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    As most of you have known that Splash Potion of Leaping will be coming in v1.8, yet there are still a lot of unfinished potions (status effects which don't have their own brewing recipes for their own potions). I know that suggesting this idea might put an extra load onto the developers, but I hope this idea will get some opinions, especially for players who play on PVP servers.

    Introducing... The Potion of Dispel. The term 'dispel' means to remove any status effects their a player has. I know this is stupid, because drinking milk has the EXACT effect, which players think that they can just save their bottles on better potions. The main reason I suggested this because the potion has to be used as a SPLASH potion, just like Poison or any debuffs.

    Why Splash Potion of Dispel? Think about it when you're fighting an overpowered player with tons of potion effects, you just can't force him to drink milk-- He'll just cut off your head in a split second. With the potion, you'll be able to dispel his status effects, which weakens his ability to defeat you (unless, you're a defenseless person).

    Even though I've said that it was meant to be used as an offensive potion, it can be used as a defensive potion too. While you're fighting together with your team, all of you got run down by tons of debuff potions. You can just throw the potion on the ground to save everyone, instead of urging everyone to drink milk for a few seconds (then realising that an arrow was coming for you).

    I hope that everyone will take some time to think about this new potion, because I don't want anything like this to happen:

    TOO OP.

    If you guys agree with the idea, I'll might probably start to think about the recipe for the potion, so I'll be able to suggest a balanced idea for Mojang.

    Thank you.
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    After almost 3 weeks, ProStickman proudly presents...

    Legends Of PS II: Revolution

    It's me again, ProStickman, bringing you this new story! Revolution is the sequel to Rising, and it reflects the story about my brothers and I played in a server for the first time, during version Beta 1.8. It also features the characters from the last book, and bringing in my nemesis from the server.

    If you like this story, please click on the green button on the bottom right corner to support me~ :3

    Read the previous book here:http://www.minecraft...ished-on-182013

    P.S.: I'm trying out a new writing style in this story :P

    Chapter 0: Prologue
    Town Owner, I will have your head off, and the diamond sword will be mine!

    (Leader of Strike Force PS,

    Island of RFCTKS:
    23 December 2011, 7:45p.m.

    I'm finally here. It's time for payback for what he did to them. I swear I'll rescue them, and get rid of him.

    I held my weapons, and headed to the city, Jaime was here too, following my lead to rescue my brothers.

    I'll make sure you're not going to celebrate Christmas!

    Chapter 1: Visual Assists
    Feeling that you're unaware of your surroundings? Let me help you. Trust me, I'm a programmer.

    (Machinima Team Member,
    husband of iHasCupquake,

    ProStickman's House, Island Of Prostickman:
    8 September 2011, 9:02a.m.

    "Nick! Get up!" It's Athena, and she's trying to wake me up now. She shook my body and poked on my head a few times before I woke up.

    "What... Sorry, I overslept," I said, yawning at the same time.

    "Umm... Why are you not sleeping on your bed?" Athena asked.

    "What? I was--"

    "You were sleeping on the crafting table..."

    "Oh? I didn't know. I might have worked too hard last night, until--"

    "It's OK. Anyway, what were you working on last night?"

    "I was figuring out how to make these stuff... You know, top secret agents wear those, so that they can track down their targets... But until now, I have no idea on how to make it!" I said, punching the crafting table with my hands.

    "Calm down... Why not let's go look for Red? Maybe he can help?" Athena said.

    "Then let's go... I'm still sleepy..."

    Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 9:10a.m.

    We reached Red's house after walking for a few minutes. I knocked the door, and waited for Red to come out.

    "Hi-- Oh God! Stick, what's wrong with you? You seem drowsy..." Red said.

    "Umm... Let's move him to the couch first? I'm afraid he's going to collapse..." Athena asked.

    Both of them carried me into the house, and placed me on the couch.

    "Stick, what's the problem?" Red asked.

    "Athena... Explain to him, I need to sleep..." I said, dozing off.

    "He's very tired. He spent the night by working on something. He said top secret agents wear these..." Athena said.

    "You mean... Vision gear? The things that top secret agents wear at their eyes, just like sunglasses."

    I woke up for a while, and said, "Yes! I need those to see my enemies..." I dozed off again.

    "I think I can do this... But I'll need a few items first," Red said.

    "What items?" Athena asked.

    "I'll need... Wait, what's this on his neck?"

    "His 'Personal Talker', he doesn't know how to call this anyway..."

    "More like a headset, just that it doesn't have headphones."

    I woke up again, and said, "You both are disturbing my slumber. And yes, I dressed up like Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil 4, so don't ask me why do I have my personal talker."

    "Give it to me," Red said.

    I handed over my personal talker to Red. He took out his sunglasses, and said, "Now I'm going to combine these two into something EPIC." He went to his crafting table, and started to craft something. After for a while, he brought something for me to see.

    "Ta-da!Vision gear!" Red said, with excitement.

    "Cool! Let me try it!" I said, snatching the vision gear from him. I put on the vision gear, but I don't see anything... I looked at Red, and said, "Red, there seems to be a problem... Are you sure that you crafted the vision gear correctly?"

    "Of course, there is a problem! I haven't programmed this thingy yet..." Red said, taking away the vision gear from my hands. He walked to his laptop, and showed me something:

    It's Minecraft SSP, with a minimap in the top right corner on the screen, and an entity status display on the top left corner.

    "Basically, this is called 'modding'. Modding is a way that we add modifiers to enhance the gameplay in Minecraft. I can use these mods to program your vision gear, too," Red said.

    I looked at his laptop, watching every single steps he made. It was very complicated though, because I didn't understand what was he doing, after all.

    "Done. Now put on your vision gear," Red said, passing my vision gear back to me. I put on the vision gear, and saw the new features around my surroundings...

    "Wow! Red, I can see you even if you're standing behind me! And, did you drink beer last night? I can see you're drunk..." I said.

    "Yes... I guess it's working now. Why not let me call a few more people to help you to test your vision gear?" Red asked.

    "Alright," I said.

    Red went upstairs, and brought Cupquake and Jane downstairs. "Alright, let's play hide-and-seek. The four of us will hide, and you're going to close your eyes and count to 20. Use your vision gear to find us," Red said.

    Red, Cupquake, Jane and Athena ran away from my sight. I closed my eyes, and counted to 20. After 20 seconds, I went to look for them. It was very easy to find them, as my vision gear had exposed their locations. I found Jane in a closet, Cupquake in the kitchen, Athena in the garden. And for Red, he's hiding on top of the roof...

    "Well done Stick. Looks like you've found all of us," Red said.

    "Hell yeah! Anyway, what are the names of these mods?" I asked.

    "The one which lets you see your target's status, it's called the Damage Indicators Mod. And for the minimap, it's called Rei's Minimap."

    "Rei's Minimap? Luna made this?"

    "Not ReiShen... The creator's name is ReiFNSK."

    "Lawl... I see..."

    After for a while, I went out Red's house, then turned around and looked at all of them. I shouted, "HELL YEAH!!! Now I'm unstoppable!"

    "Brother! Turn around!" Jane shouted.

    "Nick! Look behind!" Athena shouted.


    "There's a creeper!" Cupquake shouted.

    "Pardon? I can't hear all of you!"

    "GOD DAMN IT STICK!!! CREEPER!!!" Red shouted furiously.

    I looked at my minimap, and found a red icon, approaching towards me. I held my iron sword, and waited for it to come. When it's right at my behind, I stabbed behind with my sword...


    The red icon has faded in my minimap. I turned around, and found out that a creeper was trying to blow me up. I walked back to them, and said, "Backhanded."

    Finally, I got my backdoor protection. I'm safe from most ambushes, and I don't have to worry about monsters backstabbing me when I'm mining anymore.

    Chapter 2: A True Archer
    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee... Even though I'm already old and worn, I still can take down these baddies with my bow!
    (Kain, a.k.a. PainKiller)

    Kain's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 10:15a.m.

    "Young wanderer! Good to see you again!" Kain said.
    "Good to see you too," I said.
    "What brings you here?" Kain asked.
    "Just showing you my new vision gear. It may be useful if you can provide me some trainings with it," I said, showing Kain my vision gear.
    "Hmm... I think I can help," Kain said, walking into the store room. He brought a few training dummies out from the room, and took my vision gear from my hands, then programmed it before returning the vision gear to me.
    "The icons of the training dummies are now available on your minimap. However, there's a switch on each of them, and when it's off, you won't be able to see them in your minimap. Now, I want you to blindfold yourself, but make it that you can still use the minimap on your vision gear. While blindfolded, with the help of your vision gear, shoot these training dummies when it's on, with your bow," Kain said, passing me a black cloth, a bow and some arrows.
    "Alright," I said. I followed Kain to the training yard, and I stood at the middle, blindfolding myself. I prepared my bow, and waited for the icons to appear at my minimap.
    "3, 2, 1, GO!!!" Kain shouted, switching on the first dummy. A green icon appeared in my minimap. I aimed for its direction, and let go of my bow...
    The green icon has faded in my minimap, I think I must've shot the dummy. A few more green icons appeared again, and I shot down those dummies again. After shooting down all the dummies, I took off the cloth at my eyes, and said, "Too easy."
    "Well done, but don't get too proud easily," Kain said, taking off the arrows from the dummies.
    "Anyway, I still don't know how to craft arrows, which is a shame because I still depend on the skeletons for their arrows..." I said.
    "Hmm... You'll need some feathers, sticks and flint. To collect flint, you'll need to dig them out from gravel," Kain said.
    "It's some sort of rocky-sand structure. I hope you've brought your shovel with you."
    "Yes, I have," I said, taking out my shovel.
    "Then let's go."

    Unknown cave, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 10:45a.m.

    We walked to a cave, and found some gravel inside it. We grabbed our shovels, and began to work. We hardly dug up the flint from the gravel because of their thick layers. After for a while, we successfully collected some flint, and used them to craft some arrows. Suddenly, we heard some voices from the cave...
    GRRR!!! PSSSSS!!! CRACK!!!
    "Monsters! Stick, prepare to fight!" Kain shouted, preparing his bow.
    "We don't have enough arrows to fight them, and my iron sword is nearly broken!" I said. "Go and mine some coal now! I'll cover you!"
    I quickly went out from cover, and ran to the coal ore. Kain fired his arrows as accurately as he could, trying to keep the monsters away from me. I mined some coal, and quickly ran back to Kain. I passed the coal to Kain, and asked, "What are you going to do with the coal now?"
    "Defend this site. I'm crafting something," Kain said. I grabbed a few arrows, and shot those monsters. Suddenly, I found out that I've ran out of arrows, so I jumped out and tried to slay them with my sword instead.
    "No! Don't!" Kain shouted.

    "We won't last longer if I don't do this!" I shouted. I slashed those monsters with my sword easily, but they won't fall back at all. Suddenly, a new zombie appeared... It's slightly larger than a regular zombie, and its arms are larger too...
    "Stick! Fall back! You can't kill this Brutal Zombie easily with your sword!" Kain shouted again.
    "Not today! ARRRGH!!!" I furiously shouted, charging towards that Brute. I slashed it hard with my sword, but my sword broke on impact. The Brute looked at me, and slammed my helmet away, and I was knocked down to the ground. I tried to crawl back to Kain, but the Brute stomped on my legs, causing me unable to move.
    "GRRRRR!!!" the Brute growled at me.
    "Ugh! Help! Let go of me!" I shouted. Suddenly...
    "GRRR!!!" the Brute shouted. It's on fire now! It let go of me, and ran away from me. "Stick! Hit its back now!" Kain shouted. I got up, and ran for the Brute. I jumped and chopped its head with my iron axe. It roared in pain, and collapsed to the ground.
    "Stick! Come here!" Kain shouted again. I quickly ran back to him. He passed me a few arrows, and said, "I replaced flint with coal to make fire arrows, use them wisely!"
    We shot those monsters with our new arrows, burning any of them who tried to come to us. After for a while, we managed to kill all the monsters inside the cave.
    "That was a long battle," I said.
    "Yeah, at least we did it. By the way, where's your helmet?" Kain asked, pointing at my head.
    I quickly went to search for my helmet. In the end, I have found it, but it was broken... We looted stuff from all the dead bodies, and left the cave.

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 11:30a.m.

    I went back to my house after the battle. I was so tired that I lied down on my bed upon entering the house.
    "Nick! You're finally home!" Luna said.

    "Yeah... Your cousin dragged me to Red's house, and I got this. Now, I'm sleepy..." I said, pointing at the vision gear on my head.
    "Aww... Get some rest," Luna said.
    "Thanks..." I said, dozing off.

    Chapter 3: The Mysterious Cage
    I never knew how these monsters appear, until I saw this... Why is it here? Who placed this?
    (Friend of ProStickman,

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011: 8:15p.m.

    "Stick! Wake up! You're sleeping too early!" Jaime said, pulling my pillow away.
    "Huh? How long have I slept?" I asked.
    "Since afternoon," Luna said.
    "Damn. I have wasted too much time," I said, getting out from my bed, I crafted a new iron sword, and headed to Red's house for dinner.

    Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 8:20p.m.

    "Welcome back! I made chicken chop for you!" Cupquake said.
    "Hell yeah! I'm very hungry because I skipped lunch..." I said.
    All of us sat around the dining table, and begun to have dinner. It was a very good meal, but suddenly...
    "What was that?" I asked.
    "I heard something outside!" Red said.
    "This is not good..." Athena said.
    "Stick and Jaime, go out and investigate what is going on. My wife and I will take care of the girls," Red said again.
    "Roger that," I said.

    Kain's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 8:40p.m.

    We quickly ran to Kain's house to ask him for help. However, the door was locked, so we stood there and waited.
    "Good gracious guys! I was about to tell you something urgent!" Kain said, moving towards us in his wheelchair.
    "What happened? Did you hear that loud noise just now?" Jaime asked.
    "Just now, I heard where the sound was coming from, so I went to its direction to find out what's going on. To my surprise, I found out that a lot of trees had collapsed, right in front of the cave! I went to take a closer look, and I saw tons of monsters inside, so I quickly left the scene," Kain said, unlocking his house door.
    "Impossible! I thought we had killed all of them just now!" I said.
    "Monsters spawn naturally, but I've never seen a spawning rate like this before... I'm afraid that there's a large number of Brutal Zombies to kill..." Kain said again.
    "So, what are we going to do now?" Jaime asked.
    "We are going to kill all of them, and explore the cave. But before that, you're getting new weapons."
    "COOL!!!" both of us said, with excitement. We walked into Kain's house, and saw a few weapons that we had not seen before. I picked the battleaxe, katana and flail. Jaime picked the halberd, spear and warhammer. Kain picked his crossbow and boomerang as he cannot melee. After gearing up, we headed to the cave for our next battle.

    Unknown cave, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 9:10p.m.

