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    posted a message on Hogwarts MEGA build update video
    Awesome to see my video up on MCDN. :]
    Thanks to everyone who spent the time to check out the video! I appreciate it!
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    posted a message on | The Highest Quality Host | 24/7 Live Support | 1-500 Slot Plans | Dedicated IPs | 1GB/s Network | Subdoma
    Absolutely love this hosting company. I have 3 servers with them, and none of which have I even experienced an iota of lag. Their tech support is top notch, and are very familiar with Minecraft and it's inner workings. This is my 4th Host I've used in the last year, and my experience with Legendary has been well... legendary.

    I will continue to use them and recommend them to anyone who is interested in purchasing a server.

    Keep up the amazing service, and I will continue to throw money at you.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    I was able to get mine to work. As much as I'd like to think I know my PC, I forget that Intel has that stupid EPU thing that turns your PC down to "save power". I was only getting 1.6GHz per core instead of my norm, hence the lag. After turning EPU off and cranking it back up this worked almost flawlessly - I realized after exploring a great distance I would have to stop for maybe 30-45 seconds to let it load up a bit more. But If I stayed in a area I would hit 120fps no problem.

    I'll probably still turn off wild grass as it seems to be more of a nuisance than it is eye-candy.

    Great pack! Would be better if you had different packs with different texture packs ready to go, my only suggestion.
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Few updates on the thread.

    Sorry for the lack of content - I forgot I had this thread open - my channel sort of blew up and I've been concentrating on that and other things. Lots of personal business came into play - 100th video declared that I will be posting more videos on Hogwarts again. It may be late in the game - But I'm still around as is Hogwarts.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Quote from Luxander »
    Any chance I can get rid of the crazy undergrowth that's coating everything (The wild grass) without uprooting all of the mods? It's making me laggy and it annoys me to no end that the grass goes up to my waist (or higher).

    Also, I can't find squid. I think the spiky coral is killing them off. I'm going to turn that one off in the options.

    Yea I'm very interested in this mod as well - but that "Wild Grass" Is far to much. I followed your instructions to the letter and when I go to check out my world I hit 5fps, and the map won't load till I his ESC, which will return my FPS back to it's 120+ but if I explore any of the options it'll shoot back down to 5.

    Now this is a shocker for me since my PC should be able to power through this without fail. I wish I could give you more information of why I'm slowing down so much but all I could think of is that it's trying to load all this foliage.

    Edit: I've let it sit now for about 15 minutes just open to let it "generate" but I've only seen a 1fps increase.

    System Specs for those whom care:
    i7 2600k watercooled @ 5.13Ghz
    8GB Corsair 1600MHz
    HD6970 2GB
    300gb VelociRaptor 10k

    With this as my PC - I highly doubt anything minecraft related should slow me down - but it does. Consider me pickled pink.
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Hey yea sorry, I've been crazy busy the last 2 weeks. I'm still around and Hogwarts is still being built. No worries!
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Quote from MilloCz »
    give url of server plzzz

    First off, that's not a very polite way to ask.

    Second, server is not open to public yet.
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Quote from willemnz »
    Very nice made :biggrin.gif:

    Thanks. Still a massive project that has yet to be completed.

    Quote from iAlex` »
    Amazing job!

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. :Sheep:
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Edit 12/20/10 - Moved to Beta Survival Mode


    Machinima has invited me into their Director's program! Help me out by passing on Part 12 of the build :]


    Well, a Harry Potter obsessed friend of mine, gave me a suggestion that I should recreate Hogwarts in Minecraft.
    Granted, I'm not the biggest fan (Albeit the books kept me busy for a while) so what I'm doing is basically my take on Hogwarts. So it won't be 100% accurate (Seeing as how Minecraft has it's limitations [HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS BLARG]) so I'm going to just make it as close as possible, if anything it will just be amazing to look at, right?

    Anyways, my this is my reference picture, among a few others that Google finds for me.

