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    Fill out the application! I'll PM you the details!

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    Awesome it'll be great to have another wizard on the server (besides myself). I'll PM you the details!

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    Castle Town is a small survival multi-player server, during the school year we usually have 1 or 2 people on at all times, and it usually goes up to 3 or 4. The server currently has the capacity for many more players, and I'd like to see our dynamic community thrive. So if you think you can contribute to our server, you probably can! I look forward to playing with you. Also feel free to suggest plugins in this thread!

    ~ argamemnon

    Awesome things about our server:

    • The Right Plugins: We're running craftbukkit 1.8.8 but we don't have many plugins running on the server. This increases the vanilla survival feel and reduces the need to interact with a bunch of text based menus just to get around. However, we do have great plugins like MCMMO, and Essentials.
    • Closely Knit Community: Everyone on the server is friends, and if you decide to play soon you'll be part of our great community, active on Skype, and Facebook.
    • Real Freedom: If you'd like to build somewhere, go ahead; we trust you! just ask before you build something close to someone else's build, the exception to this rule is of course the city, where you can build as closely as you want. Especially in our thriving market! We also don't use plugins to enforce build rules, so building is like it's supposed to be!
    • Real Economy: The value of the goods and services within our community is tied to the value of gold, diamonds, emeralds, and other barter-able goods if you want something, you can usually find a place to trade for it in one of our shops! If you have a good or a service to sell you can make a shop of your own!
    • Role-play Opportunities: Whether you want to be a traveller from the future, a wizard, or an alien, our community accepts all sorts of role-play on our dynamic server. Explore dungeons, gather loot, compete in tournaments, start a business, be a thief or an assassin, it's up to you. If you want to make something like a dungeon, we'll enable you to make it in creative.

    If you're interested fill out this application, post it in the thread bellow, and I'll get back to you shortly. A Skype or other voice-chat service is also required to play.

    Your IGN:

    Description of any characters that you play?:

    What do you want to do on our server?:

    What do you like to do in minecraft?:

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    Thanks! I amended my application.

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    I'd love to spend some time with your clan, unfortunately I don't think I could become a citizen as I'm currently committed to my own server as well as some school obligations.

    However I would love to collaborate and consult with you guys, and you're of course welcome to set up an outpost on my server (which I also try to run according to laiser-faire principles) and perhaps I could set up a trade depot on your server as well (as a foreigner).

    Here's my application

    1.Your In game name (Minecraft username) argamemnon
    2. Skype (required) and Steam name (Optional) (PM me for my skype name) my steam name is darth_n374
    3.Age 22
    4.What can you do to help the Grand Spencorian Empire Prosper? (what can you offer to improve the Empire?) I can provide valuable consultation on building, military, and trade/industry operations.
    5. A little about yourself I'm finishing up my last year of university where I study design. I'm interested in computers, interfaces, literature, military technology, space exploration and movies.
    6. What 5 (or less) Occupational permits would you like to start out with and are you aware of how occupation advancement works (a simple yes or no will do)? I'd like to act as a foreigner, as a tradesman. Yes I'm aware of how permits work.
    7. How many hours a day can you be on for? 1 - 2 hours a day max
    8.A brief (1-3 sentences) description of your role play character (Recommended)? Francisco Ponce De Lion is many things, explorer, builder, conquistador, pirate, advisor to kings, and lover of women, above all though Francisco seeks riches in the form of gold. An emissary from a land far to the west Francisco has roamed the ocean for many years, in search of his fortune.
    9. Have you been apart of any other clans? If so, which one(s)? Yes. If the city and towns I have built on my server count as a clan, even if we aren't a clan we're a coalition and my loyalty lies with enriching the community of my server.
    10. Why did you choose the Grand Spencorian Empire? I love capitalism. Seriously that's about it, I think a free economy leads to free people and I've been looking for a place where I can practice my beliefs in the marketplace.


    All of you guys made some great points in your posts, and it's great that you've created an environment of political discourse within your empire.

    Here's my rebuttals:

    1. A standing army One of the greatest Capitalist states on earth did not win it's war for independence with a standing army, this is of course the United States, which employed a militia during the war for independence to great effect. If you have the advantage of terrain (your homeland) it would perhaps be advisable to employ a militia or perhaps a professional fighting force (mercenaries) instead of holding a standing army. It would certainly be more cost effective. Another example of course is the effectiveness of the Landsknechts in switzerland.

    2. A permit System
    3. I've struggled with this on my own server, particularly mediating building permits. Nobody wants ugly buildings on their server... least of all myself. But I think I'd rather have an environment where the people of the server feel free to build and create free of restriction baring a few rules. On my server the rules governing property are unspoken but are as follows.

      1)Do not build where other people have built things, if you get too close ask the land owner for

      2)The landowner reserves the right to dictate what is built on property (this rule only really dictates property within the market area).

      3)A structure left abandoned and incomplete long enough is no longer the property of the owner.