    "Kain, make sure you don't get attacked," I said.
    "Because we can melee, but you can't. You'll have to provide support us, by killing enemies from afar. And for one last thing, DO NOT let enemies come to you."
    "You worry too much, young wanderer."
    We continued to walk towards the cave, but we hid behind a tree before engaging the enemies. "How do I kill a Brute in the easy way?" I asked.
    Your flail. It's a good weapon to knock them dizzy, then chop their heads with the battleaxe. The katana is just a backup weapon to slice smaller enemies quickly.," Kain explained.
    "And what about me?" Jaime asked.
    "Use your warhammer to daze them, and stab them with your halberd. Your spear can also attack enemies from a distance. When surrounded by enemies, charge up your warhammer to deliver a shockwave, knocking enemies away from you and damaging them," Kain explained again.
    "So when do we strike them?"
    Wielding a katana, I swiftly dashed towards the monsters, and sliced them. Jaime held his warhammer, and squashed the spiders that were irritating him. Kain provided cover for us by firing his crossbow bolts at the skeletons. We approached the cave slowly, pushing through the horde of monsters. Suddenly...
    "GRRR!!!" a loud voice came from the woods. The whole place was shaking, and I nearly fell down due to the unstable movement. A lot of trees collapsed at a sudden, and...
    "SHIIIT!!!Brutes everywhere!" I shouted, carefully approaching towards the Brutes. I raised my flail, and swung it at one of them, then chopped its head with my battleaxe. Suddenly, a crossbow bolt flew beside me, hitting another Brute's leg, causing it to kneel down. I looked behind, and said, "Old man, you could've shot me!" I jumped forward and chopped its head off, and added, "But thanks for that shot."
    "You're welcome," Kain said, throwing his boomerang at the Brute's head. Jaime went ahead, and whacked a Brute's head with his warhammer, then slashed its back hard with his halberd, causing it to fall down. Another Brute tried to grab him, but it was stabbed in the hand by Jaime's spear, then its head was ripped off by his halberd.
    "Jaime, duck!" Kain shouted. A boomerang flew towards him, he ducked it and found that a zombie was knocked out by it. He turned around and said, "Kain! Watch out for me next time!" "No, watch yourself now! Duck again!"
    Jaime looked behind, and was shocked to see the boomerang flying towards him again. He quickly fell down to the ground before it could hit him. "Damn..." he added, "That was close..." The flail was heavier than I thought. My arms were strained, and I felt exhausted. Suddenly, a lot of Brutes came for me, and I was surrounded. Using my final energy, I swung the flail in round, smashing every single Brute that were surrounding me. In the end, my hands were too tired until the flail slipped from my hands, sending it to fly away. It also successfully tangled another Brute's legs, causing it to fall down in front of Jaime.
    "Stick!" he stabbed the Brute's head, adding, "You could've got me squashed!"
    "Whoops, sorry about that," I said, retrieving my flail. Suddenly, I saw a Brute heading towards Kain! "Jaime! Quick! Let's stop that Brute!" I said again, pointing at that Brute. We swiftly ran to hunt down that Brute, but a bunch of creepers were trying to stop us...
    Jaime leaped out, while raising his warhammer, then smashed the ground to deliver a massive shockwave, causing all the creepers to die.
    "I AM THOR!!!" he shouted. I gave him a mean look, then said, "Please... You're not the God of Thunder. Besides, your warhammer is not the Mjolnir, OK?"
    "Dude? The Brute is getting too close to Kain! We are not going to make it!"
    "Lend me your spear."
    "Make sure that it's a sure-shot!" Jaime said, passing his spear to me. I ran as fast as I could, then I jumped and threw the spear at the Brute, shouting, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" The spear flew as fast as it could towards the Brute. We prayed that Kain will be safe and the spear will hit the Brute's head... To my surprise...
    The spear didn't just stabbed its head, but it also pierced through its head too! The Brute shrieked in terror, then it collapsed, presuming dead. I went over to pick up the spear, and gave it back to Jaime, but he said, "I was shocked... Your enormous power had made the spear pierced through its head, thus killing it... Keep the spear for yourself..."
    "Then take my katana as an exchange," I said, passing my katana to Jaime.
    "Young wanderer, since when do you have such power?"
    "I... I don't know... I'm just a weak teenager..."
    "You seem very thin, but such devastating power is very impossible to come out from a person like you."
    "I guess... I think this is n-normal, r-right?"
    But I lied to them. I have secrets that cannot be exposed to anyone else. We stopped talking, and walked into the cave.

    Inside the cave, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 9:30p.m.

    "This place looks creepy," Jaime said, looking at his surroundings.
    "But if you want some ores, you'll definitely need to come here," I said, holding my pickaxe.
    "Now it's not the time to mine! Our priority is to find out what's going on!" Kain said, taking my pickaxe away. I grunted, while holding a torch and leading the way. Suddenly, I heard some water splashed in front, and asked, "Did you just hear that?"
    "I think someone else is there... Or--" Jaime said, but was interrupted by Kain, "No. Should be some monster fell into a puddle of water, maybe we can find out."
    We quickly went towards that direction, and we were shocked to find out that a Brute was standing there. We quickly hid behind a stone pillar, and Jaime quietly whispered, "What are we going to do now? Kill it together, or--"
    "I'll take the other way. ARRRRGH!!!" I interrupted him, furiously throwing my spear at the Brute's head. The spear pierced through its head like just now, and killed it instantly. I went over to retrieve my spear, but I felt a pain sensation in my arm...
    "Ugh!" I yelped, holding my right arm with my left hand.
    "What's the matter?" Jaime asked.
    "Nothing... I just strained my right arm..."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Y-yeah... I g-guess..."
    I lied again. There was a red mark on my right arm, and it suddenly glowed, so I quickly covered it up before they could see the mark. Suddenly...
    "Did you hear that?" I asked.
    "Yeah... It's coming from behind a wall," Jaime said.
    Kain didn't say anything. He just went to the walls to take a closer look.
    "Stick," he passed me my pickaxe, adding, "Mine this wall. You'll be amused."
    "See this wall? It's not a stone one, but a cobblestone one. Some of the tiles even have moss on them."
    I mined the first block on the wall, and I heard a sound again...
    "I hear it! It's coming from here!" I said.
    "But what are the zombies doing inside here?" Jaime asked, peeking into the small room. "Let's find out," I said, mining the wall. After that, we went inside, and killed the zombies there. Inside the room, there are two chests, and an unusual cage. I looked at the cage, and found out that a miniature zombie is floating and rolling inside.
    "What are you looking at?" Jaime asked.
    "Look at this, do you think that this has something to do with the spawning rate of monsters?"
    "Hmm... I think so..."
    The cage suddenly rumbled. The miniature zombie was rolling faster than it was just now. "Curses!" Kain added, "This is a monster spawner!"
    "What?!" I said.
    The spawner is rumbling faster and harder.
    "Quick! Destroy it with your pickaxe now!"
    I quickly mined the spawner with my pickaxe, but suddenly...
    Two zombies suddenly spawned in front of md, and one of them pushed me to the ground, and pinned me. I struggled hard as I didn't want to be bitten, but the zombie was too heavy for me to escape...
    "Stick! Grab this!" Kain shouted, firing a crossbow bolt onto the floor next to me. I grabbed it and pulled it out, then stabbed the zombie's head many times until it died. Jaime used his katana, and sliced the other zombie's head off.
    "You OK?" Kain asked.
    "Yes. Thanks," I said, mining the spawner. After for a while, the spawner is destroyed. We opened the chests, and found a saddle, some iron ingots, a few melon seeds, and a new item, redstone. We quickly left the room, and escaped from the cave.

    Kain's House, Island of ProStickman:
    8 September 2011, 10:00p.m.

    We pushed Kain back to his house, and were about to go home.
    "Stick, do you know what is redstone?" Kain asked.
    "I don't know. I found this junk for the first time."

    "It's not junk! You can use redstone as a source for electricity!"
    "Really? If yes I'll need them... My vision gear has ran out of battery..."
    "Take these," Kain passed me a few recipes.
    "Thanks," I said, looking at the recipes, which allows me to craft levers, buttons, pressure plates, redstone torches, redstone repeaters and pistons.
    We bid goodbye to Kain, and went home to sleep.

    Chapter 4: Advanced Mining
    My cousin likes to build, so she always send me to go mining. Sigh... I wish that someone will accompany me, so that I'll feel safer... The monsters inside the caves are freaking me out...

    (Friend of ProStickman,
    Cousin of Luna,

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    9 September 2011, 8:00a.m.



    "Nick? I'm awake now."


    "Shh... Jaime is still asleep. He's snoring like a pig, though..."

    I opened my eyes, and I saw Athena looking at me.

    "What do you want?" I asked.

    "I want to go mining, but everyone is still asleep, except you and I. Can you accompany me? Please~" Athena said.

    "Alright... I need some redstone too..."

    I got out from my bed, and grabbed my tools and my recharged vision gear, then brought Athena to the cave.

    Inside the cave, Island of ProStickman:
    9 September 2011, 8:30a.m.

    "Athena, this is the cave where I have been yesterday."

    "Wow! No wonder there are a lot of torches here."

    "Yeah... Kain, Jaime and I fought a hard battle here last night."

    We went into the deeper part of the cave, mining every single ore that we see. We found tons of coal, iron ores and even gold ores, which actually made me happy because I have mined gold ores for the first time.

    "I can't believe that we mined a fortune here," Athena said.

    "Yeah, but I have not found any redstone yet..." I said, looking at my surroundings.

    "Don't worry. I'm sure that you'll find them."

    We continued to head deeper into the cave to look for redstone, and that's when we had ran out of torches. However, I decided not to leave the cave until I have mined some redstone.

    "Nick... Actually, I have something to tell you..."

    "What is it?"

    "I think Luna is jealous of me... She said that I'm always following you, and that's why I called you to bring me here because she wasn't willing to..."

    I stood there silently, then asked, "Why?"

    "Because... Luna actually likes you..."

    "WHAT!?" I shouted with exclamation, then added, "I can't believe this..."

    "It's true. She actually regretted saying that on that night."

    "But how did you know?"

    "Aww c'mon... The both of us are very close like sisters."

    "But aren't both of you cousins?"

    "Yup, anyway Luna hates her own brother very much. So, yeah..."

    "I see, but I can't--"


    Before I could finish my sentence, something (a creeper, maybe) exploded behind me, sending me flying towards Athena and knocked her down.

    "Ugh!" she moaned, adding, "Your iron armor is such a pain..."

    "Sorry... Are you OK?" I asked.

    "I'm alright, what about you?"

    "Feeling itchy.Itchy to kill some annoying monsters."

    I gave Athena my battleaxe, and went in front to face the monsters, and said to them, "Bring it on." Wielding my spear, I performed martial arts on those pesky monsters, like spinning my spear to slash them, stabbing them repeatly with my spear, or kicking them while I'm holding my spear which is stabbed to the ground.

    Athena chopped the monsters with the battleaxe, but it suddenly broke, leaving her defenceless. She was exploded by a creeper, sending her flying, and she knocked into a wall. The impact was so great that the gravel that was stuck on top has collapsed on her.

    Seeing Athena got buried, I was angered, and shouted, "ATHENAAAAA!!!" I raised my flail, and attacked the monsters with my fury. Even the Brute Force couldn't stand up to me, because I swung my flail in rounds again and smashed their heads off. After defeating all the monsters, I hurried to Athena's location, and dug up the gravel with my shovel. Despite of getting her out, my strength suddenly made me to smash those gravel quickly, and my right arm was starting to lose control...

    I dug until I found her hand, then I pulled her out with all my force. Fortunately, I was able to rescue her, rendering her still alive. Athena cough a few time, then she hugged me.

    "Nick, I don't know what will happen if I have died... Thanks for saving me..."

    I stood still, feeling very awkward, and I could only stare at her. Suddenly, I caught something in my eye, then I said, "Athena, I think I have found it."

    "Huh? Found what?"


    She stopped hugging me (which I felt comfortable now because she was hugging me too hard), then I walked to the ore. It's a stone, with some red shards inside. I mined it, and five redstones came out from its ore. I continued to mine the other ores, and in the end I have 40 redstones on my hand.

    "Nick! Look what I've found!" Athena shouted. I walked back to her, only to find out that she discovered a new ore. It's a stone, with some dark blue shards inside. She mined the ore, and it turned out that the ore is lapis lazuli ore. We mined a few lapis ores, which made us richer by tons of lapis lazuli's.

    After we finished mining, the cave suddenly rumbled. I could hear thumping voices not far from us, so I checked my minimal, and found out that a big red icon is coming towards us. Suddenly, the walls in front of us collapsed, and an unusual Brute came out from there!


    "Nick! Let's get out of here!"

    I grabbed Athena's hand, and we quickly ran away from the Brute. However, it's trying to catch us, and it crashed the walls wherever it's running to. Suddenly, the top of the cave became very unstable, until stone blocks were falling apart and they tried to fall onto our heads. As we nearly got to the exit, the Brute charged towards us with its full energy!

    I let go of Athena's hand, and told her, "Get out now! I have to slow it down, or both of us will die!" Athena ran away, and said, "You have to leave with me now! The cave will collapse at anytime! I don't want you to die!"

    "I DON'T CARE!!! GO NOW!!!" I furiously shouted, swinging my flail. As the Brute was rushing towards me, I knew it was a decision between life and death. Athena already went out the cave, but I can see her looking at me, while praying that I'll be alive. The stones are collapsing everywhere around me and the Brute is right in front of me soon. I could feel my sweat running down my body, my heart was beating faster than it was. I let go of my flail, sending it flying...


    My flail has tangled its legs, causing it to trip over and fall down. I quickly ran out from the cave before it could fall apart and kill me. As I was already at the exit, I quickly made my way out by dive-rolling because the exit was collapsing.

    "Are you OK?" Athena asked, helping me to get up.

    "Yes, at least I think it's dead," I said, standing up. I turned around and was shocked to see that the cave, was no longer a cave anymore. Stones and rocks are everywhere on top of it, and we can no longer go in the cave anymore.

    "Let's go home now," Athena said.

    I nodded, then we walked back home.

    Chapter 5: Agriculture Mechanics
    Meat isn't good when you eat too much of it everyday! Why not eat some organic food to balance yourself?

    (Famous YouTuber,
    Wife of Red,
    iHasCupquake, talking to ProStickman)

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    9 September 2011, 10:30p.m.

    "Wow, that was a great dinner," I said, opening my front door.

    "Yeah, and you ate a lot of chicken..." Luna said.

    "Nick, you look drunk..." Athena said, looking at my face.

    "That was Coke, not beer... Anyway, what's the party for again?" I asked.

    "Ugh, you must be drunk. I'll tell you again: You defeated the leader of the Brutal Zombies," Jaime said.

    "I don't have his head now. I could've got myself killed if I was greedy for it," I said again, looking at my empty hands.

    "But at least you're a hero, I say, a hero to the damsel in distress," Jaime said again, patting on my back.

    "What?" I asked.

    "You don't know? You saved Athena, and now she thinks that you're her hero. Well done!" Jaime said, looking at Athena. I gave him a mean look, while gesturing him to shut up. Luna didn't say anything at all. As for Athena, she's blushing real hard, and it looked like she was finding something to cover her face.

    "What? Did I say anything wrong?" Jaime asked, looking at us.

    "Yes," I said, pointing my middle finger at him.

    After for a while, all of us went back to our rooms to sleep. However, I felt uncomfortable as I had a stomach ache, so I rolled on my bed repeatedly because of the pain... Suddenly, I rolled until I accidentally fell down from my bed...

    "UGHHH!!!" I yelped in pain.

    "Stick! What's wrong with you?" Jaime shouted from upstairs.

    "Stomach problems..."

    "Go drink some water, then go to sleep. You've ate too much meat today."

    I crawled to the table to get my bottle, and drank up the water. Beside me is Hunter, and he's sleeping next to his water bowl now. I quickly tiptoed back to my bed, or else he will bark at me for trying to disturb him...

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    10 September 2011, 8:15a.m.

