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I'm Poly-G.
I do texture-related stuff.
Here we go...

[16x] Nachtklinge:Click here!

A dark, mystical and medieval texture pack, completely done in pixel art. Very WIP.

[32x] PixelEcke:Click here!

A warm, slightly cartoony pack, also pixel art. It's WIP too.

[128x] Blockapolypse:Click here!

A image-based, postapocalyptic pack completely kept in greyscale. WIP, again.

[64x] Settlecraft:Click here!

My first pack. A dark, medieval, realistic pack, which I'm not continuing anymore.

Yep..that's pretty much it.


Drawing, Orienteering, Music, Games, Other random crap nobody cares about.

I mean, who even reads this stuff? You must be pretty bored if you do.

If somebody actually reads this: Hello, random person on the internet.
I love you.

Location Thuringia, Germany

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Minecraft Poly-G

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