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    Thank you, I can finally make my own maps!
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    Quote from Mecha*Rage

    ... is that a joke ?

    Do you ever decide to read the whole thing actually?
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    I wanted to make an abandoned-like igloo that was used by people who traveled to the cold north, so this is how it came out, took me a while to the perfect shape and things..



    PC: http://www.mediafire.com/?x7snxxlpm0igm

    MAC: http://www.mediafire.com/?x7snxxlpm0igm

    OTHERS: http://www.mediafire.com/?x7snxxlpm0igm

    I hope you enjoy the cool igloo and rate on what you think and the texture pack is my texture pack which I am still working on, so that means there is no download link for the texture pack yet, what I am deciding is that the texture pack will be finished on 2012-08-20.
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    I prefer to use, "Furniture Mod" if you're wanting to build a big modern home or just a big paradise with realistic furniture.
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    Quote from jasonmaki

    I'm guessing neither of you have ever heard of a 'mix pack' before many people have done this before it's no big deal.

    Actually, it is a pretty big deal.
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    Quote from Goodlyay

    This is just degrading. Stop pretending that you made someone else's work.

    Someone elses work, just because it says [by rhodox] doesn't mean it is his, if you make a texture pack here: painterlypack.net

    Then when you download it, boom there it says in your texture folders that it is [by rhodox] because he owns the site and he puts his name there so people will know I used his website.
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    Hey guys, made a cool texture pack, it took me about... lets say 6 hours?

    Anyway I got some nice pictures for you guys if you've decided to download this texture pack, here I have one picture since I'm tired from all this and I really didn't have anymore time right now to upload more pictures on this forum. Updates will be always on the bottom of the thread.


    Well I hope you liked this texture pack and download it, this took alot of effort to put in to and remember you need these programs for most of the texture pack to work or you won't get most of the textures because they will be the minecraft basic ones:

    MCPatcher - http://bit.ly/OuaSmu

    Now that you have everything you need for the texture pack, or if you still don't have MCPatcher, install it since this texture pack needs MCPatcher at certain points. Alright now let me give you the download link for good!

    Windows - http://bit.ly/N60hZc

    Mac - http://bit.ly/N60hZc

    Linux/Other - http://bit.ly/N60hZc

    Enjoy the texture pack guys, this is all media, no surveys for you guys, but if you want to show some like for this texture pack, give me a cookie :) .

    Once again guys, thanks guys and gals for getting it (if you still hadn't gotten it, get it and get MCPatcher!) and I wish you a good day!


    2012/08/16 - 9am: Works for 1.3.1 and 1.3.2pre now, but needs a 1.3.1 or 1.3.2pre MCPatcher for some of the textures of the texture pack.

    2012/08/16 - 10am: Water is now lighter only if you include MCPatcher 1.3.1 or 1.3.2pre.
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