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    posted a message on Rate my skin, please!
    10/10 would bang again, nice find OP

    more OT: I like your gradient usage of colour.
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    posted a message on Needs A Girl Gamer For Minecraft Marriage : SlyFoxHound

    You guys serious?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] WhiteCraft: Maddest texture pack ever!
    So... you made everything white. Then you do not provide any pictures.


    I... I just don't know how to computer anymore.
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    posted a message on weird jungle and extreme hills glitch thing
    Quote from spiner007


    A myriad of reasons. Illiteracy, immaturity and impatience, to name a few.
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    posted a message on Pass It On - Minehattan !

    Hope this gets started up again, this was my favorite pass it on - ever.
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    posted a message on Recently created desktops of mine
    Hey all.
    I've recently gotten into aspects of graphical design, and with the purchase of my new wacom bamboo tablet, I have made a few desktops. I'd love some feedback on them.

    Celebrity Lazer Police collection (Pseudo band)

    Version 2:

    Julian Casablancas (lead singer of The Strokes)

    Roy Lichtenstein inspired

    Any feedback is welcomed!
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    posted a message on Massive Castle Timelapse!! Not just any castle
    Quote from Dj_777


    Why. What the hell is the point of bumping this. You're an idiot.
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    posted a message on Master Chief Vs. Captain America
    Both of the two are genetically augmented super soldiers, albeit from different timelines and points within time. Assuming the two are fighting in modern day America, Chief would have a clear advantage. This is due to his knowledge of weapons both from his time era, and before that. The reason for this large database of military knowledge is because of the AI which accompanies him in many missions. Chief would have a clear advantage because he has prior knowledge of the weapons used in 2012, and a good perception of how they work.
    Captain America, however, has been displaced out of time for over 50 years, and only retains knowledge weaponry he has encountered in the modern day (Which is very little), and the weapons he has handled within the second world war. Assuming Captain America was able to gain access to these weapons, it would do very little to the energy shield systems which surround Chief's armour. This is because the chief's armour is specifically designed to deflect bullets such as those fired by modern day weaponry, and is only especially susceptible to plasma weaponry and EMP devices. Even if Captain America was to gain access to plasma weapons, he would have no idea how to utilise them. The same point goes for EMP devices.
    We're also forgetting the fact that Master Chief ****ing fell to Earth from orbit while clutching onto a piece of metal, not to mention the considerable amount of times he has almost died while protecting humanity. It is true that Captain America spent over 50 years encased in ice, but this nothing compared to the achievements of Chief.
    Going back to the point of Captain America being displaced in time, it is near impossible for a person who has grown up in a separate time period to be seamlessly assimilated into modern day society. This would lead to a near perpetual state of disorientation towards the current time, and not understanding many aspects of today's life. Granted, this could have the same effect on the Chief, but he has a rather detailed knowledge of human history, and would most likely understand most of what is happening at the time of the battle.
    Of course, I am not even going into the vast swathes of experience, physical training and weapons training the Chief has had, while Captain America has only received military training from the U.S. army.
    In conclusion, Master Chief > Captain America.

    - Summer Glau

    (Source: http://xkcd.com/406/ )
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    posted a message on [v1.5][1.7.3]NO PEACFUL!!!!
    I might download it if you learn to spell.
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    posted a message on Do you people miss Minecraft Alpha?
    For some reason, many people have turned to the 'Fact' that Minecraft is getting boring.
    It isn't.

    I myself bought Minecraft in the Alpha stage, so I understand why you would think this. But Minecraft isn't boring; It's a world of wonderful opportunities, with literally thousands of things to do. If you don't see it's potential for good, you, sir, are a boring person.
    If you really can't find anything to do with vanilla Minecraft, install some mods, play an adventure map, do something that you wouldn't normally do. If that doesn't work just stop playing Minecraft for as long as it takes for your heart to yearn for virtual blocks.
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