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    I really wanted to try out the SSP mod, but it isn't available anymore. Does anyone have a copy of the mod still, or does it not work in versions like 1.9-1.12?

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    I'm talking, like, nothing futuristic, but more like the technology we have today. Basically, we have the world as we know it today, the Endermen invade and kill everything. This leads to Steve being guided to defeating the Ender dragon, but if you wanna reach a bit, it could essentially be a projection of the player- the world of Minecraft is their dream, and when they play the game, that's the "dream" the universe mentions at the end. Steve is a projection of the player, guided by some god-like figure, and is there to avenge this other universe. And when you do, the universe tells you to wake back up to your world, a world where civilisation still exists.

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    There are a lot of mysteries hidden within Minecraft. From the existence of the living dead, to Enderman, to the discs being the most realistic, technologically advanced thing in the game, the End, and more. When you think about almost anything in Minecraft, almost nothing adds up. This is thanks to Minecraft's lack of a story- or rather, lack of a rigid one. There are hints sprinkled about, but nothing to allow us to figure out anything concrete. This leaves most of the speculation up to the player, and allows you to give each world your own story.

    I've always had the idea that the world of Minecraft is some post-apocalyptic world, taking place after a total collapse of civilisation. It explains the relative lack of modern technology in the game aside from Redstone, which in and of itself, has some major limits in comparison to real-world electricity. It explains why the world is so empty as well, aside from some small villages filled with people that barely look like people. As far as i know, this isn't an uncommon theory but it's less recognised than anything about Herobrine, that's for sure. We may have evidence to support such a theory, sure. But the question is- What happened? Well, i believe the answer lies in Disc 11.

    Disc 11 is an enigma. We've researched it, analysed the contents since its addition, yet still, we know nothing. The closest things we've had to actual "theories" are just cop-outs for kids either being too lazy to research it, or just kids being obsessed with Herobrine. Otherwise, nothing. So i decided to look for a link between Disc 11 and something else in the game. The best connection i could find was the Enderman; The eleventh mob added to the game. But how could this be connected to the end of the world?

    I believe the contents of Disc 11 took place before the end of the world. This explains the decrepit state it's in. I believe this due to a sound effect in the track that i can only hear as someone loading a gun of some sort- which as you know, don't exist in the world of Minecraft after the end of the world. This leads me to believe that this was before the end of the world. One of the defining features of the track is the sound at the end- Distorted screaming that seems to be layered with static. This fits the Enderman perfectly. I believe that the Enderman snuck up on an unsuspecting miner and killed him. Assuming the miner did attempt to fight back, we can assume it was with the gun he loaded- which would have proven futile, due to the Enderman's ability to teleport to dodge any ranged attacks.

    I believe this was essentially a recording of the beginning of the end; the first appearance of a monster resistant to all modern weapons. However, as civilisation had grown accustomed to modern technology, it's likely that it would never have occurred to them to use swords or other melee weapons- and most who did attempt to do so likely were defeated due to the Enderman's strength and ability to teleport around them. This reliance on modern technology proved to be their downfall, and resulted in the destruction of mankind.

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    I've been absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing lately, so i thought i'd do some skins of the characters. Namely, some of the more popular felines- Rover, Punchy, Bob, Rosie (My personal favorite <3) and a bonus.... cat?

    Of course, these aren't the only cats in the game. There's like, 300 villagers, from what i remember on the Wiki?


    Rover is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. His job varies in each game, but his primary job is to set-up the playable character. Despite his name, which is usually connected with dogs, he is a cat, and is very friendly and hospitable towards the playable character and others. His name also originates from roaming, as he is a frequent traveler, traveling on a train in Animal Forest to Animal Forest e+, then onto a bus in City Folk, and then back onto the train in New Leaf.



    Punchy is a lazy cat villager in the Animal Crossing series, appearing in all games to date, except for Animal Forest. He and Cheri are the only non-islander villagers to make their debut in Animal Forest +, rather than the original Animal Forest for the Nintendo 64. His name may come from the word "punchy," which means being groggy or dazed from a series of punches. His Japanese name, 'Binta', means "a slap in the face". His picture quote from Wild World also relates to his easygoing demeanor. Punchy was featured on the cover of Animal Crossing, in the upper right window with Mitzi, another cat villager.



    Bob is a lazy cat villager who has appeared in every game of the Animal Crossing series. His name is most likely based off the bobcat. His initial phrase, "pthhhpth," may be a reference to the sound a cat makes when coughing up a hairball (this is further supported by the information on the e-Reader card which indicates he tends to spit often while speaking). His picture phrase in New Leaf is a feline spin on the memetic phrase, "You only live once."



    Rosie is a peppy cat villager that has appeared in all games in the Animal Crossing series to date and also appeared in Dōbutsu no Mori. (The animal crossing movie, if you didn't know.) She is also a widely popular Animal Crossing representative symbol, as she appears on many game covers and has merchandise based upon her appearance. As a peppy villager, Rosie will appear friendly, excitable, and hospitable towards other villagers and the player. Her initial catchphrase is a reference to how lighthearted peppy villagers act most of the time, being very cheerful and friendly to both the player and other villagers.

    Rosie <3(She's my favorite <3)



    Blanca is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. Blanca is a white cat that asks the player to draw them a face. Blanca's English name may come from the feminine Spanish word for "white," which is "blanco." It may also be a play on the word "blank," which refers to how their face is blank until the player draws one for them.

    Blanca's gender is variable. Blanca is listed as male in Japan but female internationally. In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, Blanca has a distinct lazy/jock voice, both of which are male personality types.


