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    posted a message on The Ring - "The Hobbit" influenced minecraft server
    *Age - 22
    *Country - United States
    *Gmt - Central
    *Ways to be contacted - Through this account
    *Why build for us? (Paragraph Required)

    I don't have any screenshots to provide, but I do have an ambitious attitude when it comes to constructing marvelous wonders. This is especially true for anything objective based.

    *1-10 Rate yourself as a builder - 10/10
    *Previous Building Experience - Several servers prior, but most of my activity was done back in alpha
    *Pictures of your builds, (In spoilers)
    A bit about yourself - Great buildier and fun to play with
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    posted a message on What happened to key shortcuts?
    Quote from Laughing_Man16

    Well then it may be a bug in the 1.4.7 update. If so you should check the bug tracker to see if its been reported and if not then report it

    Figured out it was a mod that was causing it. I just reinstalled everything and it's working again.
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    posted a message on What happened to key shortcuts?
    Quote from Laughing_Man16

    As far as I know there still is. If you shift click something in your hot bar it should move it to your general inventory. Unless its armor in which case it will move it to the proper armor slot if it is open. This process also works in reverse with things in your general inventory into your hotbar. but not from an armor slot to the hotbar. I forget which update these were implemented. I think 1.4 for some reason but I'm not absolutely certain about that.

    *Update* Just checked. Mine works like this. So either the OP changed their key bindings or something has bugged out. So OP if you would be so kind as to tell us all what version of minecraft you are using.

    Current version.
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    posted a message on What happened to key shortcuts?
    Did they change the mapping? Because shift+M1 no longer moves items from my belt to inventory. Every thing feels out of place and clunky.

    Please don't tell me that they ruined it.
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    posted a message on An idea for an adventure map
    Alright, if you read the entire backstory you can obviously guess what the mode will be about:

    I plan on making a very large underground complex that is filled with traps, riddles, and of course, monsters. Aside from the riddles, the main focus will be to provide a rich story about the fall of a corrupt kingdom and the escape of a single prisoner. I plan on giving multiple endings to this story along with a highly detailed environment and devious puzzles. The objective will be to survive the labryinth, obviously.

    I could use suggestions as to what mods I could use to make this easier, as this will be the first adventure map that I've created.
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    posted a message on An idea for an adventure map
    In the age of the 14th century, a massive plague has swept the lands of europe with death and ill-fate.

    An isolated kingdom which was unknown to most of the world resided between a cascade of mountains which surrounded the horizon, cutting off its denziens from the world. The kingdom lived in what seemed an everlasting prosperity. The fields were rich and bountiful as well the people's lives, absent of poverty or famine, something which nobody knew of. Their king, Hermin II, ruled over the kingdom as the very second figure to rise to power after his father's death. He was seen as a kind figure of power and generosity and was well known among his fellow men. When he wasn't strolling the streets or making easy-talk with others, he sat from the tallest tower from the keep, observing from his shining throne.

    The kingdom left unstirred until an unexpected visitor appeared from seemingly nowhere. A man cloaked in a black robe brought what seemed an omenious presence. He was a stranger that had came to a strange land, unknown by all and looked down upon as such. Gossip spread throughout the streets as the townsfolk watched from their secluded windows. As word strowed, so did fear. It was until an unfaithful night that he was caught at the local tavern. Apprehanded by the king's personal right hand, the mysterious man was dragged away. Rows of curious men and women lined the pathway to the keep. He was kept in a cage like an animal and even treated as such while everyone took turns tossing stones, chanting hateful rabble.

    Hours had passed as the wild atmosphere calmed and the people returned to their daily lives. It wasn't long before higher concerns had been raised. Townsfolk were dropping left and right, as if they were flies. A sudden illness swooped the kingdom, bringing about pandamonium. Corpses piled at the cemetary and an angry barrage of riots stromed the keep, demaning answer for the recent events. Several wept in the streets over their departed loved ones and others took torches, tossing them over the once shining gates of the keep.

    Their king took to the balcony which over-looked the courtyard. A field of burning lights quickly turned their attention towards the now hated king which they looked at with disgust. "How could you allow such vile creatures into our homes!", shouted from a sole man in the crowd. Drums sounded, initiating the king's address to his public, "My faithful subjects! It is not I that allowed such travesty to befall my beloved kingdom! This man crept from the forbidden lands, carrying a foul sorcery that has caused great grief to us!". The king rounded up his short speech by promising relief from the disaster. The crazed crowd calmed as they retreated back to their homes, unprepared for what events would come with tomorrow.

    Everyone awoke to guards rapping at their doors. Everyone was to be escorted to a shelter. There was mass confusion as to what shelter could possibly be provided in this situation. Word spread as many began discovering that this was a quarantine: A newly and commonly practiced method proposed from doctors in the forbidden lands. A underground mine was to be used to keep the healthy while the disease would ravage the surface. This scenario only brought more calamity as battles broke out in the once peaceful streets. It wasn't long before the survivers were forced into this "shelter". A harvested stock of food and a clean water supply would keep the survivors safe for a year, they were reassured.

    It didn't take but a week for survivors to begin attempting suicide runs to the surface. The king had made sure that his prisoners couldn't escape. A slew of traps had been layed with an ingenious design that was never seen before. The population was controlled by the king's faithful servents, forcing laboring duties and various task to keep everyone busy. Months would pass and resources would become more scarce. Prevailing forces fought heavily against everyone that sat under the weight of a burning kingdom. As attempted escapes increased, so did panic. Numbers continue dwindling until few were left. A small block was left untouched by the madness that swept through the underground. Time was unmarked, but a supposed year had passed, leaving only a small group of people after the famine and constant violence. They are now tasked with a single chance of leaving the prison and surpassing the king's labryinth.