    My planning goes from being slightly O.C.D., to something a 6-year-old would do (Constantly changing plans while building)

    And everybody's favorite, a time-lapse (That I started late, just ignore that fact and enjoy it ;])
    It's a long video, but I always find those the more entertaining. Let me know what you think!
    10/10/10 (What a great time to start!)
    Update: 11/17/10 Reuploaded with new music
    Actual Link:

    Updated: 11/17/10 Reuploaded with new music
    Second tower behind the first building semi-done (I'ma work more on the roof later)
    Actual Link:

    Buildings 3 and 4 are up, simple buildings right now, haven't been feeling well so, I'm sorry for the slow update. Going to try to finish up the courtyard sometime tomorrow.

    Finished the courtyard for now, smaller buildings are in the floor plan, not sure what they really are. I'll prolly be spending some time with my Harry Potter fanatic friend to watch all the movies. Plus she's always fun to hang out with, so it's a win-win.

    Ok, sorry for the delay in videos, working on a website right now from the ground up, so forgive me. Got a lot of work done today, started at 7am, and just finished editing a little while ago. Did some more work on the front end, and a little on the inside. Also, what do you guys think of the live commentary? Granted I was angry about the stairs, but would you want more inside info to break up the timelapse a little?

    Got the basic layout done for the West Wing, and did some interior stuff, I'll be going back later to add more fixtures to the outside of the building.

    Started working on the northern section.

    Started working on the north section, getting closer to the Quiddich field, and more towers. I need to really start planning a head of time again because right now I'm researching and building at the same time and I don't get much done because things don't fall into place. -Sigh- Back to the drawing board I suppose.

    1 Month on the project
    Finished up that courtyard, and in my opinion it came out really well. There is two floors in all the hallways, and multiple classrooms.

    Part 10. The big 1-0, only fitting that this build took 10 hours too. I'm really .. really tired so I'ma go take a nap. Enjoy the video!

    Happy Harry Potter Part 7 day!
    Lol, finished a great deal of the Grand Stair case, and more of the North East Wing. Check it out!

    Holy Crap! Machinima uploaded part 12!!
    This is amazing! Everyone go check it out!

    Part 13 up on Machinima!

    Part 14 on Machinima

    Lots of personal business of mine has gotten in the way of this. But I've found time and will be continuing the build and putting up behind the scene footage from time to time (No set schedule) on my own channel.
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    posted a message on Help w/ client.
    Quote from GriffinSilver216 »
    Sorry to make it sounds douchey Potato... I'm actually a big fan of yours and everything you've done (i'm kind of honored to have you and Juze in a thread I made :biggrin.gif:)


    Did you try using the external IP instead of Localhost?
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    posted a message on ok, ok, i didnt believe he was true... but i found evidence
    Quote from ziggo0 »
    This place is starting to remind me of the Steam Powered User Forums. [/sigh]

    No.. n-no... this can't be true..
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    posted a message on The Slow Creation of Hogwarts
    Quote from SasukeCrafterXD »
    After you finish hogwarts, are you gonna do anything else epic?

    If not, i got a few ideas of what u can do :3

    Well I have another project in mind, but it's not nearly as big as this, so I might ask my subscriber base what they'd like to see me build the most. If you have any ideas feel free to say 'em.
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    posted a message on Question about using the Nether Realm.
    Quote from Deathsing »
    How do I enter the nether on a regular map in SMP? I know the only other way of doing this is in the server doc setting Hell to true and it just autoloads me into the Nether, but when I set it to false, and play on a regular map and build the portal, it doesn't allow me to enter. I was told that to do this I have to have another server? Is this true?

    Can someone please help me? :smile.gif:

    This is my first time making a server for anything, so I'm extremely new to the concept of running/owning a server.

    Short answer: Portals don't work in SMP yet.
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    posted a message on Help w/ client.
    Possibly because it's easier to say "Hey thats a cool vein of Gold" vs helping someone they have no idea whats wrong.

    You would have better luck in SMP Support, as you're asking a support question, this is SMP discussion, hence why people discussed the gold vein topic and not help support you.

    I have no idea what is wrong with your client, but try using your IP next time, not localhost. I've had problems with using that IP before, but when I switched to my external I was fine.

    Other than that, again, you'll have more success in finding a solution in SMP Support.

    There's your response.
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