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    Felix watched as Kenny went limp, grabbing him under his arms before he fell to the ground. Felix dragged him over to the grass and carefully set him down. He stood up and started pacing around. So much happened in so little time. His eyes came to rest on the man that just collapsed. He came from the sky like a falling angel, with no warning whatsoever. Felix continued to pace around when he thought about something out of the ordinary Kenny said. He said his planet. His planet? He was not implying Earth or even an asteroid of some sort. He must be extremely smart to engineer something that would cushion his fall, providing no injury whatsoever. But why would he bring up the possibility of coming from a different planet. It just makes no sense.

    Felix sat down on the grass. He stared at Kenny for a long time, wondering where he came from. He must be insane or mental to think that he came from another planet. But Felix doubted his hypothesis, due to him seeming completely sane and fine before he started to fall. But this wasn't the weirdest thing that has happened today. Not by far. Felix decided to push the thought out of his mind, planning on finding out later. Felix started fanning Kenny with his hand, trying to help him come to.
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