    As you can see, i haven't given her a face yet; So why don't you? Go ahead and give her a face- any face, as long as it sticks to the forum rules- and post it in the comments? If you don't know how to post a skin/picture, you need to go here and upload it the skin/picture, take the link from the last box, and use the Picture function in the top of the text editor, and place the link in the top box! Post the skin as well as a picture of it in action, if you want.

    References: Animal Crossing Wiki

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    "PANCAKES!!"-Probably not an actual Niko quote

    This is a skin of Niko from Oneshot, because i really haven't seen any that are all that authentic. So, i took a crack at it myself. I think it turned out alright aside from the ears, which had to fold over the top of his head because of their position on the original art. They protruded upwards from the side of his hat in the art for the game, but since i didn't have enough space to get a decent-looking, decently sized ear in the right position, i had to make it fold over his head. If anyone wants to take a crack at redoing the ear, let me know. I don't care how much you have to edit if you decide to do it, i'm alright either way. If you post it separately, just credit me. If you want me to put it in this post, i'll credit you.

    Niko is a cat-kid from the game Oneshot who's approximately 8 years old. He has purplish-blue hair, a redish-brown coat with beige stripes on it. He has yellow eyes with thin, long pupils.

    The skin:

    If you see anything with it that i could/should fix, lemme know!

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    Anything new as of yet?

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    Edited to different post! Sorry for any inconvenience! Made the post more relevant!


    So. My post either got deleted, or the Auto-merge post feature dun' goof'd. Back to square one. The post was very irrelevant in the first place. Anyway. This may as well be a series by now. As in, "The Problem With". Here i discuss problems with various companies. From Activision, To Nintendo, To valve, All companies have their problems. And speaking of Valve, that's a great segue to the actual post. This time, on this incredibly broken forum, The problem with Vaaaavle! Sarcasm is real. Anyway. Let's get started. I'll be looking at each of their main games, and why it's a huge problem to them, then what THEIR problem is. Let's get started.

    -What is valve?-

    If you don't know Valve, go do your research. Right here. Valve is a multi-million dollar company, known for the likes of Half-life, Team Fortress, and Counterstrike, all of which were massive successes. Lead by our lord and saviour, Gabe Newell, god of steam sales, this company is the danger to Console Gaming, owning Steam, the biggest PC Game sharing service.

    -The problem in general-

    Team Fortress is one of the most obvious cases. Ever since it became Free to play, this game has pushed update after update that have left Free-To-Plays out of the equation. This began in the Mann Versus Machine update. T o get anything other than fun out of Mann Versus Machine, you are required to pay for Tour of Duty tickets to play it AND get weapons. And if you want good weapons, you better get a lot of them. This continued until now, continuing last year in Gun Mettle. You were required to buy a coin, to get a pass, to get the contracts that the update focused on, which got you skin crates, which you required keys for, which you had to pay for. This continued for 3 updates. Why is this a problem? This is gonna be a running theme in this post- Greed. They make a TON of money for this, and with these "features", they can make a ton of money off the people that will pay. Because many of them will pay a lot. They make money off Muselk, Jerma, B4nny, Slin, and lots more. And because of that, they won't stop with it. Greed, mah bois.

    -Where did this originate?-

    It's no secret to anyone where this began. It all started with their first game- Half Life. This game made MILLIONS. What do you do with things like that? Create a Sequel. Then another one. And another one. And another one. And so they did, with several expansions for both Half-life 1 and 2. Then Team Fortress Classic. Then Counterstrike after Counterstrike. This makes them money, so they won't stop doing it. Yet, people seem to keep on accepting this. Like Muselk said "After every update, i keep thinking "Oh, they'll hear the fan's outcry! They'll be sure to not continue updates like this!" But they never stopped. Yet i kept thinking it. And it's time to stop accepting it." That's basically my tagline for this thread. "Start realising their wrong. Stop accepting it." In fact, that should be my tagline for this series. Huh.

    So, fans of Valve, start realising what they're doing wrong. It's ridiculous most of you don't know about it, much less accept it. It's so obvious, and it's so wrong. All of you need to actually start crying out about this, because these crappy update to all their games should not go on. It's unfair to those who can't pay, and also unfair to anyone else. Start making a stink, people. They need to realising what they're doing wrong.

    Also, another thing wrong with Valve? Valve's Anticheat system. Also, my next few threads will likely be about Activision, What they did to Spyro, Crash, and whatnot. One post will be about the History of Spyro, too, and one will be about MY experiences with Spyro. Now, yes, this thread sucks... But i got lazy, doing this at 8 at night, after the original got deleted for 1 of 2 reasons. Well, if you're gonna read this and agree, thanks, but i doubt you will. Again, i'm just lazy. Bye!

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    I'd be wondering why there's a pixel guy in my bed.

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    First Minecraft in Zelda breath of the wild, now Breath of the wild in Minecraft. This is getting meta.

    I haven't quite played this yet, but what's the chance of adding the ability to turn off lowered starting health if that ability isn't there yet?

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    (Ok, i was just thinking he was a real person, i couldn't 100% remember... Draeju, still waiting on the link to that picture XD)

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    Hey, CoolAlias, bit of an idea. Perhaps you could change the Music plate or whatever it was called. The place where it shows you have to play songs.Do you know the OoT Beta ocarina pedestal? You should turn it into a slab like that.

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    Also, AJPirate, don't forget the fact that your hand is now cut open and you're bleeding to death. (Cat claws, man. They suck.)

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    Here's a list.

    Magic. *Snort snort*

    Moving to Equestria

    Die and become an angel or something.


    Next person must be shot by their cat.

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