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    posted a message on BETTER BOATS LOGIC

    I wouldn't mind this, but I rarely find myself using a boat, much less going downhill or uphill.

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    posted a message on Pipes

    If you want less laggy hoppers, suggest they just make hoppers that are less laggy. Pipes as item transport is unneeded and useless. I could see Mojang adding pipes as liquid transport, but even that isn't very useful.

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    posted a message on More Entities have the {Marker} Tag

    As of now, many people using command blocks use armor stands with the tag {Marker:1} and have them "attached" to a mob to give it more decoration. The Marker tag makes it so it doesn't have a hitbox. However, I think entities such as Falling Block, Item Frame, Painting, Fireball, and Bat should have the ability to be given the tag of {Marker:1}.

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    posted a message on Cauldrons Hold All Liquids + Freeze

    In my opinion, cauldrons are an extremely underused feature in Minecraft. This makes sense since there's little to do with them, but it's good that Mojang has recently been adding more functionality, like taking patterns off banners and adding one tier with a bottle of water. However, I think they should also be able to hold all liquids you can put in a bucket, and be able to freeze.


    Add lava to a cauldron by right clicking it with a bucket of lava. (This will empty your bucket.)

    Anything that goes into the cauldron of lava will be set on fire.

    Right clicking a cauldron of lava with a slime ball will turn it into magma cream, while taking away one tier of lava.

    Right clicking a cauldron of lava with a skull will turn it into a wither skull, while taking away one tier of lava. (I don't think this is too overpowered since normal skulls are practically just as rare, but please let me know if you don't think it's a good idea.)

    If the cauldron is full of lava, you can take it out with a bucket. Otherwise you can break the cauldron and place it again.

    If the cauldron is in a place where water could freeze, it becomes a cauldron of obsidian. You can't empty it, but breaking the cauldron will give you the obsidian block.

    CAULDRON OF MILK (inspired by Bijuu546 on reddit)

    Add milk to a cauldron by right clicking it with a bucket of milk. (This will empty your bucket.)

    Right clicking a cauldron of milk will take away one tier and drain your effects. (The purpose is it is instant.)

    Cats can drink out of cauldrons of milk.

    CAULDRON OF WATER [change]

    If the cauldron is in a place where water could freeze, it becomes a cauldron of ice. You can use a flint and steel on it to melt it again, or you can mine it to get a cauldron and an ice block.

    Sorry if this seems like a wishlist, but it is all related and part of the same feature idea.

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    posted a message on "Suicide Chest" for Lack of a Better Name

    One thing that's always bugged me is that even if you have bedrock on top of a chest to keep players from getting the items, they can still just break the chest and the items will fall out. It's the same with trapped chests: they can break the chest and not trigger the traps. Even shulker boxes are not safe; in fact, it's easier for players to take your shulker boxes back to their base in one piece, full of your items.

    A suicide chest would look sort of like a chest, but the lock is gold, like on an ender chest. You can open and interact with it as usual, but if it is broken, no items will come out (except the item for the suicide chest itself.) There might also be a smoky particle effect to show "bwahaha, no one can have these items!" The suicide chest would mean if your base is raided, at least they can't keep your stuff.

    As you'd expect, you can also craft Trapped Suicide Chests. You can also put a TNT block in the middle of the crafting recipe above to get a rigged suicide chest, which will explode when broken.

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    posted a message on More iron/gold nuggets on smelting armor/tools?
    Quote from pasriram2004»

    Thanks for your reply! I have ideas for uses of iron nuggets:
    1. Hook- Made using 5 nuggets in 'U' shape, and connects 2 minecarts together, and if the first minecart is burning, you can go at 10 m/s, 2 m/s more for each extra minecart. (Just an idea)

    (Only one came so far to my mind, and i even have a thread about minecarts)

    Maybe craft this recipe to get a Chest with Lock.
    (My recipe generator doesn't have iron nuggets, so just pretend the iron ingot is a nugget.)

    They could have 19 slots: 2 rows on top and one slot in the middle of the bottom row. Whatever item you put in the bottom row, the chest recognizes it and you can only open the chest with that kind of item. We already have locked chests in Minecraft, but you need to use commands at the moment.
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    posted a message on More iron/gold nuggets on smelting armor/tools?

    This is one of the things I plan to change once we get JSON-based crafting recipes in 1.13. While I'm at it, I plan to make it possible to smelt down compasses, clocks, horse armor, and possibly rails.

    You can already smelt iron and gold horse armor, there just isn't a diamond nugget in the game yet. I like the idea of smelting compasses clocks and rails though. Possibly add smelting chainmail armor for 50% what you'd get for its iron counterpart?
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    posted a message on Skyblock World Type
    Quote from McRiveter»

    That is very bad reasoning. Something being popular doesn't mean it fits in vanilla. That same thing could be said about any other popular multiplayer thing.