    I woke up, feeling better than last night. Hunter is already awake, too, so I went to my chest to grab breakfast for him. Inside my chest, there are tons of rotten flesh which belonged to Hunter's meals, and some meat that I eat everyday. Feeling a sense of guilt for feeding Hunter with rotten flesh everyday, I gave him my cooked porkchop instead. I guess, it's better for me not to eat meat today, and I think he seems happier with the porkchop, compared to rotten flesh (it won't cause food poisoning to him, for some reason).

    "Nick, up so early?" Luna asked, coming in to my room.

    "Yes. Where are you going?" I asked.

    "To Cupquake's. Wanna come with me?"

    "Alright, let's go."

    She's holding a hoe and some seeds, so I asked, "We are going to Cupquake's to farm?"

    "Yeah. She needs my help. You can help if you want, and maybe spend some time with me, too," she said, winking at me.

    "Err... OK..." I awkwardly said, crafting an iron hoe. After that, I followed Luna out.

    Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    10 September 2011, 10:30a.m.

    "Hi Luna! You're here and Stick came with you to help me too?" Cupquake asked. "Yup. Just doing my job," I said.

    "Alright, I need a 17 x 17 area to start my farm. Fence the area with me."

    We crafted a lot of fences, and carried them to a suitable place to start our work. We set up the fences one by one, covering the 17 x 17 area as fast as we could. After placing all the fences, I placed a fence gate in the middle.

    "Done. What's next?" Luna and I asked.

    "Hmm... I'll need a 15 x 15 area inside this 17 x 17 area. I need 8 rows of tilted land, and 7 rows of water. The outside border is for me to walk," Cupquake said again.

    Luna and I gathered some dirt, and we replaced the sandy land with it. I dug up 7 rows of dirt away to fill the rows with water later, while Luna and Cupquake tilted the soil using their hoes. After that, we grabbed buckets of water to the farm, and filled up the empty rows with water.

    "Wow, I'm tired," Luna said, panting as she was exhausted.

    "Well, I think it's finished. I can plant the crops by myself. Thanks!" Cupquake said. "But, I think you'll feel tired if you need to plant and collect 120 crops whenever you need to. Maybe I can help out," I said. "You do? But how?" Cupquake asked.

    "Later you'll know. Luna, let's go home, I need to bring some stuff here." I said, heading back home.

    "Wait for me!" Luna shouted.

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    10 September 2011, 10:15a.m.

    "Nick, what are you planning on now?" Luna asked.

    "Maybe if I can build a contraption filled with infinite water, and when activated, it will push the crops towards us. Like this, Cupquake won't need to harvest all the crops by herself anymore," I said, sitting on my crafting table.

    "A machine?" Luna asked again.

    "Yes, maybe I'll need some pistons, and redstone-related stuff," I said again, gathering some ingredients out from my chest. I crafted 15 pistons (which has took away a large number of redstones) to begin my project.

    Before we went out, I said, "Luna, bring me some blocks, levers and redstone along. I need them to build the machine." After Luna got the stuff out from my chest, we headed back to Cupquake's.

    Cupquake's Farm, Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    10 September 2011, 10:45a.m.

    Cupquake has already waited us for a long time. She was sitting on the fence, waiting for us to come back.
    "Sorry to keep you waiting," I said, dropping my pistons on the ground, and added, "These pistons are extremely heavy..."
    "It's OK. What are you going to do now? And what are the pistons for?" Cupquake asked.
    "He's going to build a machine. Have you planted your crops yet?" Luna asked.
    "Yes, and I think they will grow up very fast."
    "Let's get to work. Unfortunately, we need to elevate some parts of the soil in order for my machine to work. I think doing this may damage the crops..." I said.
    "Why?" Cupquake asked.
    "Because water can only flow for 7 blocks. If I don't elevate them, then the water will never reach all the crops..."
    So that's when we got to work. We destroyed the back fences, then elevated the lands by one or two blocks higher. I wanted to start building the machine, but I found out that I have insufficient redstones, so I had to borrow some redstone and redstone repeaters from Red. Once I have got them, I set up the piston contraption, and attached a lever to it. After that, I switched on the machine, and surely enough, the piston heads were extended.
    "OK... What's this?" Cupquake asked.
    "Wait, I'm not done yet," I said, grabbing some blocks to surround the machine. I left a wide opening so that the water can flow out from my machine. After that, I poured water into the water storage in the machine, leaving the piston heads extended as I don't want the water to flow out yet.
    "Finished! Now let's wait for the crops to grow," I said.
    "That will be two days in Minecraft time," Luna explained.
    "Much better. I heard that it can take months to harvest in paddy in my country..."

    Cupquake's Farm, Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 10:00a.m.

    Two days later...

    Luna and I went back to Cupquake's farm, hoping to see that the crops have grown up already. When we reached the farm, Cupquake was already waiting for us.

    "Welcome back!" Cupquake said.

    "Thanks," I said. "Ready to harvest your crops now?"


    "Alright, pull down the lever now," I said, pointing at the lever. Cupquake pulled down the lever, and water was flowing out from the machine. The water washed away all the crops on the soil, and they were pushed towards us by the water. We picked up all the crops, and placed them into a basket.

    "Thanks you! Both of you have helped my farm to be more convenient! Here, grab a melon home, you both deserve it!" Cupquake said happily, carrying a watermelon out from the basket.

    "Thanks for the watermelon!" I said, carrying the watermelon from her hands. After that, Luna and I bid goodbye to Cupquake, and we went home.

    Chapter 6: The Lighthouse
    Some nights, I will look outside my window, staring at the moon. I wish I can build some building to let me look at the moon outside my house, and also to help you search for your brothers...

    (Friend of ProStickman,
    Cousin of Athena,
    Luna, talking to ProStickman)

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 11:00a.m.

    I opened my chest, and found out that there are MASSIVE TONS of cobblestones inside. I took out the blocks, and I was about to walk outside. Suddenly, I accidentally tripped over Hunter's bowl, and I fell down, dropping all the blocks onto the floor.

    "WHAT THE FUUUCK!!!" I shouted furiously, cursing as much as I could under my breath. Hunter might have saw me being extremely furious, so he stayed away from me before I will throw his bowl at his head. I picked up the blocks one by one, feeling very frustrated, while ranting about the mess he caused -- Hunter caused so I'll have to clean up the mess all by myself.

    "Let me help you," a voice came behind me. I looked behind, and found out that Luna was standing behind me. She helped me to pick up the cobblestones that were scattered on the floor.
    "Thanks," I said.

    "You're welcome. May I know what are you going to do with these blocks?" Luna asked.

    "They're tons of rubbish. I've decided to dispose them into the sea, as I don't need them anymore."

    "NO! Give them to me! I need these!" Luna exclaimed, taking all the cobblestones away from me. "Don't you know that cobblestones are useful as building resources?"

    "I... I already built a small cobblestone mansion... Isn't that enough?" I asked.

    "Aww c'mon, I'm a builder, and I know what to build."

    Outside ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 11:15a.m.

    "Now tell me, what are we building?" I asked.

    "A lighthouse. I hope that a random ship will pass by this island and see the illumination from this lighthouse. Then, we are saved!" Luna said, placing the blocks on the beach. I placed the blocks to make the walls, but as soon I built them higher, I noticed that I was standing on top of them. For now, I'm stuck on top, and I couldn't get down.

    "Luna? Can you hear me?" I shouted from above.

    "What's the matter?" Luna shouted from below.

    "I think I'm stuck... I can't get down!"

    "Hmm... Jump into the sea beside this tower?"

    "OF COURSE NOT!!! There are squids inside, you forgotten?"

    "Sigh... Nick, just wait for me..."

    "Alright... I guess I should build the top floor instead..."

    I continued to build the walls to the top, then built the floors on top, leaving a large gap so that Luna could build the stairs up here. When I have finished building it, I begun to feel bored, so I looked downstairs, shouting, "Luna, are you done yet? I'm getting bored here!"

    "Geez, can't you just wait? I'm halfway finished," Luna said, continuing to build the stairs. I was a little bit disappointed of her answer, so I decided not to disturb her, and went to shoot my arrows into the sea. Killing those squids with my arrows satisfies me a lot, because I love to see the squids dead. After I have ran out of arrows, I went to look at Luna again, and surely enough, she already reached up to me.

    "Done already, huh?" I asked.

    "Yup. Now let's build the lamp?" Luna asked.

    "Alright. Unfortunately, I don't have any redstone left..." I said, looking at my empty hands.

    "Ugh, why not let's ask Red for help?" Luna asked again.

    "Let's go." I said, walking to the stairs.

    Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011. 2:30p.m.

    "Red?" I called, knocking on his front door.

    There was a silence.

    "Red! Open the door! We need your help!" I called again, knocking on the door harder.

    "Shhh!!! Red is sleeping now!" Jane whispered loudly, while opening the door to let us in. I quickly sat on the couch, looking exhausted and thirsty.

    "Jane, get us some Coke," I said. Jane went to the kitchen and brought two glasses of Coke for us. I quickly drank the whole glass of Coke as I was exhausted.

    "Brother, very thirsty, huh?" Jane asked.

    "Yeah... Luna and I were building a lighthouse just now, and we don't have any redstone to build the lamp. Say, that Mario sleeps during the afternoon everyday?" I asked.

    "Nope, he's just tired today. He taught me how to craft some electrical appliances just now, and that's why he felt a bit tired today, and went to take a nap..." Jane said.

    "What electrical appliances did he taught you to craft?" Luna asked, drinking the last gulp of Coke she had.

    "Hmm... He didn't really taught me to craft them, it's just the parts only, you know, wires, circuits, LEDs, batteries, bulbs, and--"

    "Hold on, did you just say 'bulbs'? We need those," I interrupted Jane before she could explain everything.

    "Well, I can give you the recipes. I don't know why Red taught me to craft these parts... I'm not an electrician or a mechanic or an engineer or something..." Jane said, passing the recipes to me.

    "Thanks SIs," I said. "Come on Luna, let's get back to work.

    The Lighthouse, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 2,45p.m.

    We gathered our crafting ingredients, and placed them on the crafting table.
    "Glass panes and some iron ingots for the bulbs, redstone and iron ingots for the circuits, and some leather and redstone for the wiring system... Seems pretty complicated," I said to myself.

    "But I thought you have no more redstone?" Luna asked.
    "Not a problem. Jane already gave me all the parts and some redstone before we left the house," I said, grabbing a bulb in my hand. I crafted some extra bulbs, wires and circuits, and begun to build the lamp. Luna built a platform so that I can install the lamp later.
    "All done.Ready to install the lamp?" Luna asked.
    "Yeah. I've just finished building it," I said. We grabbed the lamp to the platform, and carefully installed the lamp onto it. I connected the wires to the switch, and pulled down the lever...
    "Wow... It's so bright..." Luna exclaimed.
    The lamp is shining brightly on us now. We moved away from the lamp to let the light shine through the mist. I walked to the wall guard, and looked at the sea. Suddenly, I noticed something far away... "Luna, will you look at this..." I said, pointing at the direction.
    "What do you see?" Luna asked.
    "Another island..."

    Chapter 7: Armored Brutal Zombie
    You got to be kidding me! I thought the whole cave collapsed onto him! Now he's gonna wreck havoc onto what we have built all these months!

    (Leader of Strike Force PS,
    ProStickman, talking to Red)

    Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 8:15p.m.

    "Dinner time!" Cupquake said, bringing out the food from the kitchen.
    "Yay! Cupquake's cooking is the best!" Jane cheered.
    All of us sat down at the dining table, and begun to have dinner. We talked about the lighthouse Luna and I built, and Red was very proud of us. The dinner was very great, too, but suddenly...
    "What is that?" Jane asked, pointing to the window.
    "I don't know... Everyone, outside the house now!" Red commanded. We quickly got out from our seats and dashed towards the door.

    Outside Red's House, Island of ProStickman:
    12 September 2011, 8:45p.m.

    "Oh My God! What is this Brute doing here?" Jaime asked. I carefully looked at the Brute, and it seemed quite familiar to me. Suddenly, I had a flashback about the Brutes I had encountered these few days, and realized something, saying, "No... It can't be..."
    "Stick, what's going on? You know why is this Brute here?" Red asked nervously.
    "It's the leader of the Brutal Zombies... I outran it at the cave during the time I brought Athena there to mine redstone... I saw the whole cave collapsed on him, and I thought he's supposed to be dead meat now!" I said again, raising my newly crafted battleaxe.
    "ROARRRRR!!!" The Brute roared, adding, "MY NAME IS ARMORED BRUTAL ZOMBIE!!! Humans, you shall perish today, and become our daily meals forever! PREPARE TO GET SLAUGHTERED!!! ROOOOOARRRRR!!!" The roars from his voice were too loud, causing the entire ground to become unstable, and all of us fell down.
    "Gentlemen, kill him!" I shouted, getting back up my feet. We let out our famous battlecry(YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!) and charged towards the Brute. I grabbed my battleaxe and slashed him heavily a few times onto his body, but he swiftly snatched it away and broke it before I could land another hit onto his head. Jaime quickly stabbed Armored Brute's hand before he could grab me, and slashed his right arm a few times too, but the Brute snatched his halberd away and broke it too.

    "Parabatai, Jaime. We have the same fate," I said.
    "Yeah. We lost our weapons in the same way. Farewell, maybe?" Jaime said.
    We raised our hands so that we could fake a surrender to Armored Brute. "Not enough? Red," I shouted, "Bring me a white flag!" Armored Brute didn't seem too happy with our 'surrender', but he was enraged instead, and charged towards Red's house.
    "Stick! Jaime! Hold him off for a while! I'm going upstairs to test my secret weapon onto him!" Red shouted, throwing me his iron sword, and quickly ran into his house. I gave a signal to Jaime, and he quickly leaped high, and smashed the ground with his warhammer, delivering a massive shockwave to Armored Brute. The shockwave dealt a heavy blow against him which made him to stop running, and he was knocked back until he fell down.
    "GRRRRR!!!" Armored Brute shouted, trying to get back on his feet. As he was struggling right in front of Red's house, the window on the top floor suddenly swung open, and a new contraption came out from it.
    "Say hello to my new friend!" Red shouted from above. "Gatling Dispenser, go!" Red switched on the machine, and a lot of arrows were fired out from it. The arrows were poured out like rain, and they showered onto Armored Brute's body. The massive amount of arrows were stabbed to his body, causing him to bleed profusely.
    "UGHHH!!! You think that I have enough time to play with your stupid toys? It's so tiny until it cannot kill me! ROARRRRR!!!" Armored Brute let out a mighty roar again, causing the arrows to fly back in the opposite direction. Red quickly closed his windows before his own arrows could stab him instead. As Armored Brute was enraged for the second time, his body was suddenly fortified by iron armor, causing the remaining arrows to be deflected away instead. He stood up, and shouted again, "THIS IS MY TRUE FORM!!! You thought that a 1000-pound cave could collapse and lead to my death? You're wrong! MY ARMOR IS STRONG, AND YOU CANNOT STOP ME NOW!!! ROOOARRRRR!!!" He raised his hand, and was about to smash Red's house into bits...

