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    Extension of the writing.


    ‘What If I don’t want to go out and drown my timeless questions in alcohol?’
    ‘Your questions aren’t timeless. Every idiot on the planet has had them at some point. Stop being so pretentious.’
    Steven watched Martyn sigh, and slowly get to his feet.
    ‘Let me get my coat.’ Martyn disappeared down the hallway.
    Pathetic, really. Seeing a grown man reduced to pointless philosophy when confronted with the simplest questions about the nature of the universe. Unable to do anything but consider the pointlessness of life, while lying on the floor and feeling sorry for himself. Their friendship was almost based on contempt, but the main reason was the two being roommates. Without each other, they could not afford the price of living. Martyn appeared at the entrance to the hallway once again, coat in hand.
    ‘You realise that leather coat doesn’t make you look any more suave than you actually are, right?’
    ‘You’re just jealous.’
    ‘Oh, yes. What exactly should I be jealous of again?’
    ‘My beautiful, flowing locks of hair? The way I put a spell on members of the opposite gender, while you haven’t spoken to one in over 8 months.’
    ‘That’s your hair? I was under the impression that was simply a skinned rat.’
    As Steven pushes the call elevator button, he receives a tentative grin from Martyn. A few weeks ago, a friendship of this sort would have been nigh impossible. But with the occasional witticism from Steven, their companionship was back on track.
    Stepping out onto the crowded city street of New York city, a certain familiar smell hits the nostrils of the two men. An industrial smell, mixed in with the stench of millions of people going about their daily lives. Mix and serve, 8 million servings. Both look up and down Madison avenue, sizing up their surroundings. The usual ******** with the Upper East Side of Manhatten. Snooty white people going about their daily business of feeling superior to everyone else. God knows how Martyn found an affordable apartment in this part of town.
    They continued walking down Madison, passing high end stores, each containing their own selection of women the wrong end of 50.
    Continuing down Madison avenue in silence until they hit 84th street, they turn left and cross the wide avenue. Walking along this rather pleasant street, lined with trees, they both feel a sort of peace.
    ‘Nice, isn’t it?’
    ‘Damn straight.’
    Continuing on in the mild Autumn air, they pass a church on the right. The quiet of this street is broken as they near Park avenue. They wait at the crosswalk, being mobbed by a group of businessman talking on their cell phones.
    ‘Ok, ok, then can we get the Leebridge deal for 300K?’
    ‘What the hell do you mean you forgot to file-’
    ‘I still think the campaign is salvageable, just give me a little bit more time!’
    Steven sends a look down the line to Martyn, who understands the sentiment immediately. Both stare straight ahead, feeling a mutual sense of disdain towards the businessmen.
    The walk sign turns green, and like the shot of a gun, the businessmen are near running across the avenue. Within a few moments they are all out of earshot. A brief thought of himself as a small piece within a huge plan, having absolutely no control over his life sends shudders down Steven’s spine. They continue on, still silent.
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    The Strokes % You Only Live Once

    Relatively strange music video, though.
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    Quote from Shpaget

    Will it be a novel, short story?