    I didn't say skyblock was multiplayer. When it was first introduced in the Minecraft community, it was completely singleplayer, and many people on servers still choose to play it alone. So I don't tink it is exactly a popular multiplayer thing. So why do you think it would be a bad decision to add this? Like I said, skyblock isn't just popular, it's iconic to the game. Mojang already chooses tons of minigames and maps for Realms, so I don't see why it would be too much of a problem if they added this when it is completely optional and has no effect on those who don't want to use it.

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    posted a message on Skyblock World Type

    Because skyblock is such an iconic survival type in the Minecraft community and it's almost always the same starting set, it would make sense for Mojang to add a Skyblock world type so players don't have to download one or join a server. It wouldn't take too much time to add and would make it a lot easier, since there's no real way right now to clear out the Nether and End by yourself.

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    posted a message on Endermen Improvements

    Endermen are some of the coolest Minecraft mobs, but there is still room for improvement. A small add-on to this suggestion is the idea of endermen in the End Islands naturally holding blocks from the overworld. What block an enderman is holding should affect its behavior.

    TNT - This will make the enderman act similarly to a creeper, of course. When it gets close to you, the TNT will light.

    Shulker Box - The enderman is now holding a real shulker that can open, close, shoot, and everything.

    Magma - The enderman can set you on fire.

    Dispenser - The enderman will act as a skeleton, shooting arrows out of the dispenser.

    Slime Block - Gives the enderman highly improved knockback.

    Cactus - Hitting the enderman while facing its front gives the thorns effect and you will take some damage.

    Anvil - The enderman will attempt to gain the high ground (even if that means getting farther away) and then try to drop the anvil on you.

    Ice - This prevents the enderman from teleporting. (The logic is that it knows if it teleports, the ice might melt and turn into water.)

    Ores - This makes the enderman forget about killing you and it will run away from you to protect the block.

    Observer - The enderman will get angry if it is near enough to a block update.

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    posted a message on New Dungeon Mobs

    I think dungeons in Minecraft have a lot of potential, but their smallness and rarity makes them underused. I think more large dungeons should be added in the future, but that's not the focus of this suggestion. There are four new mobs that I think would fit well into dungeons and make them more ambient and challenging.

    Dispenser Golem


    The dispenser golem is EXACTLY 2 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide. Its head is a dispenser (the size of a real one), making up half of its entire body. The bottom half has a model similar to a zombie, where there are stone brick arms and legs with a small torso.


    The dispenser golem acts like a boat or shulker, meaning it can push you and you can stand on top of it. It will chase you through the dungeon and shoot arrows out of the dispenser. It has 10 health (5 hearts) and will often drop a Statue Piece. The Statue Piece is a block that looks like the lower half of the dispenser golem.


    There are different kinds of golems you can make by placing a block on top of a Statue Piece:

    Dispenser - Dispenser Golem

    Pumpkin - Soldier Golem. This is similar to a snow golem and will attack mobs, but it uses hand-to-hand combat instead of firing projectiles.

    Slime Block - Slime Golem. The golem will follow you around and try to be underneath you when you fall off a ledge. As you'd expect, you can bounce off the head of a slime golem as if it were a Slime Block.

    Skull or Head - Decoy. This will not become an entity, but zombies, skeletons, and creepers will sometimes try to attack it.



    The critter looks like a red spider, but has the size and hitbox of a silverfish. When climbing the walls or ceiling, its model will change so that it looks like it's actually climbing it, as opposed to a spider somehow floating up the side of a wall.


    Critters spawn in packs of about four and will chase you through the dungeon. Instead of climbing the wall only if they need to, they will sometimes climb onto the wall or ceiling anyway. Instead of spiders climbing up or down, critters will treat the wall or ceiling like a floor and will keep walking across it to chase you. They can't drop down unless they take damage; they must reach a corner between their wall/ceiling and another side. They have just enough health to be instant killed by a diamond sword. Critters are marked by the game with A to F, which the player cannot tell. (When a critter naturally spawns, its letter is random.)

    When an A critter dies, it has a 90% chance to spawn two B critters.

    When a B critter dies, it has a 76% chance to spawn two C critters.

    When a C critter dies, it has a 50% chance to spawn two D critters.

    When a D critter dies, it has a 30% chance to spawn two E critters.

    When an E critter dies, it has a 15% chance to spawn two F critters.

    F critters will never spawn more when they die.


    When a dispenser fires a Critter Spawn Egg, the critter will spawn standing on the front face of the dispenser. If a critter falls and is next to a wall, it will wait a second and then land onto the wall. Critters will attack silverfish and endermites, and cave spiders and spiders will attack critters.



    Similar to a shulker, a Puzzler takes up exactly one block of space and has the collision rules of boats. It looks like a stone brick block, but is a bit darker and has a tiny hint of purple.


    It will try to chase you by rolling 1 block forward, so that its top face is now facing forward, its front face is now facing the floor, etc. It rolls like this very quickly, and will hit you if it rotates into the block you're standing in. If it rotates over air, it will fall like sand, gravel, etc. You cannot hurt this mob. The only way to stop it is by preventing it from rotating. The easiest ways of doing this are probably placing a block on top of it so that it doesn't have enough space to roll, or by trapping it in a hole.


