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    .RAR SUCK!! USE A .ZIP!!!!!
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    how do I change the zoom key? The zoom key is R, but my inventory key is also R, how do you change the zoom key?

    Why is your Inventory key R?!
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    posted a message on Need 1-2 builders for a new adventure map! [Combat Guild Has To Be Made]
    Or for you, I joined 23/10/9, or October 23rd, 2009.
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    posted a message on Need 1-2 builders for a new adventure map! [Combat Guild Has To Be Made]
    First Name: Logan
    Age: 14
    Where do you live, time zone + country: Utah, Mountain, USA
    Skype Name (Optional but seriously recommended): I prefer ingame chat
    When you First Started Playing Minecraft: 10/23/09
    Why you Want to Join: I love building, and I was actually gonna start making a map myself until I saw this.
    Can you work with WorldEdit: Yup!
    List all Your Experience (Redstone building, when you first played Minecraft, etc.): Joined Minecraft 10/23/09, Imma Redstoner and Builder, I got plenty of Mods to help me!
    Something you Need me to Know (Optional): I have a server with almost 60 plugins, some are perfect for making maps, but it's Hamachi. But what I really should say is I'm OCD when I build sometimes.
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    posted a message on In-Game NBTEdit! Edit Mob Spawners & Attributes in game! FINALLY UPDATED!
    I'm uploading a video tutorial right now on how to add Lore to an item!
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    posted a message on [TUTORIAL] HOW TO MAKE A GOOD CUSTOM MAP
    Hey guys, I'm Pokemon5475YT, and I really wish that this tutorial (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/378415-tutorial-how-to-make-a-good-custom-map/) would be updated. But it hasn't since BETA 1.6.6! So I decided to continue it. Enjoy! I added the Hypixel's Website link and a couple of mods, and those are the only things I own under this line below. :)
    As an avid Minecrafter I play a lot of custom maps and record a few.. and I've noticed that some of the newer maps are unoriginal or just generally poorly made and/or presented
    So I decided to make this guide/tutorial to making a good custom map!

    Hope You Enjoy and Learn Something!

    List Of Contents

    Getting Started
    Mods To Use/Avoid
    Setting the Scene
    Thread Presentation
    Final Touches

    Getting Started

    Firstly you want to think.. do you actually want to make this map?
    Am I going to give up halfway?
    Do I have the time?

    If you do then read on..

    Firstly, you want to decide what time of Custom map you want to do

    Puzzle - Numerous Puzzles using Redstone and other contraptions, usually fits into an escape map
    however making these maps can be difficult if you don't understand Redstone very well

    Adventure - a Main quest to achieve a goal, most common among new custom map makers as they can build little or big villages and unique structures, however there are a lot of the maps around and finding an original idea can be difficult.

    RPG - lots of little quests with no main storyline, takes a lot of time and dedication and you won't finish it overnight. It would/could take up to a month or even maybe more.

    Creation - something you've made that's really impressive and you would want to share with other users.

    Once You've decided You're going to need a few things

    Mods To Use!

    Too Many Items - allows you to instantly place any item right into your inventory
    You Need this to make any custom map more or less as you dont want to work for every material - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140684-15213w19a-toomanyitems-in-game-invedit-may-10/

    All-U-Want Inventory Editor - Like TooManyItems, but also has an NBTEdit and you can enchant anything at more than Level 10! - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1787033-all-u-want-inventory-editor-give-yourself-any-item-in-the-game/

    Single-Player Commands - allows you to have over 100 commands which will aid your building for example
    Time Control , Instant mining , and the most important in comes with world edit which allows you to flatten land, change land to a different block and for spheres and walls - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/94310-152-single-player-commands-v48-official-download-spc-noclip/

    Zombes Mod Pack - Allows you to enable flymod which will aid in building tall structures and you want have massive towers to climb to higher places - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/91055-151152-zombes-modpack-26-mods-v721-upd-10may/

    Mods To Avoid

    I would say there was any mods to directly avoid but most people won't want to download a certain mod to play your map; for example a shelf mod or a MOB mod these may be a nice touch but are not recommended!