    “Oh no you don’t!” I shouted, throwing my spear with my full power towards his hand. The spear stabbed his hand, which made him jerked his hand back. “You want a piece of me right? Come and get me!” I taunted him, while running away from Red’s house. Armored Brute was so angry that he chased me and left Red’s house.
    “Nick! I’m going to the lighthouse!” Luna shouted.
    “Wait! Wha—“ I tried to finish my sentence, but Armored Brute stood behind me and let out a fierce roar. I turned around, dual wielded my iron swords, and dashed towards him. “Spin Slash!” I shouted, spinning myself and slashing his armor, then performed an X-slash as the finishing blow. However, it didn’t affect him a lot. The only thing I succeeded is that I left a lot of scratches on his armor. Armored Brute stomped the ground, causing the ground to shake which made me fell down. He lifted his leg, and he was about to stomp me like stomping a cockroach…
    “Stop right there!” Red shouted, firing arrows from his bow. Armored Brute turned around, and charged towards Red, leaving me alone. Red fired his arrows as fast as he could, despite knowing that the arrows were deflected away because of his armor. As soon Red fired his last arrow, he quickly retreated. Jaime aided him by leaping forward, and delivered a blow to Armored Brute with his warhammer. Unfortunately, the armor reflected the shockwave, sending Jaime and Red flying away. Both of them landed on the ground, and Armored Brute approached them, and grabbed the both of them with his gigantic hands.
    “HAHAHAHA!!! My armor is… INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! DIE NOW, FOOLISH HUMANS!!!” Armored Brute shouted furiously, trying to eat Red and Jaime. Suddenly…
    A ray of white light shone onto us, it’s coming from the lighthouse! Now I realized that Luna is trying to distract Armored Brute away from us, and Armored Brute let go of Red and Jaime, then rushed towards the lighthouse.
    "Wait... Luna is in danger now!" I said. We quickly chased Armored Brute but he was too fast to catch up... Suddenly, two spears flew out from nowhere, and stabbed both of his legs, causing him to fall down. We looked from afar, and found out that Kain was there, sitting on his wheelchair with a new weapon.
    "Kain! Glad to have you in the battle!" I shouted.
    "Young man, get up and stab his head now! You do know that he's not wearing a helmet! Quickly do it before he gets up again!" Kain shouted.
    "Right! I'm on it!" I shouted again, then ran towards Armored Brute, who's lying face down on the ground. I ran on top on his body and jumped high, and stabbed his head hard upon landing on his body. Armored Brute let out a roar in pain, struggling painfully before his death. After for a while, he stopped struggling, and his head collapsed to the ground. Armored Brutal Zombie is dead.
    "Yeah! I did it!" I shouted, yanking the sword out from his head. I chopped his head off with my axe as a trophy collection. Everyone came from me and cheered for my victory.
    "Good job, team," I said, giving everyone the thumbs up.

    Chapter 8: Reunion
    We took care of ourselves. John is our builder and miner. I am the slayer and woodcutter. Little Timmy can only do small chores for us.

    (2nd brother of ProStickman,
    EmozChris, talking to ProStickman)

    The Lighthouse, Island Of ProStickman:
    13 September 2011, 7:15p.m.

    I got up to the lighthouse to take another look at the other island. When I got up there, I found Athena standing next to the lamp.
    “Athena, standing alone here? I asked.
    “Yeah… Just checking what you and your cousin built yesterday,” she said.
    “Alright. I’m going to check out the other island,” I said, walking to the wall guard. I looked at the island, but I couldn’t see the entire part of the island. The sky was getting darker until the darkness covered the last of what I saw. However, I didn’t see any activity on the island.
    “It’s 8p.m. already. Let’s go back to Red’s for dinner,” Athena said.
    “Alright then,” I said. As I was about to turn around, I caught something in my glimpse – Three boats were approaching towards our island, and as they’re getting closer, I could see the passengers on the boats, and they looked very familiar…
    There are my brothers…
    “Athena! Get to the pier now!” I said, rushing my feet to the stairs.
    “Why? What for?” Athena asked.
    “My brothers. They’re finally back.”

    The Pier, Island of ProStickman:
    13 September 2011, 8:05p.m.

    We quickly ran to the pier to wait for the boats to come. As they approached closer, I could see my brothers’ faces clearer. When the boats reached the pier, the three of them jumped out from their boats.
    “Christopher. It’s been a long time,” I said.
    “Long time? It’s just only two months, not a year or two,” Chris said.
    “Say, are you going to call me Zero or Timmy?” My little brother asked.
    “It depends on himself. He calls me Flamy more than my real name,” John said to Timmy.
    “Enough talk,” I said, adding, “I’m supposed to have dinner now. You can join us if you want.” I turned around, and walked to Red’s house with Athena.

    Red’s House, Island of ProStickman:
    13 September 2011, 8:10a.m.

    My brothers followed Athena and I to Red’s house for dinner.

    “Sorry, I’m late,” I said, walking to the dining table to join the party. “I’ve brought guests here.”
    “Who? That old man Kain again?” Jaime asked.

    “GUESTS, not guest. My brothers have returned,” I said. I turned around and called the three of them, “Jonathan, Christopher, and Timothy, welcome back to the team.” Everyone cheered for the reunion of us as the three of them walked to the dining table, and joined us for dinner.

    “Any pork here? I want some,” John said, rubbing his tummy.

    “Flamy! We have Muslims here!” I said loudly, then said to Cupquake, “Sorry, he’s a huge eater. Chicken for everyone, as usual.” Luna and Athena felt very awkward after hearing what I said.
    “After for a while, Cupquake brought the chicken chops out from the kitchen. During our meal, we started to talk about life and random stuff.
    “So, how did you find this island?” I asked Chris.

    “Too obvious. We can see the light coming from your lighthouse,” Chris said.

    “And our island’s not far from this island,” John said, chowing on his big piece of chicken.

    “Wait… I think I have seen your island before…”

    “You do? We’re going back there tomorrow. You might want to follow us,” Chris said.

    “Alright. So, what’ve you guys been doing on the other island?” I asked.

    “Slaying hordes of zombies, you know, they come to invade us every single night. We have a grand house, but those annoying mobs come looking for us every time! For now, let’s forget about the monsters, I only care about that my house is so elegant that no one else’s house is better than ours!” Chris boasted with laughter, then added, “You think that cobblestone house of yours is nice? It just makes you look like you’re a caveman! For God’s sake Nicholas, get some wood, and rebuild your entire house!”

    “Shut up! A thousand zombies cannot compare to a boss zombie! Didn’t you see the corpse of the Brutal Zombie we’re heading towards this house just now? I don’t think you’ve face a boss before, nor a single Brutal Zombie!” I said loudly, then added, “We risked our lives to defeat all of these monsters, and our houses and the lighthouse were nearly destroyed by the hands of that dead Brute outside! Do you think that you could even lay a single finger onto him? I don’t think so!”

    “Anyway, your house is still ugly. And yes, I can slay him with my bare hands, you idiot.”

    “CHRIS!!! You little *******, I’m going to kill you now! I swear I’ll rip the bones out from your skeleton!” I shouted at him, raising my iron sword while standing up.

    “Brother… Don’t…” Jane begged, pulling my hand.

    “And who’s this calling you ‘brother’? We don’t have a sister in our family!” Chris said again.

    “Jane is a sister to me!” I protested, then said, “I’ll give you two choices. One, you will shut your mouth, and spend the night at my house. Two, you can continue to babble about nonsense and stuff, and don’t come into my house, and have yourself getting fed to a Brute.”

    “Fine. But this time won’t be the last time.” Chris said. I sat down quietly, while sheathing my sword.

    After we finished our dinner, Cupquake asked me to help her out in the kitchen. I had to do the dishes, as usual what I’ve used to do in my family. “Stick,” she said, handing over the bowls, “You know what to do, right?”

    “Yeah… I used to be a dishwasher in my family,” I said. There was no detergent and sponge in the kitchen, so I could hardly scrub the plates nicely.

    “Stick, I’ve never seen you lose your temper before like this… What’s wrong between you and your brother?” Cupquake asked.

    “I hated him since a long time ago, long story… Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it right now…” I said, washing the last bowl.

    "Alright, I guess I shouldn't have asked you about it... However, I want to tell you something, and never forget this: Christopher's your brother, and he has the same blood in your veins, and the both of you and your other two brothers have the same blood from your parents. I know that I'm not a parent yet, but trust me, even though what he had said just now has insulted you a lot, don't kill him," Cupquake said.

    "I'll remember your advice," I said, rubbing my hands on the clothes as I've finished washing the dishes. "If he gets too cocky to keep his life, he'll regret it. I swear, upon my father and mother! For what he had done all these years, I had never forgiven him!"

    After that, it was time for us to leave. We said goodbye to Red, Cupquake and Jane, we headed back to my house.

    ProStickman's House, Island Of ProStickman:
    13 September 2011, 10:15p.m.

    "This bridge connects to the mansion. The bottom floor is the bedroom," I said to Chris, adding, "John and Timmy, both of you follow Chris, you're going to sleep with him. I'm sorry that I have no more room for the three of you to sleep in my first house."

    "It's okay. A mansion is better than a house, right?" Timmy said.

    "Still, cobblestone buildings. If he doesn't build a fireplace, we'll get cold and become frozen meat, I swear," Chris said to Timmy, adding, "I demand TONS OF TORCHES in our room!"

    After I gave Chris the torches, and sent the three of them to the mansion, I went back to my room. Luna, Athena and Jaime were waiting for me outside my room.

    "Nick, who's the oldest among the four of you?" Luna asked.

    I could only point at myself, because I was too moody to talk.

    "Stick, seriously? Two of them are taller than you! Go gain some height and work out, please," Jaime said, throwing an iron block to me.

    "Height does not matter, and it's none of your business, Jaime," I said, grabbing the iron block before it could hit my face. "For now, everyone, back to your rooms. I'm going to sleep because I need to get some energy tomorrow. I'm leaving this island tomorrow as I've promised them to visit their island."

    "But... will you come back to us?" Athena said.

    "I won't be long, trust me."

    "Nick, we'll miss you..." Athena said again, sobbing a little.

    "Don't worry, I promise. Goodnight everyone," I said, walking back to my room.

    So all of us went to our rooms, and slept.

    Chapter 9: Departure
    Don't worry about me, I won't stay there for a long time, and I promise to come back as soon as possible. If the people there are just being cocky, I have no choice but to slaughter them into their nightmares.

    (Leader of Strike Force PS,

    ProStickman's House, Island of ProStickman
    14 September 2011, 9:15a.m.

    "Nicholas, take anything you want to the island. The Town Owner knows everything about mob drops.

    "Town Owner? That means the three of you don't even own that island?" I asked, packing my backpack.

    "Yes, I lied to all of you last night. Anyway, ths island has a town with a small population, controlled by the Town Owner himself. The three of us stayed in this town while we're in this island, and we're safe because we have guards to defend the town. By the way, I'm one of them."

    "I see. But what if all of you are overwhelmed? I mean, the monsters?"

    "United we stand, divided we fall, and outnumbered we defend. When those monsters are getting too much, we will seal all the gates to prevent them from coming in." Chris walked to the door, then said again, "We'll be departing soon, come out when you're ready."

    "I'm already finished. Let's go then." I carried my backpack, and headed to the door.

    The Pier, Island of ProStickman:
    14 September 2011, 9:20a.m.

    I headed towards the pier with Chris, bringing Hunter along with me. Everyone else was waiting for me to come to the pier.

    "Bro, you're leaving us?" Jane asked.

    "Temporary. I can't believe I have the chance to visit another island now, and I'm not going to waste it," I said.

    "Alright. Have a safe journey out there, and take my iron helmet. I know that your one was broken," Red said.

    "Thanks," I said, receiving the helmet from Red.

    "Well, I'll guard your house at this momen. Luna and Athena will help to stock up our resources, we don't wanna run out of iron ores, right?" Jaime said.

    "Good, and you better not mess up with them." I looked at Hunter, and said, "Hunter, be a good boy OK? Guard the house with Jaime when I'm not here." Hunter barked to show that he obeyed me.

    I got into my newly crafted boat, then waved goodbye to everyone. Before I rowed my boat away from the island, I heard something calling my name...

    "Stick! Wait! I've got something for you!"

    "Who's that?" John asked, pointing at the figure, which appears to be a short one, while moving at a high speed. "I've not seen him before..." I looked at the figure nicely, and said, "It's... Kain! He's the old man I mentioned during the dinner last night, but what's he doing here?" Kain was moving quickly on his wheelchair, while carrying the weapon I have seen that night. Once he had reached the pier, he held out his weapon to me.

    "Take this. It's a Spear Launcher, and I have tested it on a normal Brute. A normal spear fired out from this launcher can pierce through its head, just like about your strength, which what you've done to the two Brutes on the other night. If the spear is fired with a low power, it can impale the target to most surfaces," Kain said, passing his weapon to my hands.

    "Wow! Thanks for the weapon! It's rather heavy though... But let me count, 1-2-3-4-5-6 spears, must be large clip size," I said, holding the new weapon in my hands. "Thanks a lot, Kain. I owe you a lot, and I promise to bring something good for you when I come back."

    "Come on! We have to go now! The Town Owner will be mad when I'm late!" Chris impatiently said.

    "Alright. Bye everyone!" I said, waving my hands to everyone on the pier. I rowed my boat away from my island, and began the journey to the other island. I looked behind, and realized that my island was a very large one, and also realized that I had not explored all the parts of my island yet... As I rowed my boat further, the view of my island became smaller-- My house, Red's house, the lighthouse, until they disappeared from my sight.

    When I turned back to look the front, I noticed that my boat was in the middle of the sea, and I feared. Horrifying squids were swimming under the sea, and some of them were floating on the surface of the sea. As I proceeded to the island, I steered my boat to avoid crashing into those pesky squids. Suddenly, I thought of the weapon Kain gave me, and I took it out, lining up the targets I saw, then I fired a spear towards the squids...


    The spear didn't just killed one squid, it killed THREE of them instead! I felt a sense of relief after seeing those squids die, and suddenly Chris turned behind to me, and said, "Dude, I know that you're afraid of squids, but you don't have to waste your spears on them. They don't bite nor hurt you, okay? You ammo wasting coward."

    "Are you going to believe me if I'm going to shoot your head with my Spead Launcher now? I have pinpoint precision, you fool!" I said, raising my weapon.

    "I don't believe you, and we'll see about that if the spear could pierce through my head or not. Anyway, we've reached our destination. Stop babbling­ and get ready to dock the boats."

    The Pier, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 9:55a.m.

    We rowed our boats to the pier, and got up to the boardwalk after docking them. As we walked forward, a few unknown people approached towards us and blocked our way. They unsheathed their sword, and one of them said, "HALT! State your identity, or we will kill you!"

    I hesistated. I don't know what to say at all as I don't know who are these people. Why are they blocking our way? Did Chris brought us to the wrong island or something? Before I was about to turn back and run, Chris opened his mouth.

    "I'm one of you," Chris said, holding out an ID card. "Don't tell me that you could forget me very easy, or else HE will kill you instead."

    "HE? Who was Chris mentioning about?" I thought to myself, looking very puzzled and confused.

    "EmozChris. You went missing with your two brothers last night. I rather think you should inform us before you want to leave this island, or else we might think that you're a traitor," the guard said. "Anyway, who's this? I've never seen him before. Is he with you or not?" He asked, pointing his finger at me.

    "I'm ProStickman, eldest brother among the four of us. The three of them came to my island to visit me last night," I said, holding my hand out. "Handshake?"

    "It's an honour to meet you. I didn't know that there are other islands apart from this one. Everyone who came to this island never mentioned where did they came from-- They just said they were lost in the middle of the sea, and simply rowed their boats to this island. But you-- A special one, who owns an island and now unexpectedly comes here to visit us," he said again, shaking hands with me. "Come, I'll show you the way to the town hall, so that you'll get your ID card. Our town has a strict policy that all residents must have ID card so that we can capture the intruders easily."

    "Intruders?" I asked.

