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    What's your IGN? : Preheating
    Why are you interested in joining Nirvana Minecraft? : I have been looking for a survival server to play on for quite a while. I do not plan to play this game all the time because of schoolwork and other things in my life. But the time I do spend on it will be spent helping the server to flourish (e.g, helping other players, being a positive member of the community). I believe that the vanilla game of Minecraft has much to offer without the use of mods, I have played many other games with DLCS or Mods that made the game more fun, but I have yet to find an amazing mod on Minecraft that doesn't make me play ONLY that. I will usually end up reverting back to original Minecraft.
    Why should I let you play with us? : Well, that is for you to decide I guess. I could come up with a sob story or some cheesy reason why you should let me play with you, but in all honesty, it is your decision to add me as a contributing member to your server.
    Will you be dedicated to the server? : I will spend most of my free time playing on this server and considering I have not found another server to play on yet, this would be the server I would play on if accepted.
    Have you read the entire post? : Yes.
    Do you agree with the rules? :
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    posted a message on 1.8 Vanilla Minecraft server {whitelist} {Vanilla} {Survival} OFFICIAL NUGGETCRAFT
    IGN: Preheating

    AGE: 17


    WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS SERVER: I've been looking for a solid sever to play on. Hoping to meet new people and just generally have fun.

    PVP or NON-PVP: Don't care.

    SKYPE(optional): Prefer not to give it out until asked.

    SOLO or TEAM BUILDING: Don't care.

    OTHER INFO: :)
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    posted a message on Closed
    Why do you want to join the server? I have not played Minecraft in quite a while, as I didn't have much of an interest in playing it. I have been watching many YouTubers and their series, they have again sparked my interest in this game. I find vanilla servers to be the best experience of Minecraft. I play different games and use mods in most of them (Civilization V/Beyond Earth for example). But I believe the original version of this game to be the best and the most fun in my experience, especially when playing with other people.

    Have you ever been banned? (If so, why? Be honest) Nope. I have never been banned. I have owned Minecraft for over 4 years, but I have never found a server to stick on and my interest has peaked in and out.

    What's your maturity level on a scale of 10? Can't really say, I believe this to be a matter of perspective, people have different versions of themselves depending on their mood. I have been modded on a fairly popular server before, so I guess my maturity is at least pretty high.

    What's your favorite thing about Minecraft? As AnonAnarch said, the freedom. The Minecraft world is pretty much boundless (expect bedrock) and there is so much to do the game is pretty much limitless.

    If accepted, how active would you be? I spend most of my free time playing video games and will try and get on whenever possible, currently in my Grade 12 year of High School and am busy with schoolwork.
    IGN: Preheating

    Do you agree to all our rules? (Y/N) I don't really have a favourite food, but the one I'd prefer over most others would be McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. (P.S I do agree with the rules)
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    IGN: Preheating.

    Skype: I have it, but I'd prefer to not share it on this thread.

    Age: 17

    Building / redstone skills? (optional): Haven't played in quite a while so everything is subpar at this moment.

    Why do you want to join this small SMP Server?: Recently started to get back into Minecraft and looking to join a new server with a nice community.

    Have you ever been on a whitelisted SMP server before, if so, explain your experience.: No, but I have been modded on a smaller server a year or two ago.

    Have you ever been banned from a minecraft server before? If so, Why?: No.

    What do you plan to bring to this Whitelisted server?: I plan to bring anything required to make the server a fun and comfortable place for everyone.
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    posted a message on [NEW]Survival Realm[100% Vanilla][ACTIVE][Always Online!][Mindcrack]
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    Your in game name: Preheating

    Age and gender: 16, male.

    Country of residence: Canada.

    Time zone: EST.

    Skype name: I'll tell you later.

    Strengths: Fairly well rounded.

    How often will you be on: As foten as I can be.

    Do you watch MindCrack and know how SMP servers work: Yes.

    A short summary about you as a person:
    Nice, outgoing, respectful to people who are respectful to me.
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    posted a message on Medieval Server - Dawn of Age - Need Staff
    Minecraft Name: Preheating

    Age: 15

    Skype: You have it.

    Experience: I've been a mod/admin on multiple servers for over 2-3 years. (see above for details)
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    posted a message on GET PAID TO BUILD! READ HERE!
    Quote from cchheett55

    IGN: cchheett55


    Fix your image.
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    posted a message on Teamspeak server
    Quote from Trevor_Grog

    Looking to get an unlimited or 50 person team speak server.

    I might be able to hook you up with one if you are willing to pay me? I am currently hosting one.
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    posted a message on [NEW] Need Staff and Plugin Experts ~ You Will Be Payed!
    Quote from YoutubeFriendly

    Due to all of your applications being so well done, we will let anyone join and become our plugin guy! All you need to do is post your name below and we will add you to our whitelist

    Do we have to post it again?
    If so..
    IGN: Preheating
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    posted a message on [NEW] Need Staff and Plugin Experts ~ You Will Be Payed!
    Spot Applying For: Moderator.
    Minecraft Name: Preheating.
    Real Age: 15

    Can be on 5 -6 hours max as I am still in school, but while I am on I will do what I can to help.
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    posted a message on Need Staff For Server
    Role: Builder/Mod.

    IGN: Preheating.
    Age: 15
    Bans(If any, explain what happened. You will be looked up): Never been banned.
    Experience(Have you been a mod/higher before? This does not include running your own server): Yes. I've been a mod/admin on differet servers.
    Maturity: 9/10.
    How can you Help: I can help members/other staff out. I can Build interesting buildings for server use.
    Do you have Good Grammar: Yes.
    Time Zone: -5 from GMT, EST.
    Plugin knowledge/Building abilities: No pictures as I have just recently cleaned my harddrive but I can try and get some.
    How much will you Dedicate to the Server: As much as I possibly can.
    How Long have you been Playing Minecraft: 2 years.
    How will you Treat New Players: With respect depending on their behaviour.
    How will you Treat Rule-Breakers(a player is beligerantly cussing, what will you do?): If he is cussing/raging, he/she will get a warning. If still raging and or cussing they get a 5 minute mute (as a second warning) if after that 5 minute mute they will be banned.
    Why we should Pick You (5 sent. minimum): I am looking for a server to play/help on. I want to meet and talk to some new people. I have ideas to help a server grow and understand how to make fun things. I am mature and respectful.
    Tell us more about you: I'm 15. I'm from Canada, and I play a few games. I play multiple sports: Football, Soccer and Hockey.
    Skype: Icaneatyou.lol
    Anything Else You'd Like To Say: Nope.
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    posted a message on New Server! Need Staff!
    Position Trying for: Moderator/Admin.
    In Game Name: Preheating
    Age: 15
    Time Zone (optional): EST.
    Why you want to support the server: I've been an admin/moderator on multiple servers before. I would love to get to know people and help out new servers.
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    posted a message on Need builders for PVP Server
    IGN: Preheating
    Age: 15
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