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    Alot of people asking for this. I might as well try, not sure how well i can do it, seeing as the rendering system is entiriely diffrent

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    After finishing up the 1.10 - 1.12 port of the SecretRoomsMod, I found I had alot of knowledge of the whole rendering system with minecraft, so I used that to create this mod.

    So what is this mod?

    Well to put it short, its a mod that allows you to take one blocks model and colliding box and all that stuff, and put a diffrent texture onto it. For example, you can take the stair block, and but ANY other blocks texture on it. You can do the same with fences, and everything.

    How to use

    Its simple! There are currently no crafting recipes in the game, so they only way to use this mod in survival would be to create your own. There will be recipes in the future. To use this mod, first take a Block Capture Card and right click on the block you want as the model. Then, get a new Block Capture Card, and right click on the block you want as the texture (If you want a liquid as the texture, please use the Liquid Capture Card). Place down the Cloaking Machine, and open it. At the top left place the Capture Card for the block you want to be the model, and at the top right, the Capture Card for the block you want to use a the texture. You will then see the model being rendered in the center of the screen. (Holding right click will move the model around). Once you are happy with your model, place a Cloak Block in the slot to the left (shift clicking it will do), then click the button labled "Cloak". This will then set the output item to be the Cloaked Block. Now you can go and make your world just that much better! If you still require help, consult the videos below.

    Individual face texturing

    Also included within this mod is Individual face texturing. That means you can have a block with the top texture being stone, and the sides being dirt. To do this go into the Cloaking Machine, and place your model and base texture Capture Cards. Then, left click on the face you want to change. It will be highlighted, and in the top right a new slot will appear. Place the capture Card you want the certian face to change to and there you go. Your model should be rendering in the center. Then just put a Cloak Block in the left slot, click the button and there you go. If you still require help, consult the videos below.


    • Add hopper support so it can be automated
    • Redstone signal acts the same way as clicking the "Cloak" button
    • 2 tiers of Cloaking Machine, one can select faces, the other can't.

    Have a suggestion? Please leave it at the issue tracker and Ill be more than happy to take a look at it

    Link to videos


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