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    I mentally moved the hyphen from the left to the right.

    Crazy ass-pvp.
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    Quote from lemonnater

    Beautiful server, may be a keeper for me!

    Loving your avatar, btw.
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    Quote from NSBoA

    Brilliant! both a survival and a creative. the best bit is that i can build in creative, and im not premium! love it :P its a bit hard to find the portals tho, maybe signs or a path?

    I recommend! +1

    I'll edit that area in a bit, I did have a bit of a concern over if they were easy to find.
    Thanks for the feedback.
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    QQ-Craft is a very new server, founded very recently.
    At QQ-Craft, we strive to provide the best experience possible for future players. With 10 gb of server bandwidth specifically allocated to handle players, it is possible for us to provide 300 slots to prospective players. With such a large community of people, we aim to create a balanced population, encompassing all aspects of Minecraft.

    I'm sure all of you reading this post have some sort of preference within Minecraft. Whether it is building, PVP, trading or something as obscure as living exclusively in the nether, we can provide. If you have no personal preference, no bias towards any aspect of the game, you are sure as hell to find one on our server. We employ a myriad of plugins to maximize the personal enjoyment of the player.

    All of our plugins were hand picked to make sure the player feels right at home on our server.

    At this point in time, we employ:

    World Guard
    World Edit
    Multiverse Core
    Multiverse Portals
    Multiverse Inventories
    Essentials Spawn
    Essentials Protect
    Essentials Chat
    Dynamic Map
    Creeper Heal
    Core Protect
    Chest Shop

    ...and more may be added, if the players feel that they are needed.

    At QQ-Craft, we try to cater to as large a player base as possible. By integrating two popular forms of playing into a single server, we hope that we may allow everyone to enjoy the server as much as we do. Whether you aim to create buildings to stand the tests of time, or bludgeon your way to ultimate supremacy of the lands, we have a place for you.
    We have a large Creative map, allowing for players to build in individual plots. If you wish to build something larger than your allotted plot, we will oblige.

    In future, we aim to have huge nations, and towns going to war with one another. Huge battles between armies of players, each armed to the teeth with diamond swords, bows and potions! And that is just the PVP aspect!
    These nations and towns are going to need to be built, you see. By the best of the best, those who enjoy creation. The players armed with the tools of creation, blocks!
    All kinds of player are needed on the server.

    In the future, we aim to provide an experience of entirely organized warfare. This server won't contain the tiny, petty squabbles you may between factions on others, but full scale wars. These wars will be between huge nations, armed and ready to cause some mayhem. Within this, there will be individual fights between towns, or groups of towns, all contained within one big, great and bloody war.

    1 Griefing of any type is forbidden.

    2 Spamming of anything is not allowed.

    3 Hacked clients, or any other client sided mods which may give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.

    4 Impersonation of admins, or any other people of importance to players on the server is not allowed. (Eg Simon, Lewis, Notch, etc)

    5 No 'Multi-user' accounts. No, you can't share your account with your brother. This is to prevent idiotic excuses such as 'It wasn't me, my brother did it.' Yeah, right.

    6 YOU ARE NOT THE LAW! No mini modding of any sort! Leave the administration to the admins.

    7 Stealing is permitted, but VIP members are allowed LWC. (See Donor notes)

    8 No profane structures. No one else thinks your giant golden penis is funny.

    9 Spawn killing of any sort is not permitted. This may be reinforced with an instant ban.

    10 No begging! This includes asking admins for items, XP or anything else you can't (or don't want to) lay your grubby little hands on legitimately.

    11 Be mature, it is not hard. No whining to us if your stuff gets stolen.

    There is a more elaborate version of the rules, containing penalties for certain actions.

    There are two levels of donation; VIP and Sponsor. Both will be gifted with LWC, allowing them to prevent their precious items from being stolen.

    If you wish to donate, make a post on our forums, and we'll send you the details of our paypal.


