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    Quote from Oceandrop»

    Shields? Dual-wielding? What is the point?

    The ability to add sounds to a texture pack sent the game down a few notches; even creative mode has negatively impacted the game.


    By this logic absolutely no change has a point.

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    Quote from ColdCrawdad7»

    You think it's the most accessible coding language because that's the one you're learning right now.

    Lua would be ten times more efficient for mods. Plus, it's easy to integrate in C/C++ programs, which are by far faster than Java.

    If you learn Java, you shouldn't find difficult to move into any other language. If you do, then you learned something in the wrong way. Algorithmic and mechanics are important, not the language.

    That doesn't change the fact that 90% of modders will not want to rewrite their mods, and if anyone wants to continue an old mod, it would be slow-going. Modders already take a long time to update using the same coding language every time between updates, as of late.

    Quote from Bjossi»

    And risk data loss and major code incompatibilities once it is time to merge it into the main core? We have had version control for decades exactly to avoid such bad practices. You create branches for new features and then commit your progress frequently (even many times in one work day), as well as frequently merging your branch with the master one to minimize code conflicts.

    I have no doubt that the guys are working on 1.9, but the ridiculously long dev time combined with the needless silence is slowly but surely raising my expectations and probably many other people's, to the point where whatever they end up releasing will feel insignificant and disappointing as a function of the dev time. This is also unlike the past where Mojang would release smaller updates much more often and be more vocal on development progress. I don't see why they would flip their strategy upside down, especially when other projects from other studios have shown in practice why they don't work.

    I didn't say to manhandle the code or anything. They still can access copies of contained WIP code on portable computers.

    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    If my memory serves correctly, I remember seeing some Tweets mentioning they won't be working on them on various trips. Although I'm surprised they haven't done so as far as working on it on the fly. However they could've just done that on a few select trips without telling us. :P

    As for the latter, totally agree. I also doubt they'd bother re-coding the entire game, for many reasons community included.

    I highly doubt they would be strict about such a statement. They care too much about the community to just say "let's just take vacations every other week and barely work on anything!" as soon as Notch leaves.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    I'm getting really sick of all this whining about how Mojang is definitively not working on 1.9. Dinnerbone making a simple prototype for something doesn't mean nobody's working on 1.9. And besides that, who says they can't work on 1.9 when they're taking trips to wherever? Just because they're not dumping out essays about how some amazing new mechanic works every 5 days doesn't mean they aren't doing anything, they can easily store WIP code on their personal computers and work on it frequently. If I was in their situation, that's what I'd do.

    Quote from Gamelord»

    I kinda wish we had 2.0 as a rewritten Minecraft, as I believe at one point Mojang noted how the game was quite inefficient, and Java isn't really fit for what the game has become. Can't quote it, only vaguely remember it. But I do feel that the current modding community and such means that Minecraft is maybe a little too far gone for a sequel, let alone a total rewrite which is also in another programming language.

    As much as I want it, it seems like 2.0 would be the end of Minecraft.

    EDIT: Just noticed, in the tweet by Searge about maps and islands and whatnot, not only is the new block in his inventory, it appears in the distance, a few of them, with possibly another block forming a pillar near them, a light coloured one. It's hard to see though, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    I would absolutely hate for Minecraft to move away from Java. It's the most accessible coding language. Virtually all current mods would die permanently, and new ones would be slow to come.

    ...Plus I'm learning Java right now...

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    Quote from RedRoboHood»

    • Java is just a programming language; in fact, it is one of the best and most popular programming languages in the world. The fact that it runs in a virtual machine instead of directly on a computer increases its portability by an insane amount. And you're against using it... why? Because you have some completely unsubstantiated fear about infecting your computer with a completely harmless and extremely useful piece of software?

    That reminds me - it's used in cars.
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    You know, millions of people play this game, and I've never heard of anything like getting a virus from it, even indirectly. Even if it was possible, you could only potentially get it from multiplayer, which you don't even have to play. It's just downright ignorant to assume that the game itself can randomly give you a virus out of the blue, especially if you downloaded it from the Minecraft website.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Vis relays forget what they were doing when their chunks are unloaded. I have a circuit of them from an energized node with all primal aspects to an advanced alchemical furnace, and when I get too far, the circuit changes from red (Ignis) to white, and the furnace stops working.
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    Quote from LeslieGilliams
    1. Tired of getting suffocation damage when a horse gets stuck in a place tall enough for it but not tall enough for player and horse combined.

    2. Rabbits are just kind of annoying.

    Both of them just seem sort of like a mod that doesn't really fit like the other animals do.

    I long for the day that we get the ability to disable certain mobs in Minecraft.

    1. Don't ride them into small areas then.
    2. Then ignore them.
    Everything feels like a mod for a few months.
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    Quote from ivanovic
    I hope the rabbit skins will be reworked, since they look like a newbie modder project.

    The rabbits' models themselves look like a newbie modder project.
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    Seed and coordinates don't matter when it comes to mobs.
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    ...You spammed. That's just going to make people dislike your mod.
    Also do you really expect anyone to download a mod that they have no idea whatsoever about what it is?
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