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    posted a message on Help me with my coordinates for Portal Teleporting between bases please
    Hi people!
    I have a big castle, and far far far away I made another. In the top of each castle I made a Portal. When I am in the 2º castle, and use the portal, when I go back I always came to my first portal.
    Doing some research, I found that you have to make some maths with the coordinates, to build in an specific coordinate in the Nether, another Portal, to make it a fast travel to my second castle (thats my target).
    I did wrong with my maths, and I cant get just in my castle. I came close, but over the sea in a difficult place.

    Here are the coordinates of my 1º portal:
    x: -1229
    Y: 97
    Z: 336

    And here the coordinates of my 2º Portal:
    X: -377
    Y: 117
    Z: 281

    The coordinates IN THE NETHER of the 1º Portal is:
    X: -156
    Y: 79
    Z: 40

    So after some maths, by 8 division and so, I came with this coordinates IN the nether for building my portal:

    X: -50
    Y: 80
    Z: 47

    I made the portal there but thats not correct.

    Could someone teach me what math do I have to do to know the coordinates in the Nether to build the Portal to fast travel between my castles (and the portals over them) ?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    posted a message on Neuschwanstein Castle (88X262) -survival -no mods
    You are amazing man !!

    Great job, keep it coming :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Do I need to upgrade CPU or GPU?
    Well, I trie Overclocking the video card from stock 600-1000 (GPU-MEM) to 670-1060 and the FPS remains the same, so I think its not the video card.
    With my 3.0Ghz OC in my CPU, on a single player world, i get 38-40 FPS usually.
    Downclocking to stock 2.8 Ghz, it got worse: 28-31 FPS.

    And I tried more overclocking, and now with 3.34 Ghz its better and now its usually in the 50 FPS mark.
    So maybe if I get a Phenom II I can get even better FPS, and I will for sure not upgrade my Video Card.

    Thanks to all!
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    posted a message on Can I Run this Graphics Card?
    first make sure you have a serious PSU, if not take any 600Watts Coolermaster, etc before buying a good graphic card.
    ATI 6950 is the one!
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    posted a message on Do I need to upgrade CPU or GPU?
    Quote from Meldi

    I'm leaning mostly towards CPU, but i could easily be wrong.

    Since you've already seem familiar with overclocking and such i suggest an experiment
    Stand at a chosen spot in your minecraft world and choose a point to look at, then write down your FPS and log out.
    Then underclock (or overclock) your CPU (or just set it to stock clock)
    Log in to minecraft, stand at the same point, look at the same thing, write down your fps and log out.
    Underclock your GPU with the same % as you underclocked your CPU.
    Log in to minecraft etc.
    Bring your CPU back to the clock it had to begin with.
    Log into minecraft etc.

    Looking at the numbers you get from that you should be able to determine if it's your CPU or GPU that is causing the bottleneck.

    I`ll try that !!
    tomorrow I´ll tell you if its my CPU or my VGA the bottleneck.

    ATI 4870 1 Gb is fast enough I think, I dont think its a bad card. It has 256 Bits Memory Bus Width, againt 128 from a 5770 for example. For Minecraft do you think it cant be fast enough???
    The 5850 and beyond are far off my budget. I live in Argentina, prices are different.
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    posted a message on Do I need to upgrade CPU or GPU?
    Hi, My current rig is:
    Athlon II X2 240 @ 3.0 Ghz
    8Gb DDR3 (4x2Gb)
    ATI Radeon 4650 512Mb DDR2
    SSD 64Gb Kingston for OS Windows 7 64 Bits, and Minecraft.
    2TB Western Digital HD for all the stuff.
    CoolerMaster 550W PSU.

    I was wondering how to make my rig faster, adn the only game I play is Minecraft, so the others doesent matter.

    Should I get a Phenom II X2 and unlock the extra cores to make it a Phenom II X4?

    Or the bottleneck is my VGA and I should buy something better (thinking about 4870 1 Gb)

    Those are my options, not better card than 4870 because thats teh best I can find for the money I have.

    Thanks in advance!!
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