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    i'm one of those people.

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    Your mic be too close to your mouth or too sensitive, but I'm sure you've noticed that. Also maybe turn the gamma down and there's a bit of silent intervals as well. Of course this is to be expected but other than those flaws it's fine. ^^

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    I am in no way a dedicated builder, or a builder in general, really. However, I've made a creative world in hopes to improve my building skills and decided to record my progress on the forums, enjoy. ^^

    The pictures look better in full size, right click on a picture and open it in a new tab, if you'd like. ^-^

    First house:

    The sign basically says 'Entry 1, build mainly focuses on interior' And as it says, it mainly focuses on interior as you could see by these horrifyingly ugly outside pictures taken by the devil himself.

    Update: I apologize for the night time pictures and the brightness being set to 'moody', I didn't realize. I'll try to get better pictures whenever.

    Small little house with no lighting, but ayyy..

    Update 8/3/15; I tried to put some lighting in the house, but I decided to just stick to how it was before.


    Added 9/3/15 Mixed feelings about this, not sure if it's too random but I like it for now.


    Added 9/9 - 9/10:

    I worked on the first one yesterday, and I just started building the second building today. I decided to stray away from the main 'town' (future town) for now and work on some attractions and side stuff, like the abandoned mine you see in the first building. It was a hill, but then I blew it up with some tnt, I'm planning on carving it out and other things to make it look better ofc but I mainly worked on what's suppose to be the very very very old miner's house you see on the left. I was inspired by my trip to Cancun, Mexico this summer to build some sort of myan village, I'm also planning to build a nice, deep underground quarry as well, as I saw one on my trip. I also apologize that some earlier pictures were night time, I didn't realize, honestly. Anyway;

    First build:

    There's nothing in the cave I've made on the right just yet. The other building on the left is suppose to be a very old miner's hut/house, not sure if you can think of it as one though, heh..

    This is suppose to be a chimney for the furnace inside if you couldn't tell, not sure if I like it but it somehow manages to look good with the rest of the build (from afar, at least). I'll be adding more things to environment later.

    And the second build, starting a 'myan' house;

    Some random pretty pictures:

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    Very high definition dinosaur lizard.

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    and don't hate me.. dogs.

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    when people have a reasonable and calm argument with a staff member (particularly an admin) and the admin gets mad for no reason but the sheer fact that people lower rank than him seem to make better decisions than the admin himself and he rage kicks/bans them instead of considering their statement(s).

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    From the US, found the server from the forums right here. ^-^

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    Because the title is completely relevant to the screenshot! Yes!
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    Quote from bovee»
    Depends but I would assume at the most a week. Maybe longer since he only has iron tools.

    I think you're underestimating how long it takes to drain out a huge cube, gather materials, and placing blocks (including water/ice) on that huge of a radius. I could understand a week in total, and it took him a few weeks to build the whole thing (if that makes any sense). I can't comprehend how much you'd have to derive yourself from sleep if he built this in a matter of a week.
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    I wear a fez now. Bow ties are cool.
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