    "Intruders of the town. I'm sorry if your brother didn't mention it to you last night, but recently some raiders blasted one of the gates and brought in some monsters to invade us. We killed all the monsters without any friendly casualities, but unfortunately the raiders fled before we could capture them. Anyway, there is a perimeter which marks the coverage of the town. Other than that, are the lands which are not protected by us. Those who choose not to live in our town will be considered as our intruders if they came in here without our permission."

    "So you mean... There are other people living outside the town? But why not choose to live here?"

    "I don't know, but those people have their own reasons. Normally, we will imprison the intruders for a while, and then release the. However, if he or she is a griefer, we will exterminate them."

    "Griefers? Who are they?"

    "People or creatures who destroy our property which does not belongs to them. Last time, a group of angry bastards tried to destroy the town hall, but thanks to your brother, they were slain by his bloody sword."

    "Seriously? I can kick his ass in a split second."

    "Oh. Creepers are great griefers too, you know."

    Town Hall, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 10:05a.m.

    "We're here," the guard said. I thanked him, and entered the town hall. Once I got inside, I couldn't believe my eyes for what I've seen-- The town hall was very grand, walls made up of bricks which were painted, floors made up of diamonds, and ceilings made up of golds. There were a lot of painting which I've never seen before, probably painted by the town's famous artist? The lobby has two statues standing on both sides-- One which is a human which looks bald, and he's holding a sword. The other one is also a human whose eyes have no pupil, holding a pickaxe...

    I walked to the front desk, and said to the dude sitting there, "I'm new to here and I would like to get an ID card.

    "New resident? Go to the top floor," he said. I walked up the spiral stairs until I got to the top floor, then I opened the doors and walked into the room. There was a dude sitting on his chair, working on his computer. I approached towards his empty desk, and said, "I am new to this town and I would like to acquire an ID card."

    "Your name?" He asked, without looking at me.

    "ProStickman, eldest brother of your trustworthy guard, EmozChris."

    "Ah, I didn't know he has another brother... Anyway, my name is Rui Fung, or you can call me Rui or RF for short. Welcome to the Island of RFCTKS," he said, getting off from his chair and walked to the empty desk. Rui passed me a form, and said, "Fill in these and you'll get your ID card in no time."

    "Thanks," I said, filling in the form excitedly.

    Chapter 10: RFCTKS
    RFCTKS -- Rui Fung's Craft, Technology and Kill Server!
    We love our technology, but creepers hate them.

    (Motto of RFCTKS,
    by Rui Fung and TheMask)

    Town Hall, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 10:20a.m.

    "So, how was it?" John asked.

    "I got it!" I said, showing my ID card. "Well, I guess it's because of Chris' reputation in the town, or else I might not enter the town at all."

    "Good to know, and you should thank me. Anyway, follow us, we're bringing you to our house now," Chris said.

    "Alright. By the way, Rui is Chinese too?" I asked.

    "Hey c'mon, he's like us. He is Chinese, and comes from Malaysia, just like us. I've got some of his personal details... Surname: Yip... Age: 15--"

    "Whoa, wait?! Older than me by a year? I thought he's twenty something years old! Can't believe that our ruler is very young..." I interrupted him.

    "But he's very skilled. He's got two bodyguards named TheMask, and WhaTheHack a.k.a. Adam. I couldn't even become his bodyguard," Chris said.

    "Forget it. Does he has a house?" I asked again.

    "That will be the RF Tower. You can't simply walk into the perimeter, you'll get struck by lightning instead. He has a few tesla towers protecting his house. I'm not kidding, but he had used creepers to test the machines already. Shocked them to their death before they could blow up the tesla towers."

    "Whoa. This guy means security."

    EmozChris' House, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 10:40a.m.

    It was a long journey from the town hall to Chris' house. On the way, I saw various buildings in the town like the auditorium, shops, apartments, prison, and a giant treehouse. Whenever I passed by these buildings, I saw a glass flame with a sign and button on it. Sometimes, I saw water flowing inside the frame, and a random citizen came out from it.

    "Alright, we're here," Chris said, pointing at his house. The house is very great-- Triple-storey building with a nice design. "They must have spent a long time and worked hard to build this," I thought to myself. When I walked into the house, I was amazed-- Lots of furniture inside the house, many rooms with amazing designs, and a large garden too. "Better than Red's," I thought to myself again.

    "Nice house," I said to Chris.

    "I told you. Admit it that my house is better than yours," Chris said.

    "Forget it. Where do I place my stuff? They're kinda heavy," I asked.

    "Top floor. The three of us will sleep at the floor below you," Chris said again, pointing to something. "That's an elevator. Uses magnetic lifting technology. Cool, isn't it?"

    "I don't think that the elevator was built by you," I said, walking into the elevator. There's a sign-- Touchscreen to be exact, and a button on the elevator. I selected the top floor, pressed the button, and ascended upstairs. When I got up, I walked into my toom and found out that my room is a large one-- A double bed, TV, large bathroom and a balcony outside. I tossed my backpack aside, and took a nap on the large bed.

    EmozChris' House, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 1:00p.m.


    I suddenly woke up after hearing numerous beeps from somewhere. I looked to my left, and realized that an alarm clock had woke me up. I was annoyed because I wanted to get more sleep, but I quickly shutted off the alarm clock, and when downstairs to get some lunch. Lunch wasn't so bad after all, because Chris' made some fries and chicken, just like what I usually have at Red's.

    "Your alarm clock woke me up, shouldn't you have told me that you've an alarm clock in that room?" I said to Chris, looking annoyed.

    "Whoops. I kinda forgotten to mention, but it's not my business, and you forgotten to set the time instead. Not that I care. Anyway, Rui's got something to show you here, since you're a newcomer," Chris said, passing me some meat. "Beef, specially made for myself. But now I'm generous here, so do you want some beef?"

    "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" I shouted at him, shoving the meat away from me. "Have you lost your mind? I thought we're not supposed to eat beef! You disrepected our religion, you--"

    "Hey, cut the crap off before you can swear. I love the steak here, and I don't care what does our religion tells us NOT to eat. I can only say, when you're stuck on this unknown island, what could you ask for? So don't be picky, when you only have beef, eat it. You're just lucky that I've chicken meat here."

    I kept silent. After finishing my lunch, I left the dining table and headed back upstairs to get ready to meet Rui later. I looked at my clothes-- Full of dirt and sand, and blood stains everywhere. I didn't have time to wash my clothes, since the days on my island were very tough-- Slaying monsters, mining ores, building houses... What a mess I've made on myself, I thought, then I went to take a shower. After that, I opened the closet to search for new clothes. Chris probably bought tons of them here, but I don't think he's gonna wear it, so I borrowed one of his outfits, and went downstairs again. Unfortunately, as soon Chris saw me, he gave me a dirty look.

    "That's my expensive outfit! Change it back, you idiot!" Chris yelled at me.

    "Oh. Unfortunately, I don't think that the closet belongs to you. Besides, I assume that the room isn't your room, since you said you're sleeping at the first floor. Why keep your clothes in a room that doesn't belong to you? I could use some new outfit, this hunting gear suits me, A LOT. You won't even wear these to hunt some creepers, slay some zombies or snipe some skeletons," I said, walking to the front door.

    "Whatever, you win. Just don't ruin it, you've ruined your leather jacket already, and I think you're gonna trash it later. Never mind, I'll call John to wash it for you later."

    As soon I walked out of the house, a guard approached me, and said, "Citizen ProStickman? My master has called out for you. He said he wants to bring you along so that you'll get to see all the parts of the town."

    "I know that. Your leader just told me just now. I'll go to the town hall and--"

    "He's not at the town hall, but he's waiting for you at the town square instead. I'm instructed to escort you to him, because I'm following orders."

    "Let's go then," I said, following the guard.

    Town Square, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 1:45p.m.

    When I reached the town square, Rui was sitting on a bench next to the fountain, playing with his iPad. The guard approached him to inform him that I had arrived.

    "You kept me waiting for you for a long time. Better be punctual next time, and you won't see me playing with this iPad anymore," Rui said.

    "Alright then, but I don't want to talk anything about your iPad. What I want to know is, you're going to show me all parts of the town, right?" I asked.

    "Ah yes, the town. When I first built this town, it was only made up of this area, better known as the town square," Rui explained, walking along the row of buildings. "The town square is where public announcements are made-- Special sales, general defenses, wanted notices, elections and other stuff," he paused, then pointed to the buildings. "See these shops here? They're set up by us. We sell high quality items at a fixed price, but some citizens may find them expensive. Our citizens call it the Admin Shop, which fits perfectly for us."

    "So basically, you're an Admin?" I asked, gazing at the town square. There wasn't much activity here, probably the people seldom come to here.

    "Or should I say 'Leader Of The Admins'. Anyway, I'm so honoured to be the LOTA, but I'm sorry that other stuff in this are actually private matters, so I'm not gonna talk much about this." Rui walked to a statue, and said, "See this statue here? You might've encountered two statues already." The statue seemed similiar to the statue of the diamond pickaxe dude I've seen in the town hall just now, but this time the statue of this dude here, has pupils in this eyes.

    "I don't get it. Why are there two similiar statues? Who is this dude standing here?" I asked, looking puzzled.

    "Good question. Legend says that many years ago, there was an adventurer who was flying to Sweden. Unfortunately, the plane caught up with a storm, and was struck by lightning. What was worse that the emergency landing failed, and the plane crashed into an unknown island. The new believe that all the passengers and crew were presumed dead, since the plane itself went missing without a trace."

    "Whoa, what happened next? I don't see anything or anyone to be a legend here."

    "However, a miracle happened. This guy survived the crash. He was already severely injured, but he managed to make use of everything from the plane, and the island itself for those precious resources. I heard that all those years on the island, he did everything exactly what we're doing now-- Mine, Craft, Build, and Slay. Thirty years later, a ship sailed past the island, and he was finally saved. When he was interviewed by the media, he didn't gave much information. What the media only knew that his name was Steve, and he was 59 years old on that year. He disappeared after the interview, leaving no trace for the whole world to find him."

    "Wow... A true legend who's surviving on an abandoned island like what we're doing now? I wish I could meet him, probably just to get some extra survival guides from him... Anyway, what about the two statues in the town hall?" I asked.

    "The bald dude who's holding a diamond sword is Notch. After hearing news of Steve's survival, he decided to create a game as a tribute for him. Thus, Minecraft was born, and Notch is known as The Father of Minecraft. On the opposite of Notch, is Herobrine. Rumours said that Herobrine is th vilest of all hostiles in Minecraft, and it is unconfirmed that Herobrine is actually Steve's twin brother, who was yet to be found during the plane crash. He must've been killed by monsters while mining, so he became a ghost in order to revive. Until today, people still call him The Ghost Miner." Rui explained, while walking forward to the glass frame which I saw on the way to Chris' house.

    "What's this?" I asked. "I saw a dude popped out from this frame just now."

    "It's a StarGate. Uses the same control system as you've seen in the elevator of Chris's house. We have many StarGates in the town, which allows you to teleport from on to another. Right now, I'm going to show you my proudest build-- Rapture." Rui explained again, then inputed the details into the sigh and pressed the button. Water suddenly flowed inside the frame, then Rui walked inside. After for a while, his body disappeared, and the water stoppped flowing.

    "Oh wow. I better try this machine now!" I said to myself. I did everything like what Rui did just now, and teleported to Rapture.

    Rapture, Island of RFCTKS:
    14 September 2011, 2:00p.m.

    "Whoa!" I shouted, jumping out from the StarGate. I expected myself to be soaked, but my clothes (Chris' to be exact) were not wet at all. I asked Rui, "I'm not wet, but why?"

    "Oops, I forgotten to mention to you, that the water is actually an illusion, so you won't get wet at all. I won't even use it if the machine was filled up with real water, you know," Rui explained.

    "I see. So, this is Rapture?" I looked at my surroundings, then added, "I don't really like it, it gives me the creeps not because of darkness."

    Story continues on Part 2: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2130408-legends-of-ps-ii-revolution-part-2-18112013-chapter-11-finished/
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    Of course it's a pain if you need to chase off the villagers who are blocking your way when you're trying to place a block where the villager is standing. The lead is a good idea to pull them away, as in the same way how you want to pull animals away from your building site.
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    Inspired by an old story entitled "Legend Of The Creeper" (which I think it's deleted already from the forums).
    Dedicated to my brothers, EmozChris, flamy295 and Zeroman.

    Legends Of PS: Rising is based on my early experience in Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3, and shows the story of how my brothers and I rised in Minecraft. The first few chapters aren't really much into Minecraft yet, because it's a introduction to the setting and stuff.

    Please don't ask why did I set the story's time to 2 years ago, I had to start everything from the 1st day I played Minecraft. And for one thing: Not everything in the story is real in Minecraft, because I would collaborate with something inside the story. And some places, are fake too.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it! :D

    Chapter 0: Prologue
    I woke up on an unknown island, and found myself lying on top of sand. I got up, looking at the surroundings. They aren't familiar at all. I never wanted to be stranded on an island like this, and it's all the CAPTAIN'S fault. "Forget it," I said to myself, then I walked to the crate by the seaside. My stuff, that's what I need. I carried the entire crate, and left the beach.

    I never thought of being stuck on an island before...

    Chapter 1: The Message
    Two months ago...

    "Bro, check this out!"

    Great. It's him again, my most hated brother in my life. He calls himself EmozChris, which ticks me off because of his name. He isn't an emo after all, and we get into big fights everytime.

    Emoz came to me, bringing his MacBook Pro with him, and showed me a webpage.

    "You gotta see this for yourself!" he said to me again. I looked into his laptop, and I couldn't believe the content inside:


    Wanna experience a Minecraft-themed party? Come and join us at our man-made island, specially designed to make it look like a Minecraft Island!

    Venue: Island Of Infinite Dreams
    Date: 26 July 2011 ~ 31 July 2011
    Time: 9:00a.m. ~ 10:30p.m.

    To get there, please send us your basic information and we'll send you all the details on how to get there! We're sending the details and the ticket by mail, so please remember to fill in your ADDRESS!

    So, what are you waiting for? Fill in your details by clicking here now! Get ready for the creeperness of the party!

    FAQ? Click here! "

    "OMG". These three letters appeared in my mind. I quickly filled in my details before Emoz could.

    "Emoz, are you going too?"

    "Of course, I have already submitted my details before showing this to you, dumbass."

    I really wanna punch him in the face, right now.

    "Ask flamy and Zero whether if they want to join us or not," I said.

    So off he went, asking the both of them. Oh, did I forget to mention flamy and Zero are my brothers too? Their full IGNs are flamy295 and Zeroman. Anyway, my name is ProStickman, eldest brother among four.

    "THEY'RE COMING WITH US TOO!" Emoz shouted downstairs. I was glad to hear the answer from him.

    Chapter 2: The Invitation
    One month later...

    "I got the mail!" Emoz shouted, like a madman again. I walked to our mailbox to check for some mail, and found three envelopes inside. I handed the other two to flamy and Zero. Later for a while, I opened the envelope and read the message:

    "Congratulations! You're invited to the most creeperness party ever!
    You've got your ticket, now follow the instructions:
    1. The ship will depart from Port Sweden on 25 July 2011, at 2:00p.m.
    2. It is recommended that you stay in Sweden a day before the departures.
    3. On the day of departure, go to gate D10 and present your ticket in order to board the ship.
    4. All tourists will be provided accomodation at The Creeper Hotel.
    5. The ship will depart from Island Of Infinite Dreams on 1 August 2011, and all tourists are to board the ship on 3:00p.m.

