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    Quote from f3d323

    You might want to post some pictures for a higher amount of downloads.

    Otherwise, the map is looking good.

    Sorry, im new to minecraft forums couldn't figure out how to post pictures... :(
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    Role Playing Game Box
    This is the role playing box, an MCedit schematic, that once placed into a world to will convert it into an RPG-like scenario.

    In this game, your character has lives, these lives mean that if you die 3 times, then you will be locked into ghost mode, where you will constantly go up, you can't break block, and cannot obtain blocks

    Power Levels:
    In this game you have power levels, as you collect the ingame vannila levels, you also collect power levels which every once in a while you will obtain more power from these (at level 10 you mine slightly faster). The ultimate goal of the map is to get to level 100, so try to level up as much as possible!

    since you have 3 lives, you also have a clock to count your survival time, and this is basically a score keeping system to make speed runs more easy to time.

    This is a box based map, (like UHC by Sethbling) which means it will go into action once the schematic is placed in world,The ZIP will have the schematic, and 3 sample world, in case you don't know how to use MCedit.If you are using the schematic,than simply place the box somewhere in the world (recommended to be placed near spawn since spawn's chunks are always loaded) than the box will start working after about 15 seconds, slightly less time on the sample worlds.http://www.mediafire...37l8ptzg9z0xyre

    Map Reviews:
    You may post videos of this freely without my permission.

    If you enjoy this map than have fun playing it, and if you want, post you time surviving, or your time it took to get to level 100.
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