    I'm most likely going to keep it as a short story, but if enough people approve of it I may develop it further.
    Thanks for the positive review, I'm currently working on the next part.
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    Martyn lay on his floor, casting his gaze towards the magenta ceiling of his home.
    -pointless, the lot of it.- He thought. Each person a cog in the figurative machine of reality. None of those pawns could see the true potential of life, the myriad of choices which are lain before them every day. At any moment, he may take a disliking to a certain person, thing or style of living, and verbally destroy it with his anger. The only thing restraining him from this were fictional 'rules of life', or 'manners'. The universe doesn't care if you have good manners. It remains indifferent to you. (Assuming the universe can simulate indifference, as the true term would be absolute neutrality).
    Bible thumpers be damned, preaching their 'omnipotence' and 'absolute truth' of god. Because of the actual nature of the universe, 'omnipotence' is impossible, a buzzword, if you will. True omnipotence is not possible, and if it was, our human minds would never be able to comprehend the vision that would accompany it. To have absolute control over everything, the orbit of a planet, a plaything within your hand. Putty. In that state of absolute control, the tiny life of an organism would be pointless, futile. The impossibility of being able to amount to anything compared to the absolute power that would be a god, would be nigh impossible.
    Needless to say, Martyn was not much of a theist.
    And I’m sure, after an eternity as an omnipotent being, you would potentially go insane. To have no others to match your incredible intellect, an entire universe (Potentially an infinite amount of others as well) to play with, form with your ever expanding mind. The lives of lesser beings rushing past in an instant to you, assuming time even passes in your state of preeminence.
    Puffing from his cigarette, feeling the hot smoke run down his throat and cool in his lungs, exhaling and seeing it slowly disappear into the air, a key turns in the door and the lock clicks. Martyn already knows who it is.
    ‘Oh, having another of your utterly pointless existential crises’ then?’
    Martyn rotates his head, catching sight of Steven.
    ‘Maybe I’m not, why assume that I am?’
    ‘Because whenever you feel the need to have an existential crisis, you lie on that floor, cigarette in hand. I think you may have created an indent by now.’
    ‘Cheeky, yes. Hilarious, perhaps not. Now get up, we’re going to get hammered.’

    I might add another part if this receives positive reviews.
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    Quote from bubzworlds

    Now bumping the oldest forum post in all of minecraft :D

    ...You're an idiot.
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    Hey guys. Just thought I'd share with you a skin I made in 15 minutes or so. I didn't see many skins of this amazing music artist about, so I decided to make one. Enjoy!



    Here is the skin itself:

    Hope you like it.
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    Quote from Stu77

    Come and have a look at Quantum Survival, if you didn't gather we are a survival server, we are up 24/7 and have many dedicated players. This community is small, yet strong, and growing all the time and I'm sure you would fit in great :D Something that may interest you about Quantum Survival is the fact that we hold monthly build contests, with prizes :) For more info and how to apply click the image in my sig :)

    Sounds great, I just applied :)
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    [1] Where are you from? I'm going to try not to bore you with my life story, but it is very hard to explain where I'm from without doing just that :tongue.gif: I suppose I think of myself as British, but I am mostly Norwegian. Also, I live in France. :3
    [2] How old are you? Fifteen.
    [3] How long have you played Minecraft? I recall getting a gift code from a friend for the christmas of 2010. Been about a year, then.
    [4] What is your Minecraft username? gustiv9
    [5] In 2 sentences or less, why should you be whitelisted? I think of myself as a good builder, and a fairly mature person. Erm, second sentence... uhhhh... I own a dachshund?
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    Hey all. I'm looking for a small server, preferably with 10 slots or less to play with a few people. Any suggestions, offers or links are welcome :smile.gif:
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    Shadycraft returns with an entirely new map, dedicated entirely to factions and PVP. The slate is wiped clean, making room for entirely new factions, players, and communities.
    We're welcoming entirely new people, and old faces to our ever growing community with warmth. Start your christmas break off with Shadycraft, and deck the halls with diamonds. Raid other factions, and reap the rewards.
    All this is possible with Shadycraft.


    Our server has been renowned in the past for the elaborate creative world our players have created. We continue that legacy, with our newly expanded creative section. We have kept all of the older creations, while still making room for the newer buildings and work.
    We're back, and like never before.


    :Death Notifier:
    :Essentials Spawn:

    101 Slots, join now!

    With our thriving community, you'll feel instantly at home.


    Come join us at: play.shadycraft.net

    We're waiting.
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    I will return soon, dear friends.

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    This is actually insanely ironic towards my current situation. I have just discovered my house is haunted. (My house also happens to be in France.)
    I'm scared.
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    Well, try checking out this topic: It's called Minehatten. It was a personal project of mine and many others, but it eventually slowed down after 50 or so pages. Which is pretty good for a pass it on IMO. Just try to use parts of it as a template, and see where you head from there! (It is still going I think, but it is not as popular.)

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    If you don't want to be completely vanilla, there is always the elevator mod. I use it all the time, just change the config files to the desired speed.

    Only forum I could find it on.
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    I might download it if you learn to spell.
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