    By paying a meagre fee of three euros a month, you are given access to a ton of perks in game.
    These perks include:

    A [VIP] prefix to your username
    The jump command (/j)
    The ability to set up to 3 homes
    /tpa access
    /tpahere access
    Access to all command warps
    The ability to create towns

    And we will probably add more perks as they come!


    By paying a slightly more expensive 5 euros a month, you get access to a whole other level of commands, as well as the original VIP commands.

    ALL VIP commands and perks
    A [Sponsor] prefix to your username
    Mobdisguise use
    /vanish use
    The ability to create portals to anywhere else in the world
    Falsebook, and Falsebook Cauldrons

    sinkiusin - Owner. Founder of QQ-Craft.
    Karlo234234234 - Main plugin guy.
    gustiv9 - Writer in residence. Chief server advertiser.
    pbgben - HTML guy. Made the forums layout.
    Ninjanno - GFX guy. Avid GIMP user.

    Since QQ-Craft operates on a greylist concept, you are only able to look around until you create an account on our forums, and link it to your Minecraft IGN. In order to be allowed to build, all you need to to do is head over to qqcraft.eu and create an account. It only takes five minutes, and helps to filter out less desirable players. (Griefers, x-rayers etc)
    The next part is crucial:


    If it is not the same, the registration will not work and you will remain a guest.

    As QQ-Craft is a very new server, only opening on the 15th of July, we have many places open for moderators. After playing for two weeks, a player is able to apply for Moderation status on our forums.
    Any player is allowed to apply, but we'll only accept the best.

    Direct forum link

    Normally, you are able to connect on the IP address:


    However, if this does not work, you may try:

    We hope to see new players very soon!
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    Applications are fun.

    IGN: gustiv9
    Age (age minimum is 13: 15, 16 in September.
    Country of residence (optional): I currently reside in France, but I am of English origin.
    Previous clan(s): No major ones, but I regularly join and create factions.
    Current clan(s): None.
    How did you hear about this clan?: I joined siegecraft and saw it as a well established clan.
    Why you wish to join this clan: It seems to me to be a very powerful clan, with a large amount of members and a focus on player enjoyment. Not as imperialistic as other clans. I like that.
    How much and what kind of experience have you had playing Minecraft?: I have a lot of experience in Minecraft, as I have been playing it since November 2010. I have mostly played on general survival servers, but I have had my fair share of PVP servers before.
    What kind of experience do you have in PvP?: I understand PVP very well, as I moderate a PVP server, and I have played on many PVP servers in the past.
    Will you be active in the clan (online almost every day): I can be online for most days out of the week.
    Do you have Skype? If so, would you be on Skype whenever you're on your computer?: I do have Skype, and I generally keep it open in the background. I can provide the account name if needed.
    I am in timezone GMT + 2.
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    I'll definitely join this when this goes up. I've been looking for a good PVP server for a while, and this seems to be exactly what I was looking for.
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    Application. Whee!

    IGN: gustiv9
    Age: 15
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    posted a message on The "survival" part of the game is bad on a fundamental level.
    I agree with almost everything you have said. But it seems to me that you're generalising a lot of the community. Sure, there are the irritating bronies, but many them are intelligent and helpful.
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    Craig! I beg thee, stop using mobdisguise and pretending to be me! I keep getting internal server errors when I try to connect.
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    Hey guys. Haven't posted in a while, but I am off school for a few days so I thought I would drop in and say hello. To the main issue, I recently logged into the server to see how everything is doing, and I find this in front of my house.

    Firstly, it starts at Caelum (Also my town :L)

    Runs by my home in the wilds of Minecraft (Top photo)

    And then ends relatively near my wilds home, to a town called Snirkelville.

