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    posted a message on PCMCv1.11 Igloo buried in a hill.

    Huh, nice spawn! Already basically got you set up for day one, just from luck!

    Wonder if there are gonna be lots of spawns where you spawn right next to a woodland mansion!

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    posted a message on Plugin recommendations and configurations.

    Hey there!

    I would truly suggest rather than group manager, you try PermissionsEX. It is a lot more well developed in my opinion, despite it not being as simple (if you want I can give you a tutorial for it on a DM :), just ask!)

    I would highly suggest also getting NoCheatPlus, as hackers are very common on smaller servers. If not NocheatPlus, any anticheat plugin would work fine so long as it is trustworthy/known already.

    A great plugin for adding plugins to the server, rather than having to restart/reload the server, is PlugMan, which is really great!

    Any other plugins I would suggest depend on the type of style of factions you are going for.

    The most common one I know of is MassiveCore Factions (which you would need the MassiveCore plugin for). I am developer on a smaller server that uses that specific plugin and the owner really seems to like it! However there are loads of factions plugins out there, so it really depends on personal preference!

    Aside from all these, some optional plugins I would suggest are:

    WorldEdit - For building

    VoxelSniper - Terraforming

    Bigger Biomes - What the name says :P.

    Hope I helped!

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 Update Opinion Thread

    I have to admit I do like the mobs. Wish they'd get rid of the bloody pvp though.

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    posted a message on Best Fps Boosting guide

    Or simply remove particles. Its all good, just go to your video settings and reduce render distance is best way.
    5zig is also good, cause you can legitimately see your ping.

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    posted a message on Minecraft with no sound and lwjgl logo

    If you can't load it, try re downloading MC from scratch.

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    posted a message on Sick of these same faction/prison/hub servers... Need Ideas?

    Well, honestly, when starting up a server. If you want to keep it running, and non-hackable, you do need SOME bukkit/coding/command blocks.

    Even PURE vanilla servers need to protect their spawn with command blocks one way or another. A good idea for you, is perhaps a Towny server. It is neither Factions nor Minigames.

    Honestly, what I think is a good idea, is going modded with Forge. Try a modpack or somethin. That could work...

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    posted a message on Tips for making a modded adventure pack

    Well, for starters, before you even begin to build, you should get a good foundation of builders to help build you your castle.

    When it comes to development of the mods, make sure you are checking to make sure there are no bugs.

    I do not really mod, I am more of a player/builder, so I don't really know how to code it, but instead using command blocks could make the map easier to make, rather than taking the time to code a bunch of mods :P.

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    posted a message on VoxalMC Developer Needed!

    Hey Everyone!

    I am an Administrator of the VoxalMC network. We have many fun servers for everyone to play and have fun on!

    We are seeking a developer to join us in making it a fun community with games that everyone loves! If you join us, you will receive 10% of all the profit that we make EVER!

    The way we will set it up, is we will first interview you via Skype, and make sure that you can legitimately code.

    Once you do, we will give you 5%. Throughout the month we will make sure you are coding something, and at the end of it, we are expecting you have coded 1-2 plugins. If you have, you will receive the other 5% you earned (note we will do all the money through PayPal, so please have a PayPal before you join us). We are expecting you have a good amount of Java AND BUKKIT coding experience (minimum 2-3 years), and that you are experienced in coding Minecraft Minigames. Currently, the network has earned over $100 over the last 2-3 months! Our player database is 10-20 players a day!

    In-game, you will only have limited permissions however up to GMC until you prove that you can code.

    If you are interested, you can request to get an interview here. Please give us (use this format):




    Years coding Java:

    Years coding Bukkit

    Links to Plugins you have coded:

    Previous Developing Experience (on servers):



    Important Information:

    Website: voxalmc.net

    Forum: voxalmc.boards.net

    IP to the server: play.voxalmc.net

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    posted a message on WarriorCraft
    Hello, I am Poker1st and I am the Head-Administrator for WarriorCraft.

    Lately, we have had a shortage of staff members and are starting to get griefed sometimes, we could really use some trustworthy, kind players to join us, and maybe even become staff members. No tricks, just go to http://warriorcraftfourms.enjin.com/ our Enjin website, join us, and apply for Helper, then the staff team will read it, and if it is good, then you can start out as a Helper on our server!!! If you are good with permissions and are already a current Helper, you can ask the staff for a higher rank.

    Some Ranks that we need, are more Moderators, Helpers, Builders (also apply on website), and 1 or two more Administrators.

    The IP to our server is warriorcraft.mcph.eu (subdomain).

    Stay Crafting!!!

    The WarriorCraft Staff Team
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    posted a message on We need ONE developer
    Brand new small server which will get big in need of onedeveloper. Once we have one, we WILL NOT allow people to ask for it, and people that do will be auto kicked. Please do not ask for any other rank.

    pre requisites NESSICARY!!! we will not give you the rank if you are not knowing one of these:

    • You must be able to code
    • You have experience developing servers (and or administrating)
    • You must know most of the basic plugins
    • You must know 60% or higher of the basic permissions
    • You must either make plugins, or know how to make plugins
    The IP is s21.hosthorde.com:25681
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    posted a message on Ulti's Bar & Grill (Hangout Roleplay) [Moved to Discord]
    "Hey bartender, another round of health potion before I go, I may go to a nearby hotel or something"
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    posted a message on Ulti's Bar & Grill (Hangout Roleplay) [Moved to Discord]
    Sits down and orders a drink, thinking about his bad day
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    posted a message on What Wouldnt You Play Minecraft Without
    Anvils, having to craft a new weapon every time yours is broken, or not being able to enchant your stuff as easy is just not for me. Anvils are more needed than you guys think
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    posted a message on Comparing Minecraft Resource Pack Racing, To GTA 5 Racing
    I thought that I would create this topic to compare both grand theft auto 5 (online or not) racing, to minecraft racing using minecarts and recourse packs. I made another topic in off topic, that talks about sandbox games like Minecraft, and GTA, so check that out here The resource packs I am talking about, make the minecarts into race cars and such, a mod perhaps can go with it as well. I also thought that I would post some facts about both of them.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Racing:
    • Grand theft auto 5 racing uses real cars
    • There are checkpoints that you can go across, that if you die, you get spawned back at those checkpoints
    • You cannot set it to different levels, because the racing is on multiplayer
    • From what I remember, you can add guns to each match
    • No Singleplayer races
    • There are water, bike, and even parachuting races
    • You cannot create animated races (like Mario races)
    Minecraft Racing Using Resource Packs (Take note that all of these facts depend on the resource pack, and the mods added):
    • There are singleplayer test races.
    • You can create races from other video virtual realities, such as Mario
    • More sandbox options.
    • Based on minecarts, yet you can add other types of races like boat races, horse races, pig races etc...
    • More encouraged on Multiplayer.
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    posted a message on 14w25b Bugfix Update
    Very helpful, I encounter these bugs a lot, and think that it is cool that we all know them now
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