      4)Structures like 1 towers and temporary shelters can be destroyed to make place for a more permanent residence

      5)Disputes are mediated in public and decision is based on consensus

    4. Expanding the economy is important but there's ways to do it without artificially enforcing monopolies through licensing, for instance land ownership is a great way to regulate economic activity. You can't mine/farm/chop trees unless you have the land on which to do so. Capitalism has also historically relied on innovation (look at Brazilian capitalism where 1/3 of the population is self employed), efficient processes are more important to capitalists than jobs, as society relies on the accumulation of capital. It's tough to create monopolies on primary industries without restricting the freedoms of the citizenry, however to stay competitive in the marketplace it's often beneficial to incorporate looking for example a person who wished to wholesale Enchanted Diamond Armor would rather deal with diamond wholesalers (who could offer a lower price) and enchantment wholesalers (who could deal with more consistency) than free agents in the marketplace. The diamond wholesaler and the enchantment wholesalers could also offer an advantage to their employee's as opposed to being a free agent as they could provide a level wage. The important part here is choice, deciding you want to be an enchanter is different than being permitted to do it.

    5. Absolute power within the govt.
    6. I was referring to an ideal “capitalist” society, but the most recent trend within America is dominance of capital, for instance banks that are “too big to fail” and are thus propped up by the govt, In the future especially with the distributed nature of the internet, more power is likely going to held by corporations and smaller groups of citizens. The government in the US and Canada is also really controlled by the Market, powerful lobbies control elections and the best funded candidate usually succeeds (at least in the primaries).

    Again, not trying to sound preachy or anything. I just love talking about stuff like this I'm not even in Poli-Sci I'm actually studying design. Send me a PM for my servers IP if you guys are interested in pursuing a trade/consultation relationship.

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    posted a message on The Grand Spencorian Empire {RECRUITING}-{Light roleplay}-{Mature Community}-{Allimore}

    Just a thought, capitalism isn't just an economic system it's a social system as well, where the means of production are controlled by capital (wealth), capitalism also entails absolute respect of private property. Some of the things your "empire" represents are absolutely incompatible with capitalism.

    • A professional standing army (this creates a monopoly of force in favor of the state)
    • A permit system for occupations (ask yourself if in a "free" society, you need a permit to chop a tree? Isn't that just more bureaucracy)

    Your system puts way too much power into the hands of governors optimates, and the emperor especially. In a capitalist society, absolute power lies in the hands of the market (not the bureaucracy) and consequently the people of the empire.

    The society you've created (especially with the creation of a separate capitalist class) is more reminiscent of syndicalism, and mercantilism, in planned economies in the 1800's.

    It's thrilling to take part in a market based society within a videogame, one with a thriving economy. However it's not so fun to take orders from an "Empire" when you just want to build cool stuff with other people.

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    posted a message on Modded client + server recipee client crash. Help Appreciated

    Experiencing a strange client side error, whenever I make a glass bottle in ANY crafting table (tinkers table etc.) however the exception is making a glass bottle with clear glass. Here's the stack trace of the error.


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    We're running a ton of magic related mods, so thaumcraft with most of the addons, witchery, botania, AM2, lot's of building and environmental mods etc.

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    Awesome man PM your skype and I'll send you the instructions!

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    Yep shameless self bump!

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    Are you magical????

    I'm running a heavily modded survival server for myself and some of my close friends. We're working with a plethora of magic themed mods. Every 2 weeks the server hosts some sort of magical "contest".

    What we're looking for.

    1. Mature players
    2. Casual roleplayers
    3. Funny people we don't mind hanging out with.
    4. Building skills a +

    PM me or write in this thread if you're interested.

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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    Probably, you didn't install the mod correctly, didn't press 'o', or are on recipe mode.

    then clearly you didn't install them like you were supposed to.

    It's a pretty good plan, when you're not sure what mod is causing your problem, to make a general mod issue question, not just ask the people on a thread for a few specific mods. That said, it's xeno's reliquery.

    Thanks, it worked. I'm wondering what caused this bug though? Maybe you could PM me with the information?

    Thank's again though!

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    I'm having a problem, whenever I hit U I get a crash right away. My client is heavily modded, I'm assembling a modpack and I was wondering what caused this. Ty.


    ^ The error

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    posted a message on Modded Minecraft Amazing Awesome Wizard War! (also whitelisted)

    To populate my own thread I'm going to fill out this form, show you how it's done!

    IGN: Argamemnon

    Age: 21

    Favorite type of magic?: Illusion/Arcane

    ^ Why?: Mindfreak!, jk, I love the archetype of the classic D&D wizard combined with a little bit of Vegas showmanship.

    Do you like to build?: Yes

    Tell me a joke!: Q: Why do cats prefer wizards to witches? A: Because the sorcerers often have milk in them! HAHAHAHAHA

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    posted a message on Modded Minecraft Amazing Awesome Wizard War! (also whitelisted)



    I'm working on a small modded server to play on/record on with some close friends.

    The server will be themed around a wizard tournament (kind of like Adventure Time's Wizard Battle) using popular magical mods. We'll start out with 4 core magicians and after a while each magician will take on an "apprentice" and eventually those magicians can take on apprentices of their own, forming four distinct teams that will compete in weekly challenges/deathmatches/obstacle courses in a central arena.

    Some of the mods I'm including in this micropack.

    -Ars Magica 2

    -Blood Magic


    -Magic scrolls


    I'm also open to suggestions so if a mod adds a goofy/magical feel tell me about it!

    If you're interested we'll begin to incorporate chill applicants during the second cycle. Fill some stuff out down below, if you seem chill I'll PM you for your skype! Thanks!



    Favorite type of magic?: (pyromancy,chronomancy,necromancy,etc)

    ^ Why?:

    Do you like to build?:

    Tell me a joke!:

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