    Will you survive, or fall to the shadow of the kingdom?
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    posted a message on High-security vaults
    Okay, let's gather around for a moment and pretend like people don't use x-ray in survival for a moment(or if they did): I want to develop an idea of developing a vault that...

    - Uses no bedrock
    - Is accessible from the surface
    - Does not use complex combinations of redstone
    - Uses traps and illusions
    - (most importantly) can be entered and exited, alive

    The idea is to create something that only you knew how to traverse and survive so you could store your goodies from pesky raiders. Everything would have to be well-hidden and mindful that other players can just dig right through everything(unless protected) with ease. Cost-efficiency is a bonus, of course.

    So, how would anyone go about engineering so a brilliant method of stopping those mean Mother Hubbards?
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    posted a message on The Current State of Survival
    I'm curious as to how the commnity feels about the recent updates to Minecraft. What do you like about it, what don't you like about it, is it to your expectations, what's lacking or could be improved, or anything else opinionated.

    Personally, I believe that survival has grown bland and is lacking content updates that should be keeping the community interested. Honestly, it's nice getting an update almost every month now, but I'd rather wait a couple of months at a time to actually have something that would keep me interested for more than a minute.


    Sounds alright.

    New mob?

    Eh, really isn't different from the others.

    More enchants?

    I hardly even use them.

    The mode could just use something to actually flesh out the idea of surviving, like improved melee combat or more threatening mobs. I actually liked the concept of dragons in the overworld or sea monsters that keep adventurers at bay.

    Hell, I've been waiting forever on magic and larger mountains. There's just so much potential here.
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    posted a message on I want to see a mod that drastically enhances combat and survival
    Swining your sword at mach-5 speeds isn't exactly entertaining, especially when you can only hit something every 3/4 of a second with it. Because of this, close-encounters with mobs and pvp are incredibly boring and look silly.

    So, what exactly that I'm suggesting is a mod that introduces a new way to fight. I want proper duels, magic, and rangers that could poach from atop a tower! But what would I defend against besides my fellow man? The local infestation of course! Mob spawning is predictable, lazy, and doesn't even function as it should. Mobs spawn within a set range and often in the middle of your house at night. We need raids! We need true terror! If so, building and defending would actually be ideal.

    That is what survival should be about. Not building a small house, getting armor and weapons, then automatically being able to kill anything unless you fell into some sort of clumsy peril. If we had this, then there'd be a bigger incentive to actually build some form of stronghold and you know, survive? The only thing threatening is the invisble hunger monkey on your back that claws every time you run or jump away at your hunger bar.

    If there's already a mod for this, I apologize for my short-sighted ability to search aimlessly. It's just wishful thinking though since I know the time and effort that it would take into completing something such as this.
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    posted a message on Small mature whitelist minecraft server looking for new faces
    IGN: Zombiejoe315
    Age: 22
    What are you willing to bring to the server? Fairly active and friednly. I'm also dedicated towards the idea of community projects and am an excellent builder with a nack for organization.
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    posted a message on Sofetios's Server (Anti-Grief) (No-PvP) (Friendly) (Whitelist) (1.4.2) (15-Slot) (World Guard)
    In Game Name: Zombiejoe315

    Why do you wish to join: Looking for a new, friendly server

    Will you follow all rules and respect other players: Yes

    Anything I should know about you: <------ Great builder, meaning that I would love helping you design elaborate deathtraps.
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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Quote from Hybran

    I want it, therefore everyone does and Mojang needs to listen to me.


    I'm not trying to spark a flamewar here. I'm simply trying to start a meaningful and interesting discussion about features that could be added in the future and exactly what everyone else wanted out of the game.

    No one is here to shoot down your opinions or beliefs, so please, don't try to do that with mine. You'd be a hypocrite of the worst kind.Also, if anyone has some recommended mods that add some interesting features, that'd be great. I tried Technic, but it didn't do much for me and weighed down my system.
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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Quote from doctorcweed

    Everything you complained about was added and fixed in 1.4.

    Where's a proper combat system? Why is the terrain so bland? Why do I get to swipe at the same skeleton with my hyper-sword?

    Don't tell me that everything that I wanted was added because I'm already complaining that it wasn't.
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    posted a message on I've wondered why development has been so stale
    Yes, stale.

    I feel that most of the new content hasn't really added much to the game. We get a few new blocks, a few new mobs that really don't serve a purpose and some new items too; but these really don't add anything special to the game. Alone, core gameplay is still very plain.

    - Poor combat mechanics
    - Lack of interesting terrain generation
    - Few new features
    - Mob spawning is predictable and doesn't add any difficulty
    - Newer mobs offer nothing unique

    Given, some neat things have been added like the ability to control pigs, write books, or make potions. I've actually remember seeing a lot of the talks and concepts for what was planned to be in Minecraft originally, and it isn't here.

    We wanted dragons, sea monsters, nightly zombie raids, awe-inspiring bosses that truly challenged your progression. We wanted survival, yet I get to sit in my impressively assembled castle sorting through my chest of useless junk. This isn't survival! There's nothing to survive against except the magical creature on your back that sucks nutrtion from you every time that you jump. Mobs are just dull and uninteresting, offering no sense of danger. Once you've built a reasonable building, you're safe.

    Here's my thing: I truly feel that the direction of development took a hard-left from what the orignal community expected and wanted. I just wish that Mojang would actually add something that could enchance the supposed experience that survival was suppose to offer.

    So, can I actually have my zombie horde?
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    posted a message on Small Vanilla Survival Server looking for a couple new players.
    Count me in!


    Looking for some awesome bros to play with.
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