    You can also craft blocks that look like puzzlers called Puzzler Brick. This will behave like normal brick block, but if it catches on fire it will burn and become a normal brick block.



    Ancients come in many forms. The variations are all of other mobs, but their texture has been changed to gray-green and has a lot more noise. The mobs that can appear as ancients are villagers, vindicators, skeletons, cows, mooshrooms, endermen, creepers, and squids (in ocean monuments).


    The behavior of the ancients does not change depending on which mob it is. It will always run towards you and attack you, and can break many blocks to reach you. They do not take knockback. You can try to kill ancients, but they have 150 health and there is a much easier way. If you can trick an ancient into walking over soul sand, the soul sand will become ancient soul sand and the ancient will turn into whatever mob they were taking the appearance of.


    If you can't find a dungeon or any ancients, you can also craft ancient soul sand. Ancient soul sand will slow you down the same as soul sand over ice, and will turn nearby coarse dirt into soul sand.

    (You will get back 2 glass bottles)

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    posted a message on Clean Leather Armour

    I like this idea, but I agree that it would make things like PvP a lot harder and more biased towards leather armored players. That would mean that players wouldn't want to look for better materials for their armor, and thus softlocking the game's progression.

    However, I do agree that there should be some way in the game to "fully" dye leather armor. I think if mapmakers and people in op creative mode were allowed to custom-make this item, that would make sense. Leather armors should have the tag {Extras:1} by default, and if a mapmaker wants to remove the extra un-dyed part of the armor, they change the tag to {Extras:0}.

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    posted a message on Bookshelves Actually Working As Bookshelves
    Quote from Lord_Garak»

    You should just craft bookshelves without the books, and put the books in manually. You could put other stuff on the shelves too.

    That would mean if you wanted to make a library, you would have to fill all those bookshelves with your own books. You should be able to craft a half-filled bookshelf from the get-go, even though it might not follow the logic of how many books you're using.

    Many people have thought of this, and it's incredible Mojang hasn't done it yet. I think you should be able to put in this list of items:


    Enchanted Book

    Book and Quill

    Written Book



    Empty Map

    Adventure Map (The one that shows Mansions and Monuments)

    Button (this would make shift-clicking the bookshelf turn on/off redstone signal. Good for secret passages, like in movies when they move a fake book to open the secret door.)

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    posted a message on Remove sprint jumping.

    Why doesn't it make sense to sprint jump? Go outside in real life. Start sprinting. Then jump without stopping. Congrats, you've sprint-jumped.

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    posted a message on Cannons (Manual Powerful Dispensers)

    To build your cannon, you'll first need horizontal-facing wooden logs with one block between them, acting as wheels. You'll then need a nether brick slab on the top half of the space between the wheels, and a nether brick stair block on top of the slab, facing the direction you want to fire. You then need to build 3 obsidian blocks out from the stair block as the cannon itself. Place an item frame on the back of the stair block, and you have your cannon. (It won't transform into anything, just take on different behaviors.)

    My best attempt at trying to show you how to build a cannon...

    Pretend the bricks shown are nether brick staircase, and the double slabs shown are nether brick slabs.

    Top view


    :brick: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:


    Side view

    :brick: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:


    Back view


    :log: :stair: :log:

    First, you should try moving the cannon. Walking forward into the back of the cannon will push it one block forward, (and the blocks will move with the same effect of a piston pushing, but silent). To rotate the cannon, walk forward into the back of the wheel opposite the direction you are turning. This will rotate the cannon 90 degrees.

    To fire the cannon, place an item it can shoot into the item frame. The cannon will wait a few seconds and then fire it out of the obsidian end. Here are all the items you can use:

    • Gunpowder. Shoots a small projectile that explodes when it comes into contact with something, which is affected by gravity.
    • TNT. Shoots an ignited TNT, with a bigger explosion than the gunpowder.
    • Clay Ball. Shoots a cannonball that is less effected by gravity than other things, and will make a very small explosion on impact. Has a large knockback on mobs.
    • Brick. Shoots a slightly larger cannonball that sets target mob(s) on fire.
    • Blaze Powder. Shoots a small projectile with fire and lava particles that will create a bunch of fire where it lands.
    • Iron Ingot. Shoots a larger cannonball that is not affected by gravity and will punch the mobs with lots of damage and knockback.
    • Hardened Clay (or Terracotta). Shoots a very large cannonball that will break through walls of cobblestone etc without breaking itself.
    • Totem of Undying. Creates a "ghost player" that is transparent and will attack nearby players and mobs. It is invincible, but will go away after 2 minutes.
    • Firework Charge. Shoots a very fast cannonball that will push target mob(s) far away and deal a ton of damage. This will move the cannon back one block, but you can push it backforward.
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