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Hi, i am a 13 year old boy who lives somewhere in Florida. I like Pokemon, Minecraft, Marvel, Fire Emblem: Awakning, Wii U, 3DS, the year of Lugi, immortality, Star Wars, history, and I am intreasted in the future and new technogies (not that I can build anything of course. Just want holograms, teleportation photosynthesis powered everything, lightsaber, force fields that can block the sun exploding, and a cure to death.) I don't have any talents, my favorite song is smooth crimnal by Michael Jackson, and I Read a lot. I would like to write, but I am lazy, and it takes to much time. I need some great speech to email or word document software/app/program....
Interests Pokemon, Minecraft, Science, Philospy[Misspelled....], Alternate Realities , star wars, and more pokemon and Minecraft and books, and more Pokemon,,and my 3DS, CP, and even more Pokemon, and some more star wars, and some clone troopers, why the Jedi didn't notice the order that was posted on the clones list of orders, which contained one to kill them, and even more more Pokemon, diamond pickaxes, marvel, Plasma

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Minecraft owvaughn Xbox Wii U and 3DS