    For any enquiries, visit the FAQ section on:
    http://www.mccreeperparty.com "

    Ha. We got the information we needed. It's only weird that, the letter itself doesn't has the sender's name. We packed our stuff and I went to book the airplane tickets for Sweden. I was shocked when I found out almost all the seats are FULL. Luckily there's still enough room for four, so I quickly booked the tickets, and we're all set.

    Chapter 3: Sweden
    We departed from our country to Sweden on 23 July 2011 and stayed in the Sweden Hotel until 26 July 2011. On the day of departure, we went to Port Sweden to board the ship to the Island Of Infinite Dreams.

    I saw many unfamiliar people all around us. I guess, they're Minecrafters too, just like us. I have never been to any Minecraft party before, and not even MineCon.

    However, most people know me in Minecraft via different servers, or in the Minecraft Forums. But one thing they don't know is that how do I look like in real life. I think Minecrafters seldom post their own photos in the forums, and that's why we don't know each other in real life (unless we really do).

    After waiting for a while, we managed to board the ship. I was so excited about the party and I couldn't wait for it.

    Chapter 4: S.S.Minecraft
    "Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We'll be arriving at Island Of Infinte Dreams in about 2 hours, so please be patient and please keep seated and fasten your seat belts at all times. Thank you."

    I hate boredom.

    2 hours was a long time to wait. I took out my laptop and player Minecraft in single player while waiting for the time to pass. My brothers did the same too, except for Zero because he's too young to own a laptop.

    I also managed to contact my other Minecraft friends using my personal talker. One of my friends, Jaime was in the ship, too. We talked about stuff in Minecraft and what to do in the party later.

    Chapter 5: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!
    I looked out of the window. The sky was so dark and storm clouds were gathering together. I had a bad feeling about this, so I ordered my brothers to pack up their stuff.

    Suddenly, the whole ship was shaking. It felt like there was an earthquake under the sea. I quickly contacted the others to be careful as the situation was unsafe.

    THUMP! Something had hit the ship! The ship got more unstable and shakier...

    Suddenly, something came out of the sea...


    I couldn't believe this... It's some sort of a GIANT SQUID, or maybe... THE KRAKEN...

    Everyone was so afraid and they panicked like hell. Hell take me, I don't wanna die like this...

    Chapter 6: Titanic?
    "Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Please do not panic! Leave all your belongings and get to the evacuation site now!"

    Everyone tried to run to the evacuation site at the SAME TIME, so practically they were pushing each other in order to survive. We hardly made our way to there, and by the time we reached there, the inflatable boats were ALMOST FULL.

    The kraken continued to devour the ship, and it's coming for US now! The others pushed each other until some of them innocently fell into the sea.

    "We don't have much time left, release the boats now!" the captain ordered. His crew quickly untied the ropes to release the boats.

    "WAAAAIT!" I shouted to him. But before he could listen and wait for me, the ropes were untied and the boats fell down to the sea.

    "NOOOOOO!!! HOW COULD YOU!?" I shouted furiously at the captain. I wished I had something to throw at him now. Meanwhile, some of the people on the ship tried to jump onto the boats, but most of them fell into the sea instead.

    Despite for survival, I thought of an idea. I ordered the remaining people and my brothers to follow me into the store room.

    "We must use the crates to escape now! It's our only last chance!" I told them. Without hesistation, all of them grabbed the crates and sat inside the crates. My brothers and I helped to push them down into the sea.

    My brothers went before me, and before I pushed them, I told them: "Take care of our little brother! I'll see all of you next time if I'm still alive!"

    They nodded. I pushed them down into the sea. Luckily the three of them were able to sit in a larger crate. I was unable to push myself into the sea if I was sitting on the crate, so I threw my crate into the sea and jumped onto it.

    I could see the kraken devouring the whole ship from afar. Suddenly, the whole seasick made me dizzy, and I started to become unconscious...

    Chapter 7: Spawn
    If only the captain had waited for us...

    For now, I'm stuck on this unknown island... I walked up to the plains and placed my crate there. Well, I guess I'll be staying here for a moment.

    In Minecraft, I'm already an expert, so I know what to do now. I searched for a tree, and punched it until it dropped blocks of wood for me.

    I returned to my land and gathered all the wood I collected. I made a crafting table so that I can make some tools. I made a wooden pickaxe and sword as my starter kit.

    Suddenly, the sky was dark, and it rained. I thought of building a house. so I used the pickaxe to mine some cobblestone, and I built a house made out of cobblestone.

    It wasn't cozy, though, but at least I sheltered myself from the rain. I waited patiently for the rain to stop.

    Chapter 8: Hunting Season
    It took ONE WHOLE NIGHT for the rain to stop. I got out from my house (sadly, it doesn't have a door yet), and I saw tons of animals everywhere. Cows, sheep, chickens and pigs are what I see.

    Suddenly, my tummy was rumbling. "Damn it, I'm hungry again," I thought to myself. I looked at the animals, and looked at my wooden sword, and I knew what to do.


    Bloody animals. I collected the meat from their dead bodies, and went back to my house. I ate the chicken meat first, but my stomach suddenly became pain... Ugh, not food poisoning again... I lied down on the floor, battling the pain...

    After an hour of struggling, I used my cobblestone to construct a furnace. I used some wooden planks as a fuel to cook my food. Believe me, cooked food tastes much better.

    I went out again to explore the surroundings. I climbed up a hill, where I can see my house from above. Beside me now is a large pit, and I carefully walked past it.

    I thought of making a bed, as I got zero sleep from last night. I hunted two sheep for their wool, and I was looking for the third one. Suddenly, I found the third sheep, standing far from me. I ran towards it and tried to grab it. I might have forgotten about the large pit, because when I grabbed the sheep, I fell down with it. Ouch.

    The sheep was dead, and I was badly injured. I looked up in the sky, and found out that I'm stuck in this pit. I collected the wool from that dead sheepm and tried to find a way out here. I mined the stone wall, and mined deeper into it. I found something black stuck into the stone, and I mined it. Turns out that the black thing I mined is coal, and I mined a few more coal before continuing to mine the wall.

    After for a while, I found an exit. I walked out of the cave and went home. I used some coal to make some torches, which can be used to lighten up my house. I crafted a bed using wool and wooden planks, and then slept on the bed. It was comfortable.

    Chapter 9: I Hate Squids...
    I woke up, feeling a bit sleepy. I noticed that the windows, were empty... In fact, there were no glass at all. Besides, there was no door at my entrance, which ticks me off because an open entrance could be dangerous...

    I gathered some wooden planks and crafted a wooden door, and placed it at my entrance. I looked at the door, and thought of something: How am I going to lock my door?

    I remembered that sand can be smelted into glass. I made a stone shovel, and headed for the beach to collect some sand. As I shoveled the sand out, I noticed something swimming on the sea...

    It has weird eyes, eight tentacles, and scary teeth... Oh damn... It's a SQUID!

    I feared squids after the incident that the kraken attacked us. Many lives were lost because of a giant squid, and I couldn't imagine the pain of a squid's teeth.

    I dare not approach or look at the squid, so I turned my back and continued digging the sand. But the time when my shovel was broken, I already had tons of sand in my inventory. I headed back home and walked to the furnace. I put some sand and used coal as a fuel, and this time I realized that coal is a much efficient fuel, compared to wooden planks. After the smelting process was finished, I collected my glass and placed them at the window frames.

    As I had tons of glass left, I didn't know where to keep them, because glass is very fragile. I looked at my crate, and I thought of an idea. Using the wooden planks, I crafted a chest, which can be used to store my stuff. I placed all my glass into it, and so are my other stuff, too.

    Chapter 10: A Very Scary Night
    It rained again tonight, I was staying at home, working at my laptop. I tried to contact anyone but I did not get a signal. Perhaps, there is no connection to the island at all?

    I picked up my personal talker and tried to contact anyone else. Unfortunately, there was no signal, too.

    "FML!!!" I shouted.

    I stopped working on the communications, and went to bed.

    During my sleep, I had a bad dream...

    I saw people dying, one by one. There were burning flames everywhere, splattered blood all over the floor, the sound of gunfire, and the sound of dying people. Later, I saw how my friends died, and then my brothers. I couldn't save them all, so I tried to escape. The last of what I saw, was a victim got stabbed by a sword by a black figure, and the victim was...


    "NOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed, snapping myself out of the horrible nightmare. I saw on the bed, thinking about the stuff I saw in the nightmare. Suddenly...


    I was frightened, and I looked out of the windows to see who's outside. And this is what I see:

    A ZOMBIE...

    It's trying to break into my house!

    I quickly grabbed my sword, and rushed to the door. I slammed the zombie with the door, and slashed it a few times. And on the last hit, the zombie was dead, and my sword was broken.

    I looted some rotten flesh from it, which actually stinks awfully. I went back into the house and slept.
    Chapter 11: Creeper Ambush
    The next morning when I woke up, I found out that I had ran out of wood, which sucks because I was suppose to build some furniture. I thought of going to the forest to chop some tress, but I felt unsafe when I thought of the zombie last night. I crafted a stone axe and sword before heading to the forest.

    The forest wasn't so thick, though, so it wasn't very dark after all. I chopped a few tress down to salvage some wood, and some decayed leaves had dropped a few saplings, which can be planted and grew to a new tree. I picked up the saplings, and headed deeper into the forest.

    Suddenly, I saw a green figure creeping behind a tree. I went closer to take a look, and found out that the green figure was...

    A CREEPER...

    I quickly turned over and tried to leave the forest. But that creeper might have seen me, because it's coming for me now! I prepared my sword, waiting for it to come. I looked at its face, and I thought that the creeper was afraid of me, because its frowny face just got frownier for now. But this creeeper just kept on coming towards me.

    "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" I shouted, then I slashed it twice. The creeper suddenly became angry, and it's charging towards my direction. I ran and jumped towards it.


    I killed the creeper by stabbing it in the head. Its body spilled some gunpowder, which I might find it useful. I looted some gunpower, and began to do a victory fance. "Oh yeah! I did it! What're gonna do now, huh?" I taunted the dead creeper and laughed out loud.

    Suddenly... "HISSSSS..." I turned over to see who's making that voice.

    "HOLY SH--"


    Damn! I didn't know there was another creeper behind me! I was blasted and my body was flying until I hit a tree. Ouch.

    I went home earlier as I was seriously hurt. I used some wooden planks to make a chair, and table and a sign. I went outside my house, and placed the sign, and I wrote "House Of ProStickman" onto it.

    Chapter 12: Spooky Spiders
    Night has fallen again. I made a second attempt on contacting my brothers.

    Emoz... flamy... Zero... Damn it! I couldn't contact any of them at all! Furiously I punched the wall with my right fist, but it hurts...

    I looked out of the window, thinking of a plan. Suddenly, I saw something outside my house...

    At first I thought it was a squid, because it has eight legs. I was about to break the glass and put a random block to cover the window, and I almost forgotten something: How can squids swim on land? I laughed at myself, saying that I'm too silly and sensetive, then I looked out of the window again.

    I was glad that it wasn't a squid. But to be honest, that figure was worse. The figure outside my house was...

    A SPIDER...

    I thought for a moment, wondering what is the spider doing outside my house. I was about to go out and slay it, but when I looked at my injuries... "Forget it, I'm going to sleep," I said to myself. I went to my bed and slept.

    "PSSSSSS..." that spider kept on making noises like that. I couldn't sleep at all.

    "WHAT THE HELL!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU NOW!!!" I shouted furiously. I took some leather out from the chest, and made a full set of leather armor. I've to say, I never felt my wounds anymore. I took my sword and axe out to battle.

    When I got out from my house, the situation was worse. Instead of ONE spider, there are THREE spiders now! A spider tried to attack me by jumping towards me, but before it could, I dodged and slashed it from behind for a few times. The second one was looking at me, waiting for me to kill the first one...

    After killing the first spider, the second one fired a web shot at me. I quickly slashed the webs before they could hit me, and I jumped to dodge the last shot, and stabbed the second spider to its death.

    The third spider was trying to pound me, and I slashed it while it's in mid-air with my sword. Unfortunately, I swinged my sword too hard, and since my right hand was in pain, the sword was thrown to the ground. However, I managed to knock the spider away from me, too. I tried to retrive my sword, but the spider shot a spider web at my legs. I was stuck, and I saw the spider charging towards me. I grabbed my axe, and aimed for the spider's head...


    The axe landed directly into the spider's head, and it's dead now.. I reached for my sword, and slashed the spider web at my legs. I picked up the strings on the ground, and looted some spider eyes from their dead bodies.

    Time for a good night's sleep now.

    Chapter 13: Thirst For Thought
    I woke up, feeling very thirsty. I quickly checked my crate for my watter bottle, but it was empty, because I had already drink all the water for the past two days. I felt very sick and exhausted, so I thought of drinking water from the sea. But if I were to do that, I'll probably die faster. Suddenly, I realized that there was a waterfall near my house, and the water there is very CLEAN. I used some glass and made a glass bottle, and went out to the waterfall.

    It's a freaking hot day today, and the sun is burning me... I got a headache and I started to slow down, and I was feeling dehydrated. In the end, I fell to the ground, lying down unconscious...

    I had another dream. I heard a female's voice shouting at me...

    "Stick! Please don't die! You have to get up now! Please! You said you needed to save everyone else! You said that you have to rescue your brothers! You said that you'll always take care of me! STIIIIIICK!!!"

    I heard the girl's voice. She was sobbing and crying badly. I knew that I have to reunite with my brothers. But why do I have to rescue everyone else? Who is the girl I have to take care of?

    Sensing that the situation is crucial, I finally woke up from unconsciousness. I barely managed to make it to the waterfall, but I was very glad that I made it. I collected some water and drank it immediately. I was relieved, never knew that I had escaped from HELL. As I had finished my water, I collected some water again. Suddenly, I saw something floating on the water...

    "WTF!?" I shouted, it's a SQUID again!!! I know that when it comes to squids, I always fear them, but that doesn't mean that I can't kill them! I held my stone axe, and aimed for the squid. I closed my eyes, and threw that axe...


    The squid is dead. I saw black fluid flowing out from its body. I carefully went next to it and collected some ink sac. I quickly ran home after that horrible scene.

    Chapter 14: Basic Mining
    After the incident when I fought with that squid, I thought of owning a water supply, so that I won't need to go to the that waterfall again. The first thing I thought of was to build a pool to store some water, but I didn't have anything larger than a bottle to carry water. Then, I thought of getting a bucket to collect a large amount of water, but I didn't have any iron ingots. I decided to go mining to search for iron.

    I made a lot of torches and stone pickaxes before heading to the cave. When I went outside my house, this is what I see...

    SQUIDS... They're swimming on the sea, and I could see them from outside my house. Honestly, THE SQUIDS ARE RUINING THE SCENERY, and I didn't want to see them at all! I planted a few saplings in front of my house, hopefully they will grow up as soon as possible.

    I headed to the cave, and it was pitch black there. It seemed pretty dark inside, so I placed some torches to light up the cave. On the way, I mined tons of coal and cobblestone, but there was hardly a sign for iron ores. I continued to mine deeper into the cave.

    Suddenly, I found a stone, which contains a metal inside. I assumed that it was iron ore, and I went towards it to mine it. But before I could mine the iron ore, I was trapped. A few creepers, spiders and zombies were approaching towards me. I ran in the opposite directions where they're coming from to escape. Unfortunately, it was a dead end.

    "SHIIIIT!!!" I yelled. I looked at the monsters, they're coming for me, and it looked like they must kill me, no matter what. I quickly held my sword and axe, and I knew I only had one choice: To fight them.

