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    I am totally with you! We need more blocks and other things in the Nether!
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    Quote from robsonic

    So am I the only one that would like this?

    I dont understand a lot what you mean, could you be more accurate. Maybe a texture pack???
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    Quote from Killer_Syndicate

    Clay seems to have become extremely abundant now that 1.7 has been released, i know there's a bug fix named "Fixed Clay Generation?" But this is ridiculous, i just need to know if this is supposed to be like this. I'll be posting a few screenshots on just how much clay i've found within the default 81 chunks that are generated and saved when you fist spawn.

    Extremely abundant you say. I think It is time I leave the nether to see what is that. 0_o
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    Quote from Supertt007

    Can you make textures for my PVZ mobs...They look like craps lol..

    I will upload the templates if you want to do this

    Lol It look like it is little ducks no?
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    IGN : Pracle

    Location : Quebec ( Province of Canada )

    About me : I like being in the darkness, being underground, I really like to build big construction, I am really often in the nether. Last thing I like is having fun with the others.

    I promise not to hack.

    Its been about 2 years I play Minecraft.

    The element I want to be is the darkness.

    Thanks and I hope you will take me.
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