    Setting The Scene

    Now You've got your mods your going to need a storyline and a name for you're map

    For the storyline
    Be Original! Jot down a few ideas and see which one you like the best and then search the forums too see if its been done before if it has move on a try another. If you cant think of one just look around for inspiration and im sure you will find some!

    Name Of Your Map

    Keep the Name of your map as close to the storyline as you can so if you have a story about an island make the name something about that island!

    Your May choose to use Notepad to add notes to your map .. it saves writing pages on signs and is what most maps use.

    When writing an introduction you may want to include a small backstory or explain what is happening. How much information you reveal is your choice. You want to place a sign in the map saying " Read Introduction" As soon as they spawn into the world.

    You Also may want to add another notepad file which states the rules
    The Common Rules Are
    1. No Placing Blocks
    2. Only Destroy "Insert Block Here" You want to keep this too one block as not to confuse people. Also choose a block which doesnt require a pickaxe to break for example - Clay
    3. Choose a Difficulty if you want them just to explore with no MOBS Peaceful is what to play on but if you want a challenging map set the difficulty to be on Easy or above

    These are the main rules if you want to add more then thats up to you and edit these rules to how you please.

    You may want to write notes in notepad to explain the storyline in detail .. keep these notes to medium size not to long but not too short and also if you want there to be an objective write that in the Notepad document. Also place a sign inside your map for when you want that map to be read.

    Now Your Ready To Build!.

    When Starting Building you want to make a spawnpoint which is commonly a house, jail or crash site but the choice is yours as it would have to fit into your map and storyline.

    At the starting area you may want to add a few supply's like food torches etc.

    When building try not to make the buildings look boring and all the same try to be different and do something most people wouldnt of done before. Sometimes simple is better. If you decide to build a big object then plan it for example if you decided to make a castle or Palace you may want to plan it out and these big builds will take a long time and sometimes things may go wrong but if you feel that way take a break and carry on as you wouldnt want to mess up the whole map.

    A Useful too for building is MC Edit - http://www.minecraft...or-mc-beta-165/ which is a program which you can use to edit your map, you can select copy and paste parts of your map again so for a castle you could use it for doing the walls etc.. how you use this software is up to you.

    The Building Part of your map will take you the longest and shouldnt be rushed as it will effect your final product which we will move onto now!


    When you are satisfied that your map is done you want to go to
    And Type In %Appdata%
    Here you will see your .minecraft folder
    Open it
    Inside it will be a saves folder .minecraft/saves Open this
    Then find your world Copy and paste it to your desktop.

    Now if you have notes in you map make a folder with your custom map name and place the notes and the save inside this folder
    Now Download Either WinRaR 7zip or WinZip - http://www.rarlab.com/ is my favourite

    Now right click on that folder and click add to archive and then save it too your desktop now inside that file will be your custom map and notes

    Now go to http://www.mediafire.com/ if you want to find out how many downloads your file gets then sign up! Its free!

    And then click upload and then choose your file!

    Your file is now uploaded!

    Thread Presentation

    When Setting Out Your Thread The Title Should Have
    [Adv] [Puz] [RPG] Or [Creation] at the front to allow users to see what type of map it is then the map name!
    You may want to add a short topic description to give people a small insight

    Now you want to take screenshots of your map so

    Go into your world and find some good spots to take a screenshot Press f1 to hide the HUD and then f2 to take the screenshot, then move to the next spot . These photos are in the same place as your saves but in the screenshots folder instead of saves so .minecraft/screenshots

    Now Go to http://photobucket.com/ this site requires a sign up but its free so why not! but if you dont want to sign up go to http://tinypic.com/

    choose your files and upload them once they are uploaded find the IMG code which should be under the picutre and copy and paste it onto the thread where you want the Picture.

