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    posted a message on WarpDrive: custom ships, laser cannons and modular force fields!

    It looks like this mod is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, or pretty close. I'll definitely be testing and giving feedback.

    Do you have remote control of ships, or plans to implement it? Perhaps via Computercraft?

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    posted a message on Advanced Thaumaturgy - Thaumcraft Addon

    Very sorry to hear about your health issues. I know how much of a burden that can be. You did an amazing job on this mod and the fact that you're still working on it makes it even more amazing. You sir have won life with your attitude.
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    posted a message on Archimedes' Ships v1.7 - Banking ships!
    Quote from thatguy3039

    This is a great mod, and it works as a great replacement for the zeppelins mod. Anyways, I would like to know if you plan on making engines craftable, and if they will require fuel, and if so, how will the fuel be supplied and how much will it consume?

    Engines will be craftable. He hasn't announced about fueling, and may not have decided yet.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Read the first several pages. I hope everyone understands that this change would massively reduce the number of blocks loaded at any given time.

    The biggest problem I've seen so far has been daylight blockage. It's not as simple as creating a "top layer" map, since that needs to be updated every single time a top block is broken, and it might have to scan down quite some way. I think the better idea is that after a certain number of blocks vertically, a "top block" doesn't block out daylight any more. This would follow how real light works. If a single block only removes daylight for, say, three chunks vertically, and then degrades from complete blockage to zero blockage over another chunk, you remove the long string of checks that would have to be made when scanning downward for a block to receive daylight. Instead, you just do a check when you place a block to determine whether it blocks light, and they'd only have to scan 3-4 chunks down. If it doesn't reach anything, everything under it retains daylight coverage.
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    posted a message on GotoLink updates: Formivore's options (2015/08/01)...
    Hi there, thanks very very much for reviving pchan3's stuff. Love my steamship! You've made it even better than when I was using it in 1.4.7, actually.

    Well, except for the altitude problem. I saw in the OP you mentioned a desync between the client and server. It has the same problem in SSP (I know SSP uses a client and server structure too, but thought I'd mention it just in case you were only aware of SMP problems.) That problem is making it very hard to land, especially whenever I have forward momentum.

    Here's some behavior I noticed, in case it helps. If I jump out of the steamship while it is moving forward and in the air, it appears to "hang" in midair for a while. Then, it will float directly down until it comes to rest on the first solid block. During this whole process I can't interact with the steamship at all, either to board or break it. Then, several moments later (perhaps half of a minute in one case) it disappears and reappears further away along the trajectory it was traveling when I jumped out (I'm guessing this is its "actual" server location during the whole process.)

    If I order the steamship to descend and the steamship doesn't seem to descend, then I try to travel horizontally, the steamship will collide with blocks that are higher than the block I tried to descend onto. In other words, although I am displaying as if I were several blocks in the air, the collision is behaving as if I were level with the ground. I noticed this happens with ascending, too.

    Anyway, you probably know all of this. I've had to do debugging before myself, so I know a little observation can help.

    Again, I appreciate you bringing my airship into 1.5.2!
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