 Stone Brick
    9. Craft at least 12 Bookcases
    10. Collect 10 Cactus Dye
    11. Craft 10 White Wool
    12. Craft 10 Lime Green Wool
    13. Craft 10 Red Wool
    14. Craft 10 Yellow Wool
    15. Craft 10 Pink Wool
    16. Craft 10 Green Wool
    27. Craft 10 Orange Wool

    Volcano Objectives:
    (Extremely Hard, Save for Last)
    1. Craft 2 sets of Diamond Tools
    2. Make a small house in the Volcano EDIT: With 10 Windows

    1. Make a Reactor
    2. Craft 10 Paintings
    3. Collect 10 Glowstone
    4. Create a Melon Farm

    Thanks to Seruis

    Tssss Careful It's Hot

    Overview of Volcano Island


    ^ If this link is somehow broken try this one v

    (Hidden Chests Update)

    (0.5.0 Update)


    The Volcano is an Illusion...
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    How did you record this? In real-time, then slowed down, or did you use a patch or app to slow down?
    Chris has so many mods installed on his phone, this happens whenever he loads up his MCPE.
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    Quote from cpr196

    Pressure Plates are kinda redstone, but you would think they could add something that just opens doors, and thus they could put in iron doors.
    levers, Pressure plates, buttons, all open doors, let's cross our fingers that that wouldn't be laggy.
    I doubt it would be laggy because a pressure plate going off is a block update. Just like an inactive furnace turning into an active one. (look at me talking like I know how the game actually works.)
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    posted a message on Will redstone dust and pistons be in next PE update?

    :( We won't get to see the update because of 2012
    Keep your chin up, General :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft:PE for the PS Vita?
    Quote from Crazy minecraft

    The only games I thought were good were LBP and Uncharted: G.A.
    Sony hasn't really done a good job with the PS Vita's marketing and the games on it aren't looking that good too...
    Black Ops Declassified sucked.... sorry :(
    Campaign was bad, the multiplayer was horrible and desynced...
    I had a better experience on NOVA 3's multiplayer for smartphones then BO:Declassified....
    Have you played Gravity Rush, NFS Most Wanted, or Persona 4? Those game are awesome and shows off the Vita limits. I agree that Black Ops sucked but it is the first COD on a portable console. Also the PS Vita has NOVA 3 as a PS Mini.
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    Quote from Bunkaz94

    If I could get a dolar for every time someone asks for minecraft in another platform I will be rich by now.

    No, why? Because mojang has a contract with Xbox, so they cant do another platform.
    And psVita sucks compared to SG3, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, iPad 3/4, Galaxy tab, Google nexus, etc.
    You compared a phone to a gaming console? Please delete your Forum account. Can an S3 handle Gravity Rush or Persona 4 The Golden? No. Also the PS Vita PSN store has mobile games, so I guess Vita wins :)
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    Quote from Deevil768

    Man, Awesome explanation you have there it really defends your 'No'

    I say Yes. I have a Vita and would love Minecraft on it! You took the words right out my mouth :)
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