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    posted a message on If you need a builder msg me!

    I have messaged you on discord.

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    posted a message on *BlitzNetwork* Looking For Talented Builders

    Hi all!

    We here at BlitzNetwork are currently searching for talented builders that are passionate about what they're creating. If you have some spare time this summer you can apply here and work with a fantastic team that will create various maps and custom environments in many different building styles.

    If you want to apply we'll need the following things:

    • Your first name
    • Your Minecraft username
    • Your DiscordTag or Skype username
    • Your native language
    • Two links to two different things that you've built (screenshots with eg. Imgur)
    • Server Experiences (not required)

    Thanks for wanting to join us and I wish you all the best of luck!
    - PotatoDustin,
    Head-Builder of BlitzNetwork

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    posted a message on Whitelisted Vanilla Survival server Searching for More Players
    IGN: PotatoDustin
    Real/Preferred name: Dustin is fine, that is my real name
    Age: 15
    Where do you live? Country is fine. USA
    Discord (and/or Skype): PotatoDustin #7086
    Youtube/Twitch if you do any of these (Optional): Have none of these.
    Favorite thing to do in Minecraft? I enjoy to build in minecraft, the next thing after that would be caving.
    Why do you want to join Our server? I have been looking for a Vanilla SMP server to join. One that I had joined fell apart not too long ago, and I am just looking for a new community to join and have fun playing Minecraft
    What can you bring to the server? I can bring good building, and fun times.
    Did you read the rules? Do you agree with them? I agree with all the rules, and I will follow them.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: I like to play minecraft with a good community and also I like to build in Minecraft, as I think I am pretty good at it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application


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    posted a message on ♕ Vulcan SMP ♕ ✦ Whitelisted Vanilla Survival Server ✦ ◆ 1.12 - ♕ Discord ♕ ✦ Applications OPENED!
    IGN (In Game Name): Potatustin
    Timezone and Country: USA, central time zone
    Age (We do mainly accept people who are 13 or older): 14, almost 15
    Have you played on any other SMPs before? : Yes, I have played on a few smp servers. You may even remember me from one of them. The one I have been playing on has just shut down, so therefore that is why I am applying here.
    What is your favorite thing to do in the game? : I enjoy to build in minecraft, aswell as go mining every once in a while. I also like to hang out with fellow players on the server have a good time. Also, I like to fail at making redstone creations...
    ♦ How long have you been playing Minecraft for? : I've been playing the game for 4-5 years.
    ♦ How often do you think you will be able to play (Times per week and Times a day): I'll be able to play on the server for a few hours each day. But because it is almost summertime, that number will change. I'll be able to play more once summer break comes around.

    ♦ Why should our community choose you? : I think I should be chosen because I am a nice guy, and I just want to join a nice community again and play with cool people. I am also a good builder, so I can help out to make community builds look nice.

    ♦ Do you have any questions or concerns about Vulcan? : I have zero questions.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application, I hope I get accepted to the server!
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    posted a message on BuildersCraft SMP - Season 2 [Hard Reset] - Builders Only Server - 24/7

    Minecraft IGN: PotatoDustin

    Age: 14

    How often would you play? I play a lot over the weekends when I don't have anything to do. On weekdays I play for a little bit after school, but since it is almost summer break I can play for a lot after school.

    Why would you like to join?: I have been trying to find a good SMP server that has good builders on it, and this one seems chill. Also I believe I am a pretty good builder. I've built for a lot of servers (on creative of course), and they look pretty good.

    Are you a good builder? Please provide a screenshot of a build you made! http://imgur.com/a/roESo Those are just a few of my creations.

    Tell me about yourself!: I am 14 years old, almost 15. I like to play games, and I also play sports irl. I like Minecraft because it alows you to do or make whatever you want, and that's why I play it.

    Questions?: You said the server isn't up yet, but do you guys have a discord server that if I am accepted I can join?

    All builds on the server must be pleasing to the eye! We don't want the server littered with block houses and such! Is this okay with you? (Yes or No) Yes! that is totally fine with me, as I don't like bad builds myself.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my application, I hope I get accepted and can have fun building great things together.


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    posted a message on ♛ Axiba SMP ♛ | Community Focused Vanilla Survival Server ♦ 1.11.2 ♦ Discord ♦ Looking for Players!

    IGN (In-Game Name): PotatoDustin

    Age: 14, almost 15
    Timezone & Country: United States, Central Time Zone

    Have you played on other SMP’s before?: Yes I have. Most of them when I joined they were sort of inactive and everyone already had a lot of things, so people didn't play. Soon they were shut down.

    ♦ How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have been playing minecraft for around 4.5-5 years.

    ♦ How often will you be able to play? (weekly basis): I can be online playing for about 2-3 hours on weekdays. That time may change if I have to do something else that day. On the weekends I can be on the server a lot more since I don't have school.

    ♦ What is your favorite thing to do in the game?: My favorite thing to do in minecraft is build. I took a break from survival minecraft and mainly focused on creative building to get better. I have built many things for other servers and have had fun. I have been looking for a SMP server to play on for a while now, and this server seems cool. My second favorite thing to do in minecraft is to explore and find cool places to build at. That includes adventuring the terrain with other people while relaxing and having fun.