    Heres my Template Thread

    - If you have a banner title image place it here
    - Small insight into the map and what you would have to do
    - Screenshot
    - More Detail if wanted
    - Rules
    - Screenshots
    - Videos if you have them
    - Download
    - Thanks

    This is just the way i would present my thread.
    If you enjoy making pictures you could make a signature and then allow people to have the IMG code to add to their Signature.

    Dont Expect people to reply to your thread straight away as people have to play you map first and some people might not have even seen your map yet.

    Also If you release a new version of your map place Version notes just after the download and also a the v.1.3 etc to the start of the thread explaining what's new and also add v.1.3 released to the title which may make people look and download your maps!

    Here's a couple of tutorials on Hypixel's Website: http://hypixel.net/wiki/invisibly-block/

    Final Touches

    If someone suggests something dont just shrug it of give it a thought and maybe add it and dont be afraid to make additions to the map.

    You may in future add a sequel which hopefully will be two times as good!

    Also posting your map on more than one forum can be helpful and get the map more downloads and a youtuber may play your map!

    Need Any Last Idea's for Maps view some youtubers playing maps for traps and just general ideas
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    posted a message on Can someone continue/make the Moar' Achievements Mod
    Ok, so I love the Moar' Achievements Mod with all my heart, but it hasn't updated and it's still at 1.4.6/1.4.7. I really want this mod for my Let's Play and my Let's Play has to be in 1.5.2. So can anyone please update this mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1551577-146-moar-achievements-redux-v113-updated-122712-forge/
    If anyone can do this for me, I'll give you a shout-out to your channel! Thanks again!
    - Pokemon5475YT
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    posted a message on X-Ray Mod with Opacity, Cave Finder, Fullbright (Always updated!)


    Yup, that's so true.. -_-
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    posted a message on My Remake of Puss in Boots - Canine in Boots
    Here's my remake of Puss in Boots called Canine in Boots. I wrote it for an assignment in school, and tell me what you think of it. I'm sorry for any Grammar derps in it, because I finished it back in October of last year. :)

