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    Quote from notthatkindoforc

    ooooook then...

    who wants the seed (1.8.1) for, not only a kick ass world, huge desert biome just a few blocks west of starting point, several close villages, huge ass abandoned mineshaft (seriously huge - i spent over an hour in there and still didnt cover it all) im using buildcraft so desert biome has several oil deposits. AND the infamous world generated 5 block cactus!

    anyone want? :biggrin.gif:

    Is that a rhetorical question? Who doesn't want those things? Especially the oil deposits. Its as if your saying, "Hey i can solve world hunger. Anyone want?" I'd stab a baby for such things. :SSSS:

    Edit: Nevermind found that the best map for buildcraft oil at x:521 z:641 on the seed "pyknic". It must have some error cause at those coordinates there is a village on a sea that has oil out as far as u can go in creative mode i flew out and it had over 30 oil spouts!
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    I love this mod i threw a fish to my Pterosaur and it glitched and fishes kept pouring out of it at first i was so happy then i got more and more lag i had to kill it with the ancient sword but i got a chest full of fish so im happy with the results.
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    Trying to install buildcraft. Started with a new .minecraft folder installed modloader and modloadermp by draging the files from the zips into the minecraft.jar. Then, I went and installed the latest version of Minecraftforge, closed the minecraft.jar and opened minecraft to see if it would work and all i got was a black screen. What am i doing wrong???? :sad.gif:
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    In-game name: nicholasrabuck
    Real life age: 15
    How did you hear about us? Forum
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