    I ran towards the monsters and fought against them. Dual wielding my weapons, I found out that it was more fun killing those pesky monsters. Even CREEPERS are a good weapon too, and that's because when one of the creepers was trying to blow me up, I purposely let the creeper to ignite its fuse, and I knocked it back with my sword, causing the creeper to blow up with the other monsters instead.

    After when my weapons were broken, there were still a few monsters left. I looked at the sharp points of my pickaxe, and I killed a few of them with my pickaxe. On the last kill, I threw my pickaxe directly into a zombie's head...


    I looted some random stuff from the dead bodies, and I went to mine the iron ore. But instead of ONE, there were EIGHT iron ores! I mined all of them quickly and headed up to the surface, then I went home.

    I placed the iron ores in the furnace, and smelted them. I collected the iron ingots, and used them to craft a bucket, an iron pickaxe and an iron sword. I went to the waterfall to collect some water, and I poured them into a pool which I had dug up earlier.

    When I poured the fourth bucket of water, I noticed something: I have an infinite supply of water?! I was confused, but at least I didn't need to go to the waterfall to see some squids anymore.

    Chapter 15: Master Your Domain
    It was a week that I have stayed in this island. I've decicded to extend my house, because it looked pretty small, Sadly, I hate to live in a small house, because it looked very gloomy. I gathered my building materials and tools, then I headed to work.

    My first plan is to make a second floor for my house. I made the second floor in no time, but I was wondering how to get up there. I wanted to make some stairs to go up, but the place is too narrow until I couldn't build the stairs. Instead, I used some sticks to make some ladders, and I placed them onto the wall. I climbed up the ladder, and looked at the new room. "Great build," I said to myself.

    Later, I realized that the pit which I fell into last time, could make me some space to extend my house. I destroyed the wall and made a large room there. Inside it, I also made a small swimming pool (whch can be a good supply of water). I built a bedroom on the other side of the hill, too. I looked at the far lands, noticing the small, lonely island...

    It's actually a small stone hill, with a small, empty room inside. I thought of building a house there, so I crafted a boat, and sailed to there. To my surprise, I found tons of coal and iron ores inside there, and there were no monsters, too. I mined all the ores and quickly claimed this land before anyone else could.

    It took me TWO WEEKS to finish my construction. I made a second home for myself, and even made a large swimming pool. But the problem was, I could only enter my new house via the sea, where I've built a pier to dock my boat. Like I always said, I hated quids, and I had never wanted to see them anymore. In the end, I thought of another great plan:

    I decided to make a bridge to connect the two islands.

    It wasn't very far, though, it was a 30m distance. I carefully built the bridge as I didn't want to fall into the sea, which is full of SQUIDS. After for a few days, I had already finished constructing the bridge. I was very proud of myself, and I kept walking on the bridge back and forth.

    Hopefully when someone comes to rescue me, this island will become a famous place for tourists to visit. Ugh, I'm daydreaming again, silly me.

    Chapter 16: I'm Not Alone
    I woke up, as usual. The new house was cozier than the old one, but it looked like there are lots of empty spaces, though. I opened my notebook (which is 99% empty), and ticked another day on the calender... GOD, I've been staying here for a MONTH!? I never knew I could survive that long, but one month seemed to pass by quickly...

    I looked at my bedroom, feeling a little gloomy. I went outside and looked at the far lands... It seemed like I could look at everything... Mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, oceans, plains, deserts, snowlands... This island is a rather big one, and I have not explored the entire island yet... But, am I alone, or not? Will I claim this big island forever? Will I get stuck on this island forever? Or... Will I die earlier than I can expect?

    I ran to the beach and looked at the sea... No ships, who could see and rescue me? I sat down in depression, thinking about the future. Suddenly, I saw something lying by the seaside... They're not squids, but those things are a great discovery and news to me.

    Boats. They suddenly appeared here, and I had not noticed them at all... Those boats didn't appear since the first day I came to this island, and now they had appeared. I must've been working so hard lately, until I didnt notice the boats at all... This means, someone else had already came to this island...

    I'm not alone.

    I need to find the other survivors now. I knew that they had never been to the inside lands, because if they did, they would have seen my house and met me instead. I searched everywhere by the seaside. I searched for an hour, and I was about to give up, but I saw a pier from afar. I quickly went towards it, and I was surprised to find a big house threre.

    I went to the house and knocked the door. I waited patiently for the owner to open the door, and Iwas very nervous. The door opened. It appeared that a couple was staying here. I had not interacted with a HUMAN for a month, so I decided to speak up first.

    "Hi, who are you?" I said, it was pretty awkward, though.

    The female introduced herself first.

    "Hi! I'm iHasCupquake!"

    "Oh! It's you! I saw your videos on YouTube, and you're quite famous! And this is your --"

    "I'm her husband. You can call me Red. Hmm... You must be the boy who instructed everyone to escape the ship by crates?" the male talked, looking at me.

    "Yes. My name is ProStickman, leader of Strike Force PS. I have came here since last month, and I'm trying to search for my brothers. Do you have any ideas on where they are now, or have you seen them?" I said, and asked.

    "Sorry, but we have not seen anyone else until now, and that's you," Red said.

    "By the way, will you mind sharing your story on how you came here?" Cupquake asked me.

    "Well, after all of you jumped into the sea during that incident, I hardly helped myself to escape. But was I was in the sea, I felt dizzy and became unconscious. When I woke up, I'm already on this island," I said.

    "Lucky you," Cupquake said. "We landed on a different island on that day, but it's a smaller one. The condition there was very poor, because it has resources, and so many monsters."

    "In the end, we left that island. Two weeks ago we have reached here, and your house was right in front of us. I went to take a look, but nobody's home. I looked at the sign, and we left because that was your house. We built our own house in two weeks, and now we are so proud of ourselves, right my dear?" Red added, looking at his wife.

    "Yes! Anyway, would you like to have some lunch with us?" she asked me.

    "What's for lunch?" I asked.

    "Fish and chips. That's her speciality," Red said to me.

    Great. I hate seafood.

    "Umm... I would like to have the chips, but not the fish. I hope you don't mind..."

    "It's ok. Are you allergic to fish?" Red asked.

    "Well, when I was a little boy, my grandmother used to feed me fish, and I didn't like it. In the end, I never eat or touch seafood at all."

    "And that's why you're so skinny, like a stick! You must be very picky," Cupquake said to me. The three of us laughed. I went into their house, and had lunch with the,. I have to say, I had not ate a single potato for a month.

    After lunch, I was ready to go home. Before I left, they said to me:

    "Goodbye! Hope you'll come over sometime!"

    "Thanks for the lunch! Drop by at my house when you're free. I hope the two of you will have a great time! Bye!"

    It was a great day. I've finally discovered that I'm not alone anymore. I hope that I can find everyone else, and escape the island together.

    Chapter 17: Kidnapped
    On the day after I went to their house, I was about to go to their house at night for dinner. Suddenly...

    "Stickman! You gotta help me! Open the door! Quick!"

    I looked out of the window. It's Red pounding at my door, and he's talking to me. I opened the door, looking at him, and he seems frightened. I asked him, "What's going on?"

    "Cupquake... She hasn't come home yet! I sent her out to kill some chickens so that we could make dinner, but she's not back yet... I'm afraid she's been kidnapped!"

    "Kidnapped? There's someone else on this island too?"

    "I don't know... Perhaps there is, or else it will be monsters who kidnapped her..."

    "Calm down, I'll help you go find her, but my leather armor is tore up. I need some new armor, in case monsters ambush me..."

    "I have an extra iron chestplate at my house, let's go!"

    I followed Red to his house. He gave me an iron chestplate, an iron sword and some food. Before I left, he wished me good luck. I went to the far lands in the search for Cupquake.

    On my way, it suddenly rained... I quickly ran to a tree to take cover. Suddenly, an old man was walking towards me.

    "Young wanderer! Follow me to my house, it's raining here!" he said to me. I quickly followed him, and found that he was limping. I assisted him to walk while he guided me to his house. We reached there after for a while.

    In his house, he invited me to have tea. I sat down on the chair opposite him, and we have a conversation:

    "Thanks for inviting me here. Who are you?" I asked.

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee..." the old man said, pointing at his wounded knee.

    "I feel sorry about your knee, but what happened to you?" I asked him again.

    "Few years ago, I was surrounded by skeletons during my journey to hunt for creepers. I fought against them, but one of the skeletons shot an arrow with his bow, and I was shot in the knee," he told me about his story.

    "Oh God... And then what happened?"

    "I thought I was gonna die. The skeletons were aiming at my head. Suddenly, a brave hunter came and helped me to kill those skeletons. He ordered me to flee, and I did what he said. I watched him behind a tree, he was so strong that not even a skeleton could defeat him. Suddenly, Skeleton King and Spider Queen appeared..."

    "Skeleton King and Spider Queen?"

    "Yes, they're mighty beasts. The hunter couldn't even defeat them, and he died. Spider Queen shot a large spider web at him, which made him unable to move or escape. Then, Skeleton King leaped out from Spider Queen, and made a heavy slash onto him... I couldn't help him, but could only watch him die..." the old man talked, with a remorseful tone.

    "Where can I find them?" I asked.

    "He went to his room, and took a piece of paper out.

    "This map shows the location of their homes. Take it. I hope you'll help me avenge his death!" he paused for a while, then told me, "I recommend you to kill the Spider Queen first."

    "Alright," I said to him.

    Before I left, he passed a bow to me, and advised me, "This bow is an ancient forged one, and it is believed that an arrow shot from this bow, is deadly enough to shoot one's heart out from the body," he paused for a while, passing an arrow to me, "However, it has only one use left, and that means when you shoot an arrow now, the bow will break. So, I need you to use it wisely: Use the bow to shoot an arrow into Spider Queen's mouth. I hope you can also bring her head and her heart to me as a proof that you've defeated her," he advised me again. He waved goodbye to me as I begin the journey to Spider Queen's nest.

    To get to the nest, I have to travel through a forest. Suddenly, I looked at a tree, which has a lot of arrows on it. I went to the tree, and pulled out the arrows to investigate them. As I was looking at the arrows, I heard a sound behind me...


    The voice kept on repeating, and it's getting louder. I turned around to see who's behind me. It's a whie figure, full of bones, and holding a bow. It wasn't talking to me at all, and it's raising its bow, trying to take aim at me. The figure I saw was...


    The skeleton fired an arrow at me, but I quickly dodged it before it could hit me. I was about to take my bow and shoot it down instead, but I suddenly thought of the old man's advice. This, I took my swords and charged towards it instead, but its firing rate was too fast, and I had to take cover every three seconds.

    I climbed up to a tree and hid myself. The skeleton was confused because it didn't know where had I disappeared to. I waited for it to walk past the tree I was hiding at, and I jumped down from the tree to backstab it.

    "ARRRRRGH!!!" I shouted. I suddenly regretted shouting because the skeleton turned around and quickly fired an arrow towards me. I could only see the arrow flying towards me...


    It seems that the arrow has hit my iron chestplate! I felt no pain at all, and began to finish off the skeleton. I held both swords above my head, and performed an X-slash at the skeleton. Both of its arms were amputated. The skeleton knew that it was defenseless, and it tried to run away. Just before it could escape, I threw my iron axe at its head...


    Its head was amputated too. I went to its corpse, and grabbed its bow, and also looted some arrows and bones. I continued my journey to Spider Queen's nest.

    Chapter 18: Spider Queen
    It was a long journey, but I have finally made it. The nest is inside a mysterious cave, and I'm standing outside of it now. I walked into it, cautiously, because I don't want to be the prey of Spider Queen...

    In the nest, I was shocked to find out that there were threw people, or probably survivors got stuck to the wall by spider webs. They must be struggling and trying to call for help, but their mouths were covered by spider webs too. Yuck.

    I equiped my normal bow and walked closer. I didn't see Spider Queen at all, so I quickly ran towards the survivors and tried to free them. The spider webs were too strong until I couldn't even breakthem with my sword at all. Suddenly...


    "Ready to be my supper?" a voice came from my behind. I knew it was Spider Queen, so I pulled my bow, and turned around.

    "EAT THIS!" I shouted, firing my arrow. Unfortunately, she jumped in the air and dodged my arrow easily. She shot a giant spider web at me, and I tried to slash the web, but it was too strong and my iron sword was stuck to the web. Luckily I had an extra iron sword, so I charged towards her and jumped onto her.

    "Let go of me! You pesky human!" she cried, forcing me to get off. I rode on her, trying to bash her into the wall. Unfortunately, she stood on her back legs, and launched me away, and I hit the wall instead. Ouch. I tried to get back on my feet, but she shot another giant spider web at me again. I quickly rolled away and threw my iron axe towards her...


    Spider Queen didn't die, but her middle leg was ripped off, thanks to my iron axe. I quickly ran to retrieve my axe, but she shot a spider web there before I could take it back. She laid a lot of eggs, and the eggs hatched instantly, which spawned a lot of tiny spiders. I dashed towards all the spiders and slashed them, one by one.


    All the tiny spiders are dead.

    "Your tiny bits are dead. They're useless."

    "PSSSST!!! You shall suffer now!"

    I charged towards her and tried to jump on her again. Unfortunately, she shot another spider web, and I was hit. I was stuck to the floor, and I can't move, but mty hands were free. Spider Queen approached towards me, and it looked like she's gonna eat me now.

    "I shall no longer wait for my meal! Foolish human, I'm eating you now!" Spider Queen opened her mouth, and tried to eat me.

    "Not until today," I said, preparing my forged bow and aimed for her mouth.

    "DIEEEEEE!!!" I shouted, letting go of my bow. The arrow went straight into her mouth, and I can hear a sound inside her body...


    The arrow went straight for her heart, and it came out from the back of her body. She shrieked in terror, and collapsed to the ground. Spider Queen is dead.

    My forged bow also broke after I shot my arrow, I guess that I've used it wisely.

    I'm still stuck in this spider web. I tried to break free by using my sword, but it's too strong. Suddenly, I saw Spider Queen's middle leg next to me. It was very sharp, so I grabbed it and tried to cut the spider web, and it worked! I quickly grabbed my other items which were stuck to the spider webs, and I headed for the survivors. I slashed the first spider web, and was surprised to find out this boy...

    "Jaime?" I said.

    "Oh my God! Stick! It's you! Luckily you have saved us, or--"

    "Don't mention it. Now let's save the other two," I said again.

    Jaime and I slashed the other spider webs, and I was surprised again, because I knew the two girls stuck here too.

    "Nic?" she said.

    "Good gracious! The both of you are here too!" I said.

    It's Luna (ReiShen) and Athena (AthenaMC). Both of them are cousins. I didn't expect that they're here too...

    "How did you know that we're stuck here?" Athena asked.

    "I've got a map. How did you guys got stuck here?" I asked.

    "On that day, the three of us landed on the other side of this island. We didn't build a decent house, though, because we are just like nomads. One day, we encountered Spider Queen, and she captured me and Athena, but Jaime successfully escaped. He actually went out to kill animals, and he brought their meat to Spider Queen so that she'll let go of us. But she is very cunning, because instead of letting us go, she captured Jaime too. Fortunately, she promised that she'll eat all the meat before eating us, but we were worried as the food supply was decreasing. Luckily, you had found us, and slain her..." Luna said.

    "Damn! What an idiotic spider!" I grunted, chopping off Spider Queen's head from her body, and went to pick up her heart. "Let's get out of here," I said to them. They followed me out of this nest.

    On the way, Jaime asked me, "Stick, why does Luna call you Nic?"