    Once upon a time, there was a dog and his name was Canine, and he is a German Sheperd and he fights crime and is the coolest dog on Earth, because he wears boots. He tells this story, so we'll let him do that now.
    "Woof! I'm a dog, and I wear boots!!" "I'm a German Sheperd and and my boots are so awesome because they have these bells on them!" "I like to chase things, like my tail, squirrels, and animals besides cats." "They scare me, like a lot." "I use a bow and I also have a quiver on my back, it has 64 arrows in it." "I'm also VERY LOUD!!" "But I'm inside my little tree fort right now, because it is pouring down rain, and it's 5:30 PM and it is very, very dark out." "Kind of ominous I think, but I should explain what my tree fort is like." "It is made of wood and is very cozy and safe." "Inside I have my sweet dog bed sewn of string and is stuffed with wool, it's so soft!" "I also have a way up, because I can't climb ladders, I have a cool elevator and it's fast, the tree fort is up like 40 feet and the elevator scales that in like 20 seconds!" "I live in a very modern world by the way, so now you know why I have an elevator to my tree fort." "I also have a fridge and an oven. If you're wondering how I have something as big as a fridge or oven in a tree house, the oven is as big as microwaves in the past and the fridge is still the same size as before." "That really sucks, because that is really big to have in a tree fort! But there is one last secret in the tree fort, and it is my secret, secret operations base!" "I have a little laptop in my tree fort so you know, but I use it for going on the Internet, playing games, and opening the entrance to my operations lab." "I have an app called 'Open Door' and it is used for opening the entrance." "It's also like a game, too! But now I'm going to show you the lab." "Oh no!" "The city needs me, there are robbers at our National Bank!" "That is really not good because that is where my nation's money is stored and saved!"
    "But before we head into the city, we need to find out which one of the 10 banks it is, so that is why I have my Operations Lab." "Ok, I have opened the piston entrance and we head down the middle of my tree trunk to the base." "Welcome to the base, I have my Gear storage on the east wing, and the exit on the west wing." "But on the north wing is my villain tracker, and my 'Crime Fighter 8503' Super Computer." "I need to use it to track who the robbers are, who they work for, and which bank they are at."
    "Apparently they are at World Bank # 4256, which obviously is the most popular, so I understand why they're robbing that one. Now we head to the east wing for getting my bow and arrows." "But these aren't the only thing I need to be getting, I need to get my Jet Boots, and my other gear." "I just got a message from the police, they told me the robbers are working for the ultimate villain, he calls himself 'The Boss'." "But we need to go and save the bank from them, we need to head out to the west wing and save that bank!"
    "So the World Bank is about 5 miles from here, so if the boots travel at 50 mph, then we will be there in 10 minutes, so time to turn them on." "Follow me, I know where the bank is."
    "Finally, we made it to the bank and they're cats!!!" "I think this will be so hard to capture them, so the plan is we sneak up behind them and capture them with nets." "Ha, I think the dog is too afraid to come." Says the cat on the right. "Yeah, I think he is, what a loser." Says the other cat, who was roaring with laughter. "Well, now I'm scared and offended, we need to catch them for what they just said!" Just then, the boots announced, "Low Power, Low Power!" "Great, now we probably won't be able to sneak up right above them and catch them." Just a second after Canine said that, a couple more evil-doers came and joined the two cats. One said, "I am Captain Cat, and I am here to help you two pillage all of these banks." Finally, Canine overcame his fear of cats, and he got out his bow, and some long-ranged Net Arrows, and he shot them, all of them. "FINALLY, I CAPTURED ALL OF THE MOST WANTED VILLAINS IN MY TOWN! The best part is, I am not afraid of cats anymore." said Canine. "Now I can take them to the police station and they'll put them in prison, where they all belong" "Now I can take a rest in my tree fort because I am so tired right now, and the city is safe, for now I guess."

    The End!!

    So, tell me what you think of it, and I'll see you guys later! :DThat's 906 words, just so you know.
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    Quote from Phil3992

    Kill it, kill it with fire!

    Did you even search for other x-ray packs? (which i hate) There are millions. If you wanted to x-ray so bad why not use nodus so the xray can be switched on and off.

    And if you are wondering why i know how to use a hack yes I once installed it, as I ran a server (best way to stop hackers was to understand what to look out for)

    I dev Nodus.
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    Quote from Pop2213

    Glad I got here before all the other trolls to tell you some important information
    1. You must have pictures IN THE POST ITSELF: http://www.minecraft...inecraft-forum/
    2. There are already MANY x-ray packs out there, so your's had better be something special or else you will be cut down like a twig.
    Much luck good friend, See you on the other side!

    Thanks, I like it when people are nice on the internet. It's so rare. :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.x] [WIP] Pokemon5475YT's X-Ray Texture Pack
    Pokemon5475YT/iAwesomeDude's 1.5.x X-Ray Texture Pack is out! I'm still working on it, so it's a WIP, and I made it because I can't seem to find any decent X-Ray Texture Packs for 1.5.2 out there. So I made this! :D
    I'm nice and I hate adfly, so I don't make you waste 5 seconds of your life to download my Texture Pack. Your welcome. :)
    This Texture Pack also has a HD Font as a bonus, so you're welcome! :)


    Screenshots Album!


    [Download links are a dl.dropbox link, so it's direct! :)]

    ------Download Links------
    Direct Link 1: Direct 1
    Direct Link 2: Direct 2

    ---------------------------Other Links---------------------------
    My YouTube Account: YouTube Account
    Subscribe to my YouTube Account: Subscribe to me!


    Nothing yet. :)


    Enjoy the Texture Pack that sucks because it's still a WIP! :P
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    I'm not really liking the new launcher, it always breaks and crashes on me. >:(
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