    I am requesting permission to remove this dirt passageway, as there is already a cobblestone path leading from the main road. Secondly, it infringes on my personal property on two occasions.
    Thirdly, If this is a private passage from Caelum to Snirkelville, I gave no such permission for this, and I doubt Deni would allow it. (She took care of caelum while I was away)
    And frankly, it is an eyesore.
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    Quote from Dj_777


    Why. What the hell is the point of bumping this. You're an idiot.
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    Both of the two are genetically augmented super soldiers, albeit from different timelines and points within time. Assuming the two are fighting in modern day America, Chief would have a clear advantage. This is due to his knowledge of weapons both from his time era, and before that. The reason for this large database of military knowledge is because of the AI which accompanies him in many missions. Chief would have a clear advantage because he has prior knowledge of the weapons used in 2012, and a good perception of how they work.
    Captain America, however, has been displaced out of time for over 50 years, and only retains knowledge weaponry he has encountered in the modern day (Which is very little), and the weapons he has handled within the second world war. Assuming Captain America was able to gain access to these weapons, it would do very little to the energy shield systems which surround Chief's armour. This is because the chief's armour is specifically designed to deflect bullets such as those fired by modern day weaponry, and is only especially susceptible to plasma weaponry and EMP devices. Even if Captain America was to gain access to plasma weapons, he would have no idea how to utilise them. The same point goes for EMP devices.
    We're also forgetting the fact that Master Chief ****ing fell to Earth from orbit while clutching onto a piece of metal, not to mention the considerable amount of times he has almost died while protecting humanity. It is true that Captain America spent over 50 years encased in ice, but this nothing compared to the achievements of Chief.
    Going back to the point of Captain America being displaced in time, it is near impossible for a person who has grown up in a separate time period to be seamlessly assimilated into modern day society. This would lead to a near perpetual state of disorientation towards the current time, and not understanding many aspects of today's life. Granted, this could have the same effect on the Chief, but he has a rather detailed knowledge of human history, and would most likely understand most of what is happening at the time of the battle.
    Of course, I am not even going into the vast swathes of experience, physical training and weapons training the Chief has had, while Captain America has only received military training from the U.S. army.
    In conclusion, Master Chief > Captain America.

    - Summer Glau

    (Source: http://xkcd.com/406/ )
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    posted a message on A brief history of bollocks
    Sorry for the relatively short post, I'm really sick after hiking through snow in the Cairngorms. (Probably isn't up to standard as well)


    Emily leant over the bar, observing the area around her. In the furthest to the left booth, a group of friends, telling jokes and carrying on. To their right, a father and son, who seem to be debating something thoroughly. Then dominating the central table, the dark haired man and the blond one, who had been glancing at her all night. She examined his face. He had quite a prominent nose, which curved upwards slightly at the end. His eyes were light blue, and his hair wind blown and ash blond. Emily thought he was actually pretty cute. He caught her gaze, and then quickly averted his eyes once again. It was relatively obvious he was a shy one, which just made him more irresistible to Emily. The amount of assholes she had dated, each treating her worse than the last. She thought back to her last relationship, with a man known as Mark ‘The Tank’. And yes, he was truly a tank. 6”9, with muscles which would make Hercules blush. To see such a slim, sensitive and shy guy who was clearly interested in her was refreshing, to say the least.
    ‘Um, hello?’ Emily jolted back to reality, to see the blond standing in front of her.
    ‘Oh, sorry. I tend to daydream occasionally. What can I get you?’ She said, flashing a smile.
    ‘Just... can I get a refill please?’ He said, extending his empty glass and feeling a blush grow in his cheeks.
    ‘Sure thing, sweetie.’
    Steven looked anxious, and turned his gaze back to Martyn for reassurance. He stared straight back, nodding.
    ‘So, uh... I was wondering if you were doing anything after your shift?’ Emily looked at him, while handing him back his drink. She considered it in her mind, turning over the potential options in her head. She settled on an answer.
    ‘Well, I guess you’re kind of cute. I finish at 10, is that after your bedtime?’
    ‘Oh, um... no! I mean, I don’t have a bedtime. I mean, I’ll pick you up outside the pub then.’ He walked towards the door at speed.
    ‘Hey!’ Steven whirled around.
    ‘You forgot your drink.’
    ‘Oh, um. Keep it!’ He hurried through the door, out onto the street.
    Martyn walked up to the bar, and placed a ten dollar note on the bar.
    ‘That should about cover our drinks, keep the change. Excuse my friend’s social ineptitude, he hasn’t spoken to a woman in quite a while.’
    ‘It’s no problem.’ At that, Martyn walked out of the bar as well.
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    I'm going to be going hiking for the next few days, but daily updates will resume on Monday. (I have no intention of stopping any time soon :) )
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    Even though no one seems to be reading this, I enjoy writing it.


