About Me
Occasionally (although not any time recently) I make icons/avatars for use as... icons and avatars? Anywho. They're all over here. If you use one on this site just credit that livejournal somewhere on your profile, just don't edit any of them, that drives me batty.
Interests Pokémon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, gender equality, Parks and Recreation, women who are awesome, science fiction, pink, everything pink, all day, everyday, Lady Gaga, PBS documentaries, the Fourth Doctor but only when he's with Sarah or Romana II because he gets mopey and unpleasant with other companions, Matt Smith's Doctor despite the fact that the writing on Doctor Who has Never Been Worse, the sound of my own voice, Photoshop, Cuuuuurves in Photoshop (omg, marry me), knitting, and other stuff when I think of it