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    posted a message on I would like a building team. I am having trouble building maps all by myself.
    i need a few examples for your redstoning and command blocks, as well as your building. but if you are unable, i would be glad to add you as a tester!
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    posted a message on Share your house!!
    I will post mine later, but I want you to post an image of your survival house so I can see how everybody is getting along in their survival world!! I will try my best to quote every single one of the posts, to keep this thread running. Also, check out my post "Which do you like better, snapshots or releases?", because that one is turning out well!! Also, In your houses, I want only easily survival-obtainable resources, so no mods that are OP or add extra blocks. List of mods you can use:

    • Optifine
    • Little Blocks [I wonder how those houses will look]
    • Smart Moving
    • Player API
    • Any aesthetic mod, that does not overly enhance your house.
    • Texture Packs, as long as it is clear what each block is. [In fact, please use HD texture packs if you can.]
    • Gulliver Mod
    • Shaders
    • Ask me if there are any mods that are not listed that you want to use.
    I will update this in the future, check back from time to time!!
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    posted a message on Pokemon Unova in Minecraft [Minecraft Version 1.8 ONLY] [Black and White] <Helpers and Let's Players Wanted> ②③②⑦ ⓓⓞⓦⓝⓛⓞⓐⓓⓢ
    Quote from blitzscrank»

    for some reason /spawnpoint doesnt work in 1.8

    i cant figure out why

    It is because in 1.8 you need to do this- /spawnpoint ~ ~ ~ Basically, you need to do /spawnpoint, and then put the coordinates.
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