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    posted a message on [REQ] map generators
    I, too, would like more map generators, but, unfortunately, making one is harder than it seems.
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    posted a message on Toilets in Minecraft
    I'm making a mock-up engine right now... :iapprove:

    Okay, I thought about it, and in order for this to work we need to store 3 things:
    1. Time until next pooping.
    2. The state of your pooping health.

    Pooping engine:
    1a. When you first eat something after pooping, the time until next pooping is set to 10 minutes (The equivelent of 12 hours IRL.)
    1b. Any food consumed after that (including each slice of cake) will increase how much poop will be farted out.
    2a. You can only have a bowel movement when there is less than 3 minutes until you just poop on the spot.
    2b. You will be notified 3 minutes in advance of the poop. (e.g. "You feel a sensation in your butt.")
    3a. When have a bowel movement, your character will squat down and poop will come out.
    3b. If the timer reaches 0, your character will squat down and expode out a huge steaming mess. (You lose half a heart.)

    Poop heath:
    Your pooping health is determined by what you eat; and is stored as a number between 1 and 5.
    3 is ideal, and comes out pretty smooth,
    4 is when you get constipated, your turd will take longer to come out. (15 seconds, maybe?)
    2 is diarrhea, the poop comes out fast, and is bound to squirt all over the place, probably missing the toilet and all over your bathroom. (Pooping outside is ideal, since if you miss, it'll decay.)
    5 is extreme constipation, nothing comes out, and the turd starts to become toxic in your lil' cubiod butt. (Half a heart every 15 seconds if the timer reaches 3 minutes and below. Note: you will not just automaticly expode out the rock-hard poop when the timer reaches 0.)
    1 is explosive diarrhea. every minute above 0, you will fart out a whole toilet's worth of poop, floating in reddish-brownish liquid. It stings you butt, since it hasn't been properly digested. It squirts a full 180 degrees below you. (you lose 2 hearts) When the timer reaches 0, you will squat down and shoot out so much poop (regardless of how much you ate) it fill a toilet to the brim and overflows. It is very acidic, and will burn immencely. (lose 5 hearts)
    When you do poop, your health isn't reset to 3.
    Eating 5 raw meats (ham, fish) will decrease by 1 if the value is equal to or less than 3.
    Eating 5 sugar-y foods (cake, cookies) will increase by 1 if the value is equal to or greater than 3.
    (You can't just fix your exposive diarrhea by eating 10 cookies.)
    The only way to return it to 3 is to eat heathy foods (bread, cooked meats, apple)
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    posted a message on Oven (Grill) Block
    This is a great idea, not too overpowered, and something I've been wanting for a while.
    Now where is the Notch emoticon...
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    posted a message on Ideas i think would be cool
    Quote from ibeatyou9 »

    go here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13760

    and search here: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:minecraftforum.net

    and welcome to the fourms

    I've been seeing you shoot down other people's threads that have already been suggested, and...


    Thanks for making the forums a better place. I appreciate it.

    Sorry for unintentionally bumping this, but, I just HAD to say it.
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    posted a message on Electric Fences
    I don't understand why you don't just use cactus.
    You can place a cactus on a cactus to make infinitely tall cactus walls.
    As for the toggle-able feature, place some water that leads to a hole that knocks out the cactus of choice.
    To "reactivate" just replant the cactus.
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    posted a message on Terrain guide!
    Isn't this already at:
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    posted a message on [REQ] The Secret Mod...
    I could make a banner, but I may need to be spoiled of the mod's "secrets" (pm, maybe?)
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    posted a message on (Idea) INCEPTION!
    Quote from SirMeatwad »
    ...but in each dream YOU make the world...

    Can you elaborate?
    Do you mean an in-game editor?
    Or a temporary copy of the main world in which any effects done to it do not effect the main world?
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    posted a message on A thought on signs.
    How about, you need to make a "stamp" to add these icons onto your signs?
    Just craft together the item of choice, and a piece of paper.

    Example, A diamond plus paper equals diamond stamp, which allows you to "stamp" your signs.

    As long as you have these stamps in your inventory somewhere, you get the choice of adding the icon onto the signs.

    I support. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Hot Air Balloon?
    This has already been suggested... by me... but...

    This topic DOES make some good points, thought.
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    posted a message on Toilet Mod
    Hmm, maybe I could make a screenshot mockup...

    EDIT: Here it is, in full glory!
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3_01] Wood = Cardboard (Texture Mod)(WIP)
    Wood = Cardboard!
    NOTE: This is NOT a complete texture pack, and is merely an "add-on", if you will, to make stuff more... cardboard-y.


    What is this?

    Wandering around on the forums, I stumbled accross a texture mod that made chests into cardboard boxes. (Link to thread) Amazed at the genius of it, I expanded it so almost everything made of processed wood, (Chests, Workbenches, Doors, ect.) is now cardboard.


    Inside this are two different cardboard styles, one with noise (my personal favorite) and one without for a more "clean" look.

    Optionally, you can add en_US.lang to the "lang" folder in you minecraft.jar to fix the item names. e.g. "Wood Planks" is now "Cardboard"
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    posted a message on Slime Particles
    The slimeball in items.png, I think.
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    posted a message on Hot Air Balloons! (Fitting!)
    Quote from Tharwen »
    I only came to your thread because I've been seeing that sig everywhere and it's annoying me.

    It's COWER. Not coward.

    How embarrassing...
    Fix'd :Skeleton:
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    posted a message on Refund?
    I can't even tell what you are trying to get a refund on.
    If it is minecraft, I don't believe you can even get a refund.
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