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    posted a message on Season 4 🌎 Atlas SMP 🌎 1.19 Vanilla || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat


    In Game Name: PotbellyG
    Age: 22
    Country & Timezone: Estonia GMT+2
    Discord ID: TaaviR#5250

    What are your strengths/weaknesses in Minecraft?: My strength is the grind, my weakness is the early game when I cant zoom with an elytra. I am bad at creating Industry zones aswell.

    What is your favourite building style?: Definitely large scale fantasy style. I've been looking forward to building a skybase I have planned out in my head. Hoping I can do that in your server.

    What aspects of multiplayer servers do you enjoy/think you'll enjoy most?: Well I reckon I'll have plenty of fun either participating in a community project or just doping around with others.

    What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft?: Game development is the main one and with the time I have left I either work out or do some carpentry.

    How'd you hear about our server?: I was looking around this forum, when I stumbled upon this post. After getting tired of my singleplayer world I decided it's time to join an SMP.

    If you have any questions or doubts feel free to contact me on Discord, I'll gladly do an interview there aswell :D

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    posted a message on ♛ Axiba SMP Season 4 ♛ - Semi-Vanilla 1.19 QOL Datapacks - Long Term World - 18+ ♦ Apply now!


    ♦ In-Game Name (IGN): PotbellyG

    ♦ Discord ID (Username and #): TaaviR#5250

    ♦ Age (you need to be atleast 18): 22

    ♦ Timezone: GMT+2

    ♦ Country: Estonia

    ♦ On average, how often will you be able to play?: 4h daily on average I reckon. Probably more these next weeks

    ♦ Why would you like to join Axiba?: Well I've been grinding away in singleplayer, now I would like to meet people, show off my work and play together. I havent had any opportunities to work on community projects before and I'd like to give it a shot :D

    ♦ Tell us a little bit about yourself (personality, hobbies, etc): I'm a chill dude with an IT background. I make friends easily and mostly get along with people. I don't cause drama, but I sure like to watch it XD. My hobby is game design and I hope to join an indie soon. I love cross-country skiing, yu-gi-oh and wizard101

    ♦ How can you impact the community? (building, redstone farms, etc): Well I quite like to design bigger buildings, both interior and exterior. I've been meaning to build a skybase I have planned out in my head, hope I get a chance to do that. I am happy to build some farms aswell, but I am no redstone wizard XD.

    ♦ Do you have any screenshots of your builds/creations? (this increases the chance of getting accepted): Not on my current PC, but I can get some in the future

    ♦ Do you have any further questions in relation to the server? (optional): Well I have multiple, but the big question is about sharing. Is it a kind of community where most things are shared (farms and such) or is it a more capitalist in it's style :GoldBar: ?

    Hit me up on discord for any questions. I'll gladly do an interview aswell

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