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    Nintendo has made alot of bad decisions in the past- Removing Swapnote or whatever it's called, disabling Flipnote Gallery: Friends, and their multiplayer battle games suck now. But why? Why did they do this, and ruin it for everyone else? Well, let's discuss that. Are all these done for bad reasons?

    First off, yes, They are extremely stupid reasons. Because all the things that have gotten those services disabled are perfectly find. They're normal for people that age.

    Second off, long story short- It's because they think their only audience is Kids. They act like, and almost REFUSE that they have an older audience that likes... "Different" things.

    3rd, their multiplayer games suck now because they think everyone is stupid. Game devs, we're not. Trust me.

    Let's start with Swapnote. Why was it disabled? Their main reason is for "The sharing of friend codes". WHAT? Uh, i didn't hear you over the fact that you need one to even USE Swapnote. Hahah, yeah, you're fooling no one. It's obviously because people were sharing porn, you just don't want Kids to know that. And if they wanna share porn, let them share porn! Atleast it's not going across the entire internet. You shouldn't even need a mature filter there. Just let them... "Do" what they do. Uhhhh... Next!

    Flipnote gallery: Friends. They claim the same reason. The same reason is still obvious bull. But they say it's friend codes/usernames for other sites... Who gives a crap about other sites! Nintendo, if some kid gets a pedophile on his tail(Almost literally... I'm going to hell for that, aren't i?), it is NOT your fault, it's the kids fault for friend requesting random people! Encourage them not to! Or better yet, allow parents to block the friends list!

    Why do their multiplayer games suck? Let's start with Smash. Well, again, it's a problem with them failing to realise they have a smarter, older age group of players. Back in melee, there was Wavedashing, L-Cancelling, etc etc. Where did that go? Down the hole, thanks to the fact they think kids are dumb and wouldn't get it. Wave dashing is easy. I don't entirely remember it (It's been ages since i've used it) but i do remember that if you practice for 5 seconds, you get it and don't lose it for quite a while. L-Cancelling was hardER, but not by terribly much.

    Mario Kart. Oh, it doesn't suck, you say? I've seen many a review that say the game is extremely unfair... It seems to be that no matter what kart you're using, you have to rely on skill to get anywhere, as all the computers match your speed or beat it. WHY!? Also, it seems that no matter what item they get, they'll use it on you if they have the chance. And it always hits. Except maybe the banana. Or coins. Wait... Nevermind the coin. It seems that no matter what they use, they always get you. And if they're behind you, they will undoubtedly get red shell after red shell until you're at the back.

    Mario party. Do i even have to explain? Just because of all the fights the game has caused they've made the game basically an "Everyone wins!" party game. It sucks. The point of games like that is to START huge rivalries. Why remove that!? Because it was "Unfair". Yes, i'll agree. I've palyed Mario Party 2, and i only had 2 controllers so only 2 actual people could play- The CPUs were incredibly hard to beat. But, i was like 10 back then. I digress. (Also i played it on the Virtual Console on the Wii with a gamecube controller and classic controller) With the huge change of game mechanics, 9 and 10 are absolutely hated among party game fans. Long live the gamecube titles! Atleast they were better.

    Paper Mario Color Splash. One of the lines in the trailer is "Let's paint the town red". And my response to that is "With the blood of developers who chose to stick to Sticker Star gameplay". Atleast Sticker Star was a somewhat interesting game. This game looks empty and boring. And why are they keeping the level system?! I couldn't care less about the combat, but WHY LEVELS!? Everyone HATED Sticker Star, why did you "Stick" to it?! (See what i did there?) The ONLY, and i mean ONLY good thing about this game is that it's on the Wii U, so it has better graphics. BUT THAT'S EVEN WORSE! They did the level system because the 3DS couldn't handle a whole world! But they keep that system, designed for an INCAPABLE SYSTEM, for a perfectly capable system!

