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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Quote from Hybran

    I want it, therefore everyone does and Mojang needs to listen to me.


    I'm not trying to spark a flamewar here. I'm simply trying to start a meaningful and interesting discussion about features that could be added in the future and exactly what everyone else wanted out of the game.

    No one is here to shoot down your opinions or beliefs, so please, don't try to do that with mine. You'd be a hypocrite of the worst kind.Also, if anyone has some recommended mods that add some interesting features, that'd be great. I tried Technic, but it didn't do much for me and weighed down my system.
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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Quote from doctorcweed

    Everything you complained about was added and fixed in 1.4.

    Where's a proper combat system? Why is the terrain so bland? Why do I get to swipe at the same skeleton with my hyper-sword?

    Don't tell me that everything that I wanted was added because I'm already complaining that it wasn't.
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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Yes, stale.

    I feel that most of the new content hasn't really added much to the game. We get a few new blocks, a few new mobs that really don't serve a purpose and some new items too; but these really don't add anything special to the game. Alone, core gameplay is still very plain.

    - Poor combat mechanics
    - Lack of interesting terrain generation
    - Few new features
    - Mob spawning is predictable and doesn't add any difficulty
    - Newer mobs offer nothing unique

    Given, some neat things have been added like the ability to control pigs, write books, or make potions. I've actually remember seeing a lot of the talks and concepts for what was planned to be in Minecraft originally, and it isn't here.

    We wanted dragons, sea monsters, nightly zombie raids, awe-inspiring bosses that truly challenged your progression. We wanted survival, yet I get to sit in my impressively assembled castle sorting through my chest of useless junk. This isn't survival! There's nothing to survive against except the magical creature on your back that sucks nutrtion from you every time that you jump. Mobs are just dull and uninteresting, offering no sense of danger. Once you've built a reasonable building, you're safe.

    Here's my thing: I truly feel that the direction of development took a hard-left from what the orignal community expected and wanted. I just wish that Mojang would actually add something that could enchance the supposed experience that survival was suppose to offer.

    So, can I actually have my zombie horde?
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    posted a message on 1.8 DELAYED AGAIN!
    I'm glad that they actually delayed the finished product. Have you at all played the pre-release lately? It's nearly unplayable since it's riddled with bugs that potentially break every aspect of the game, not even mentioning the optimization and performance issues.

    Just be patient because they're working on something that will definitely make up for the lost time.
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