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Call me /Po/ , Elvis, or Porkle.

I am a 21 year old female Miner with an incredibly short attention span and a university schedule that gives me far more free time than I am comfortable with.

Before MineCraft my main hobby was making large scale statues/models out of paper.
Think howl's moving castle/workable gear hearts/pokemon/video game characters/etc.

Then I took up metal-smithing and messing about with legos and origami squares.
MineCraft was created and I learned how nice it is to play with legos that you do not step on in the middle of the night and crush into your heel. The block also do not cost 60$ for an actual architectural pack. Seriously. As far as I am concerned they know where they can go and what they can do when they get there.

I build many things, on many different servers, in many different styles.
I sadly somehow end up on the servers who get hit with DDoS, have the map explode, or some other terrible travesty which reminds me why the hell I should take screen shots of my work more often as I have nothing to show for it. That or take up single player. Either is a viable option.

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