    "My real name is Nicholas, and the short form for my name is Nick. However, Luna is from Indonesia, and she probably doesn'y know how to call my name is short form, so she called me Nic instead," I answered.

    "But both of them sounds the same," he said again.

    I kept quiet, feeling a little bit awkward.

    Chapter 19: Skeleton King
    We walked back to the old man's house after for a while. Upon reaching his house, he welcomed us.

    "Ah... Young traveller! You're back! And these people are..."

    "My friends. I saved them from becoming Spider Queen's meal," I said.

    "I see... And what about the Spider Queen?"

    I took out Spider Queen's head and heart and showed them to him.

    "Good," he said, taking the head and heart from my hands. "Now, slay the Skeleton King. His actions must be stopped!" he said again.

    "What actions?" I asked.

    "Well, just like Spider Queen, Skeleton King also likes to capture humans and animals. He always send his troops to capture them, and whoever fights back will be killed instead. Those who obey will be locked up in his prison."

    "And what does he do with the prisoners?" Luna asked.

    "He probably orders them to be his servants, or sells them away for lots of gold."

    "Sell them? You can't mean--" Jaime said.

    "Yes. This island is not the only one. His kingdom is located at another island where I don't know. Skeleton King left his city and came here to search for gold. Rumors said that this island has a lot of gold underneath its surface."

    "And what's the gold for?" Athena asked.

    "Nothing at all. Skeleton King is very greedy and he demands gold from his kingdom. that's why he sell his prisoners back to his own kingdom for gold."

    "Gold, gold, gold! This damned skeleton only wants gold in his life! Let's teach him a lesson when he gets the fool's gold!" I grunted, raising my iron sword.

    "Very well," the old man said. He grabbed a few bows and a lot of arrows for us. "Even though I'm old and worn, I still can take down a few baddies. Every night, I love to go upstairs, and snipe those skeletons outside my house. Then, I'll go outside and collect their bows and arrows."

    "So, that means you're coming with us?" I asked.

    "Yes, but one of you is going to push me in my wheelchair," he said, pointing at the wheelchair.

    "Alright. Let's do this."

    Later that night, I ran back to my house, and gathered a few stuff to get ready for the battle. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened the door and found out that Red was outside.

    "Hey, how do you know that I'm back?" I asked.

    "Saw that your house is lit up. I thought it was a robber of something, so I came here to take a loook. By the way, why have you came back? Any news of my wife?" Red asked.

    "Gathering my stuff, I think I've found your wife's location. Four survivors are assisting to take down the enemies' base," I said.

    "Really? I'm coming with you! Let's so save my wife now!" Red said in excitement.

    Both of us left our houses after preparing our stuff. We walked back to the old man's house as everyone was waiting for us. On the way, we encountered a wolf. The wolf seems fierce, and it's growling at us...

    "Great. What now?" Red asked.

    I went closer to the wolf and threw a bone. It chewed the bone for a while, and spitted it out, then it came for me.

    "Stick! Run! It's going to bite you!" Red shouted, moving back a few steps.

    I didn't move. I just looked at the wolf. Instead of biting me, it was acting like a dog in front of me. I did it. I've tamed a wolf!

    "Aww, you've got your first pet!" Red said.

    "This is not my first pet, I used to rear dogs. Anyway, I shall name him Hunter," I said, petting on Hunter's head. We continued to walk to the old man's house.

    Then I had a brilliant plan.

    When we reached the old man's house, I introduced Red to everyone, and we had a discussion. O proposed my plan, and everyone agreed. We prepared our stuff before heading to Skeleton King's camp, and slept.

    The next day, we woke up and began the journey to Skeleton King's camp. We crossed through a large taiga forest, and it;s very snowy there. After for many hours, we reached the camp, but it was already night.

    I told everyone to get in their position, and I went up first. I waved my hand in front of a guard skeleton, and it said, "What are you doing here? Get lost!"

    "Nothing," I said, then I made a loud whistle. Hunter came out from the forest, leading an army of wolves to attack the camp.

    "NOOOO--" the skeleton cried, shouting in pain while the wolves are biting on it. I guess, the wolves here are like dogs, because they love to chew on bones. I called the rest of them to attack the camp, and went inside there. We fought hard against the skeletons, with the help of the wolves. The skeletons were frightened, and they ran into a tower, and locked the door.

    We continued forward, but suddenly, an arrow hit my helmet.

    "Snipers on top!" I shouted, firing my arrows at them, but they missed.

    "Leave it to me," the old man said, taking aim at the skeletons. He fired his arrows quickly, and all of them hit the skeletons' heads off. But more skeletons just kept coming out from that tower.

    "Luna and Athena, assist the old man! Jaime and Red, follow my lead!" I said. The three of us went into another building. There were far too many corridors inside the building, and we had to be extremely careful.

    Suddenly, I found a sign which says "Prison Cells". "Red, go save your wife. Jaime, you follow him. I'll deal with Skeleton King by myself.," I said, pointing at the sign. They went to the other side, leaving me alone to hunt down Skeleton King.

    I went to a large corridor which leads to Skeleton King's chamer, but there were too many skeletons. I whistled again, and many wolves, including Hunter came to attack all of them. Many skeletons were dead, but a few elite skeletons killed a lot of wolves too.

    "Hunter! Fall back!" I shouted. He ran away with the remaining wolves. The skeletons aimed for my head instead.

    "Wait!" I shouted. I took out my bucket filled with water, and poured the water to the front. The skeletons looked at me, feeling confused. They pulled their bows, and were ready to fire their arrows. I ran towards them, and they fired their arrows. At this time, I slided on the water to duck, and dodged those arrows. The skeletons were shocked, and I slashed all of them before they could prepare their next shot. After killing them, I walked to the door in front of me, and slammed it open.


    It's a voice of a skeleton. He's wearing a crown and gold armor, equiping a sword and shield, and sitting on his throne.

    "Who are you?" I asked.


    "PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!!!" he said.

    I dashed towards him, and tried to hit him with my sword, but he blocked my hits with his shield. I parried every single hit from him, but he bashed me with his shield, knocking me down to the floor. He jumped and tried to stab me, but I kicked him heavily with both of my legs, knocking him down the to floor too.

    I quickly got up and tried to slash him, but he raised his sword and clashed with mine. He was too strong, and he knocked my sword away. He pointed his sword at me, and I was forced to move backwards, until I hit a wall. I quickly moved to the sideways, but I was cornered.


    "Not until today."

    I jumped forwards, and slashed him heavily with my axe. His chestplate was broken at the moment I slashed him. He tried to stab me with his sword, but I parried it hard, and his sword was broken too. Suddenly, I had a thought in my mind: Gold weapons and armor suck.

    Skeleton King jumped away and grabbed my iron sword. I tried to slash him again, but he clashed my axe with the sword, then used his shield to bash me again. I was knocked backwards, and he jumped above to whack my head with his shield. I quickly swung my axe upwards, which knocked his shield away. He was very mad at me, and he threw the iron sword towards me, but I caught it before it could stab me.

    "Thanks for returning my sword," I said.


    I quickly took out my bow, but an arrow was flying towards me. I ducked it and tried to shoot him, but his bow firing speed is too fast. I ran to the throne and hid behind it, and pulled my bow. I waited for him to come, and I can hear his bones cracking...

    This is it... I saw his head in front of me, then I let go of my bow...


    Skeleton King was shot in the head by my arrow. He was dazed and couldn't stand still. I quickly fired a few more arrows, which hit him, and he collapsed to the floor. I took my axe, and chopped him many times. His body was split, but suddenly...


    The bones were rattling, and one by one, they formed a lot of skeletons, each holding a bone sword. I fought all of them, and their bone swords were no match for me. I defeated all of them under no time, leaving piles of bones everywhere. I thought that it was over already, so I turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly...


    The bones were rattling again, and it's getting louder! I was about to turn around to see what's going on, but I was knocked to the floor.

    "YOU THOUGHT THAT I WILL DIE EASILY?" a voice appeared behind me. It was Skeleton King! He stepped on my back, causing me unable to move.

    "I saw you die," I said.

    "NOT UNTIL I KILL YOU FIRST!!!" Skeleton said with anger, grabbing my sword on the floor. He's going to stab me now...

    "No one kills our leader!" a voice appeared from above. Suddenly, a burning arrow flew towards my direction, but it didn't hit me...


    "GAHHH!!! I'M ON FIRE!!!" Skeleton King screamed, letting go of me. The burning arrow had hit Skeleton King instead!

    "Young traveller! You're safe now!" the old man said, standing on the top floor with everyone else.

    "Glad to have you here, old pal," I said.

    "Stick! His bones are black now! Kill him!" Red said.

    I got up and grabbed my iron sword, holding both swords in both of my hands, then ran towards Skeleton King.

    "This is the end! Spinning Slash!"



    Skeleton King's arms and legs were ripped off, and now he's lying down on the floor. I loaded my iron sword into my bow, and pulled it.

    "Yesterday,you were a ruler to your kingdom, owning the fortune of your kingdom. Today, you are nothing, and you only have the fool's gold! Goodbye!" I said, letting go of my bow.

    "NOOOOO!!! PLEASE--"


    Today, I have witnessed a king's death. Skeleton King is dead.

    I picked up my sword and Skeleton King's head, then rejoined with everyone.

    "You did it!" Luna said.

    "Yeah... I was supposed to kill him by myself... But oh well, that burning arrow helped me," I said.

    "Actually, I grabbed a torch and fired it from the bow. Skeletons are afraid of fire, and daylight too," the old man said.

    "Wow. We should have attacked the camp during daytime..." Jaime said.

    "Never mind. Anyway you have saved my wife already," Red said.

    "Thank you Stick. We don't know how to repay you..." Cupquake said.

    "It's not a big matter. I just want some food, I'm hungry now," I said.

    "Well, let's go home now," Red said.

    We left the camp and each of us returned to our homes.

    Chapter 20: Epilogue
    I woke up, feeling like I never had a good sleep until last night. I got out from my bed and stretched my body. Suddenly...


    "Stick! It's us! Open the door!"

    I opened the door, and found out that Jaime, Luna and Athena were standing outside my house, carrying their stuff.

    "Nick, we have decided to live with you. We don't want to be homeless..." Luna said.

    "It's alright. I've got extra rooms. By the way, did Jaime tell you about my name?"

    "Yes, I did," Jaime said.

    I stood there, feeling awkward again.

    "Jaime, your room is upstairs. Luna and Athena, the both of you sleep in that room," I said. They went to their rooms and unpacked their stuff. After that, we went to Red's house.

    "Hi! Care for some breakfast?" Cupquake asked.

    "Yes... I'm very hungry now..." I said.

    We had some eggs and fries for breakfast. I don't really like eggs, though, but I'm too hungry... I quickly ate my breakfast in no time.

    "Wow Stick, you seem to be very hungry. Care for some more food?" Red asked.

    "Yes, more fries please," I said.

    "Actually Stick, there's someone who wants to meet you," Cupquake said, handing over a basket of fries for me.

    "I didn't know that there's someone else living with the both of you. Who is he or she?" I asked.

    "Red, you didn't tell him? Cupquake asked Red.

    "Err... Nope... I was very nervous and worried about you, and I'd forgotten... Sorry..." Red said.

    "It's alright. Who's that anyway?" I asked again.

    "Let me bring her here," Cupquake said, walking upstairs.

    Wow. I didn't know that there's another girl living with them. But I'm sure that she's not their daughter, and I'm very curious to find out.

    After for a while, Cupquake came downstairs, ans said, "She's here."

    "Brother!" a voice came behind her.

    In my mind, I only know one girl who calls me her brother. I made a quick guess, and to my amazement, I was correct. It was Jane (Janetang), my in-game sister. I'm the one who encouraged her to play Minecraft, and guided her until today. I didn't know that I could meet her in person, and now it came true.

    "Sister Jane! I'm glad that you're here!" I said, hugging her. "How did you manage to come here?" I asked.

    "On that day, I floated to an island which has a city there. It has a good environment there, and it's modern-based. Living there makes me feel safe, but I don't like it. I hate the city owner there, because he's so strict to us! One night, I escaped the city, and sailed to this island. I saw a pier on the beach, and docked my boat here, and went to this house in front of me. I was so surprised when I found out that Cupquake and Red were living here!" Jane said.

    "But I didn't see you on that day..." I said again.

    "I was very tired after not sleeping for a night. That's why when you came, I didn't show up because I was sleeping upstairs. During the time when Cupquake was kidnapped, Red took care of me. We waited for you to rescue Cupquake, and now she's safe!" Jane said with excitement.

    Later that night, Red invited all of us to his house, for a victory dinner. All of us were there, and I sat at the middle of the long table. Suddenly...

    "Wait! I have forgotten someone!" I said, running out from the house. Everyone seems puzzled for what I was doing.

    I went to the old man's house.

    "Young traveller! What brings you here?"

    "All of us are waiting for you to come, we have a victory party at Red's house," I said.

    "Ah... I didn't know that I was invited, too."

    "Actually, I ran out from the house to invite you to come over. I would like to thank you for saving my life."

    "You're welcome," he said, walking into his room. He took out Spider Queen's head and heart, and Skeleton King's head, and passed them to me.

    "I'm proud of you. Take these as your trophies."

    "Thanks, I never knew that I was so brave... Anyway, what's your name?" I asked.

    "My name is Kain, a.k.a. PainKiller."

    "Wow! What a great name you got there!"

    "Thanks. Can you help to push me in my wheelchair?" Kain asked.

    "Alright, let's go," I said, pushing Kain in his wheelchair.

    After for a while...

    "I'm back!"

    "Good gracious Stick! Where have you been?" Red asked.

    "I brought the old man here. His name is Kain," I said.

    "Kain! Great to have you here! Your archery skills are epic!" Jaime said.

    "Thanks," Kain said.

    "Shall we eat now? I'm hungry..." Jane asked.

    "Then let's dine now!" I said.

    "Yay! Brother is the best!" Jane said with excitement.

    The dinner was very yummy. Cupquake made some chicken chops, and a LARGE basket of fries for us to eat! But I was sick of drinking water, especially during a special event. So I asked Red, "Do you have anything else to drink?"

    "Yes, we've got some Coke."

    "Hell yeah! Fetch all of us a glass each!"

    Red went to the kitchen, and brought out a large bottle of Coke. and poured it into everyone's glass.

    "Thanks," I said.

    "Well, my brother really likes to drink Coke. Everytime when he's depressed, he would ask me for some," Jane said.

    "Lawl, why are you depressed all the time?" Cupquake asked.

    "Nothing at all. I'm just like this ever since." I said.

    "Problems with getting girls?" Red asked.

    "Of course not..." I said again.

    "Dude, you're good looking OK? You should go find a girlfriend soon!" Jaime said in excitement.

    "Thanks... But I don't want to..." I said, feeling very awkward.

    "Awww come on bro! You should..." Jane begged me.

    "I told you a million times, I'm too old..." I said.

    "Older than me? I'm 52 here," Kain said.

    "Nick! You should go get Athena!" Luna said, looking at her cousin.

    "Hey! Stop it!" Athena said, pinching Luna's face. I became more awkward after hearing that, and all of us bursted with laughter.

    After that awkward discussion, Red stood up, raising his glass.

    "To all," he said.

    "To all," Cupquake and Jane said.

    "To all," Kain and Jaime said.

    "To all," Luna and Athena said.

    I stood up, raising my glass.

    "To all of us!" I said loudly.


    This is the rising of me. My name is ProStickman.

    Someday, I'll find back my brothers...

    ~THE END~

    The sequel has been released! Click on the link to read it now! (Still under WIP)
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