    ♦ Why should our community choose you?: I believe I should be chosen for many reasons. 1. I am friendly to people 2. I am mature 3. I like to have fun and relax, which if I get accepted this would be a good place to have fun while playing the game. As I said above, I am looking for a good and very active SMP server to chill on with other people.

    If you need my discord it is PotatoDustin#7086

    Thank you for taking to time to read my application, I hope soon to see everyone on the server!


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    posted a message on Defunct (Old)

    1. Minecraft IGN: PotatoDustin
    2. Age: 14 almost 15
    3. Activity Level - Tell us how active per week you can be (on average); this doesn't affect whether you get in or not: I can be on a lot after school hours if I do not have anything to do, so around 2-3 hours everyday at least. More on the weekends ofcourse.

    4. What Country & Time Zone (UTC if Non-American, ET, CT, PT, etc for American) do you live in?: I live in the Central Time Zone
    5. Is there anything else we should know about you / questions for us? - For example, whether you've been banned or not, what type of ice cream flavor you like, any confusion regarding our Purge Day / Government system, etc: I do not have a lot of questions about the server. I think you should know that I am a pretty good builder, aswell as I know a little bit of redstone. I've been trying to get back into survival minecraft, as I was more focused on creative building a while back. I'm also hoping if I get accepted that this will be a place to relax and hang out with people and have fun. Thanks for taking the time to read my application!

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    posted a message on Skyrealms Network Inc. Looking for Admins, Builder and Mods.
    ", sans-serif">PotatoDustin's Staff Application

    ", courier, monospace">Age: ", courier, monospace">14", courier, monospace">
    MC Username:
    ", courier, monospace">PotatoDustin", courier, monospace">
    Full Name:
    ", courier, monospace">Dustin Watson", courier, monospace">
    Date Of Birth:
    ", courier, monospace">9/19/02", courier, monospace">
    Skype name or Discord:
    ", courier, monospace"> Yes, I have discord. My username is potatodustin, or my ID is #7086.", courier, monospace">
    Do You Have A Mic So We Can Interview You:
    ", courier, monospace"> Sorry, but I currently don' own a mic. I hope this isn't a problem. If I need to join a call I will, but I just wont be able to speak. ", courier, monospace">
    What Makes You Think You Can Take This Position:
    ", courier, monospace">I believe I am a skilled builder in a few ways. With having a lot of experience owning/managing servers and just being an average builder rank, I've experienced a lot of things that happen behind the scenes. I am very skilled with plugins used for building, as it is a necessity for good builders to know how to use them to make great builds. After all of the questions there will be a link to most of my builds. ", courier, monospace">
    Why Would You Like To Join The Team:
    ", courier, monospace">I would like to join the team for multiple reasons. I believe it is a good opportunity for me to get back into building again for servers as I have taken a break from owning a server and building for one too. I am trying to find the best server to apply for. If I get accepted as builder I will dedicate my time to Skyrealms well. ", courier, monospace">
    What Makes You Different From Others:
    ", courier, monospace">I am a hard working person that wont stop a project until it is done. A lot of people have a lot of projects going on at once most of the time. I am completely different. Having only one project going on at a time helps me out a lot. That way I can spend all my time on that "one" build instead of spiting up my time and working on a ton of builds at once. I have been a part of a server that has done that by adding a "million" gamemodes at once that are not even close to being finished and lets just say it didn't go so well.", courier, monospace">
    Where Did You Know Us:
    ", courier, monospace">I just found out about Skyrealms a few minutes ago when I first started writing my application.", courier, monospace">
    What Experience Do You Have As Being Staff:
    ", courier, monospace">Like I said above, I've had experience ", courier, monospace">owning and managing servers as well as building for a few servers. I've owned a server that averaged around 30-45 players on a good day (friday and weekends). Building wise I have been a part of a few servers that have good player bases.", courier, monospace">
    Do You Know What DDOS Or A Hack Client Is:
    ", courier, monospace">Yes I do. First a DDOS is where you send a ", courier, monospace">lot of packets to a persons internet, so much where it cannot handle it and cause the internet to slow down or even shut down. A hacked client is where a modified minecraft client has settings to raise and turn on a lot of things like flying, attack speed, fast walk, being able to walk/fly on water, etc.", courier, monospace">
    Whats Your Sports And Hobby:
    ", courier, monospace">I like to play a lot of sports including basketball, baseball, football, and running track. I would say those are considered my hobby(s).
    ", courier, monospace">Plugin Knowledge:
    ", courier, monospace">To be honest this is my weakest skill in server management. I know how to download and configure simple plugins like plotworld, but don't ask me to code and add on to them. I've never really tried to learn how to code plugins or configure harder plugins.", courier, monospace">
    ", courier, monospace">What Can You Do For The Server:
    ", courier, monospace">I can bring a lot of things to the server. I can build, manage parts of the server if needed, and also I can advertise really well as I had to do that with my own server. I can really take any role you need me to.

    ", courier, monospace">A Link To A FEW Of My Builds:", courier, monospace"> (these are the few that I have as I just got a new pc a few months ago): http://imgur.com/a/GqkRf

    ", courier, monospace">-", courier, monospace">POTATODUSTIN
    ", courier, monospace">

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