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    Hello, i would like to introduce to you my brand new server! Since it was started just a week ago there aren't many players, but i hope that changes soon. I'm fully open to suggestions!

    Since this is an economy based server, the shop is a big part of it. If you wish, buying items will make your experience easier if you dont like how grindy vanilla Minecraft can be, but it also serves as a way to unleash your creativity by allowing you to get blocks and other decorations easily and reliably. Selling will be a bit part of you climbing up the ranks as well.

    For now we have four ranks:
    Novice, Advanced, Expert, Master.
    Each rank grants you perks like having multiple claims, exclusive kits and multimpe /home locations.
    I hope to expand this small list in the near future!

    So why dont you give us a chance at mc.projecth.club

    And once again, I am completely open to suggestions!
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