    Emily was leaning over the bar, trying to ignore a look shot across the room from a clearly intoxicated man in a booth. She picked up a cloth, and began pretending to wipe down the bar for the 50th time that night. Clearly, the rather intoxicated man did not understand her disinterest. He sauntered over to the bar, treading on the toes of quite a few other customers in the process. While the other customers were preoccupied watching this stumbling man, Martyn and Steven slipped in the front door.
    ‘Hey, girl. How are ya doing?’
    ‘I’m completely fine. However, you seem to be a little on the tipsy side.’
    ‘Nah, I’m completely fine...’ His words slurred.
    ‘I’m sure. Now what can I get you?’ Emily asked, feigning ignorance.
    ‘Actually, I was hopin’ I could get a pint of you, if ya know what I mean.’
    ‘I’m sorry, I’m not interested.’
    ‘Aw, come on baby, just give me a chance...’ He leaned in for the kiss.
    Emily made a split second decision, and slapped him round the face. He reeled back in shock, and fell on to the lap of another woman, who let out a shriek.
    ‘Ok, here is what is going to happen. You’re clearly drunk, and disturbing the other customers at this bar. By the look of you, you’re almost 20 years older than me, and seem to be developing stubble. I am in no way interested in us, and I doubt I ever will be. I’m going to hail you a taxi, and you’re going to get into it. Of course, the moment you walk out that door you will be instantly banned from this bar. Is that understood?’
    ‘Fine, whatever. Crazy *****.’
    ‘Get out. I’m not even going to call a taxi for your drunk ****.’ She pointed to the door. He stared at Emily, seemingly trying to append a sense of fear into her. She returned his gaze, while still pointing at the door. By this point the rest of the pub had fallen into silence, intrigued by their exchange. Slowly he broke her gaze, and slowly meandered to the door. He turned around briefly.
    ‘This place sucked **** anyway.’ He then finally stumbled through the threshold, out onto the street. Emily breathed a sigh of relief, and returned to her bar tending duties.
    ‘That was quite the exchange.’ Emily looked up, to see an attractive dark haired man sitting at the bar.
    ‘We get those types occasionally.’ She replied. ‘What can I get for you?’
    ‘A Guinness for me, and a pint of your cheapest lager for my friend over there.’ Emily looked over Martyn’s shoulder, to see Steven giving a shy wave.
    ‘Guinness and a pint of rat **** coming right up.’


    Steven looked around the bar, taking in his surroundings. The varnished, wood panelled walls, complemented by a carpeted floor. A few red booths lining the outside of the pub, while the centre was dominated by tables and plush chairs. On the far left side was the bar, stretching from the front of the pub to a secured door at the other end. But to Steven, none of that was as interesting as the face of the woman who was serving the drinks. She was stunning. Steve stole another glance, getting a better idea of her face. She was leant over the bar, handing drinks to Martyn, her auburn hair pulled back into a loose, functional pony tail. A few stray hairs fell down from her pony tail, bending round the curve of her face. With full, cherry cheeks and high cheekbones, her grey-green eyes seemed to imprint themselves into Steven’s mind. Martyn began to head back to their table, and she noticed Steven staring at her. She held his gaze for a moment, before Steven broke it out of sheer embarrassment.
    ‘I see you’ve got a crush.’ Steven looked up to see Martyn holding out his drink to him.
    ‘Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Not sure yet.’
    ‘I wouldn’t count on anything happening too soon. Did you see the way she dealt with the last guy who hit on her?’
    ‘Yeah, I suppose.’ But Steven still harboured hopes within him.
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