    No wonder the Wii U is failing so bad, all the games from their most loved series SUCK! Zelda? ALL REMAKES! Mario Bros Wii U? JUST A REHASH OF THE WII GAME. There is NOTHING to love on this system. There is no generally new, GOOD, innovative games, much less by Nintendo themselves! They are creating nothing generally new and fun, and if they don't pick up their act, the NX will end exactly the same way. Pick up your act, Nintendo.

    So, bottom line is that Nintendo acts like they KNOW they have a certain demographic, but don't care about the Fans. They think the kids who will play their games are dumb now. They don't care about the adult fanbase and what they want/should be able to get, or their fans in general and what they want their favorite series to be like, not that bullcrap that is Sticker Star. They are careless about what they create, because they know kids WILL be stupid enough to buy it JUST because it's Mario, and it's going to keep them alive for years! Even if those kids DON'T buy their games, they aren't dying for a VERY, VERY long time! They don't care about their fans or what they want, as LONG as it makes them money. Like, I'm actually being serious here, The new Zelda Wii U game is going to be the ONLY game out of NINTENDO'S franchises ON THE WII U that will be Inventive, creative, innovative, and fun, AFTER 4 YEARS OF THE WII U'S LIFE! DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?

    Smash bro's is completely Luck based.

    Mariokart 8 is luck based.

    Mario party is dumbed down.

    Zelda is all remakes.

    There is NO 3rd party content on this system

    The library is smaller than HALF the PS4's OR LESS, AND THE PS4 HAS BEEN A THING FOR A YEAR LESS THAN THE WII U.

    This list could go on FOREVER. But let's not take it there. Nintendo, pick up your act, or you'll be the next sega. Eventually you won't HAVE the money to make consoles. That or you'll stop making them because you'll get WAY, WAY outsold, even by the Xbox, which is obviously inferior to the PS4, with are both inferior to the PC Master Race.

    Now, what else? Oh, i know a problem with all game developers... THE FACT THAT THEY THINK WE'RE STUPID. Like, 1-2 hour long tutorials required levels of stupid. Kingdom Hearts 2, lookin at you.

    What's a good example of how to fix this? Mega Man X's intro stage. It's level design is almost a tutorial itself. It uses how the human brain works to make you figure out what to do. Egoraptor can explain all this pretty well, go look up Sequelitis- Megaman X.

    What SHOULD a game be?

    It should be like terraria or minecraft. It's very straight forward, so it gives you no tutorial. Like, Mario should never require a tutorial! The game is that simple!

    Bottom line, game devs think we're dumb. Nintendo thinks that they don't have fans over 10 years old, and don't even CARE about those 10 year olds. They just milk money out of them and their parents, that's it. They just don't care about any of their fans, and don't give fans what they deserve, and look at how PS4 is doing it. 3 years later, Bringing FFXV and FF7 and KH3 out. All are games that will push the system to it's limits. Nintendo has not ONE of these types of games. They aren't showing off how truly powerful their system is, even though it would benefit them much more than just making games that will milk money out of kids and their parents. If they did that, Developers would have more incentive to actually work hard on developing for the Wii U.

    Well, what are your thoughts on this topic? Why do YOU think the Wii U is failing? Why do YOU think most of their games suck now? Why do their battle games suck? What about Paper Mario? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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    Are you gonna update this? Plz say yes, i love this mod and dont want to lose it.

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    I'd like to have the actual file names, and a tutorial for making the sound packs. i want to know the file names of them all, like, is the Boss fight enddragonfight.ogg? that's the kinda thing, and what each respective song belongs to, and where. I need this because i'm on OS X, and i dont know of any Unzipping files to see what all the songs are. Thanks, if you help!

    I want to work on an Undertale soundtrack.

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    Yo, Max! idea: Just like the original mod, make the hud elements rotatable, like boss bars, healthbars, and the hotbar.

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    Quick tip- DO NOT update this mod until the portal gun mod is updated. (Unless it is and i'm just being an idiot)

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